Foundation Income Is A Bit Off

Via FZ.

6 responses to “Foundation Income Is A Bit Off

  1. It would be a real fucking shame if a driver lost control and ran over that lying,thieving,murdering hunk of smelly dogshit.

  2. It costs a lot of money to keep Shrills in vodka, doctors who’ll sign iron-clad confidentiality agreements, and hit-men to rub out all those pesky whistleblowers.

    What’s Cankles’ running body count up to these days, 1980-present?
    83? 150? 317? It’s so hard to keep current.

  3. Yeah, about that, FOAD you monster

  4. Old Gray Wolf

    Meh, just take its coat and leave it in an alley with a thoracic spinal separation(or a drug induced paralysis) to freeze to death. Dying is not good enough. It needs to suffer disgrace and ignominy as it passes.

  5. Hmm… looks like ‘Hildog’ is soliciting for donations outside of Burger King…

    What happens in the Burger King restroom
    stays in the Burger King restroom….

    Commie slags gotta slag..especially if this one can lay her hands on underage girls.

    Luckily there’s an app for that in choices of .45, 9mm or similar..delivered to the guts!

    Sat Cong!

    NorthGunner – The Truth Is It’s OWN Defense!

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