Z Blog: The Coming Violence

And it ain’t gonna be just in Shitholeburg and the greater Divercity metro area.

Bonus feature: Variations on the “skin = uniform” theme.

Polygonal battlespace.

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  1. Johnny Paratrooper

    Good stuff in this article.

    I blame the Music.

  2. Z-man is wrong about any impending CW2.

    It isn’t going to happen. The Powers to Be are managing this slow decline just like they planned.

    You guys, like bad generals are preparing for the last war.

    • Johnny Paratrooper


      I am not going to be killed, or economically destroyed in a wasted kinetic or popular street action because all the retarded white women in their 20’s and all the boomers picking out colostomy-bag fanny packs wanted to bring Jamale the Jihadi and Jose the Dope dealer into America.

      If white women want to live in a country, and not be able to walk down the road. That sounds like their problem.

      And if old white people want to watch a 3rd world civil collapse occur on CNN and FOX in real time, that’s also fine.

    • poor Detroit.

      since he’s fatally mistaken,

      he’ll be among the first to dirt-nap.

      and the (((power that is))) knows full well what’s coming:

      that’s why they’re so desperate to disarm us.

  3. And it ain’t gonna be “over there”, or involve “we go our way, and you go yours, and let’s just mind our own business”.

    Srsly, when in blistering fuck has the Left EVER, in ten lifetimes, given anyone the slightest indication that they’ll ever agree to let anyone “live and let live”.

    That’s counterfactual to their entire fucking existence, since ever.

    When shit gets real, it will start onesie-twosie, but eventually the hole damn forest explodes in flame, and both sides have carefully and lovingly tended piles of oil- and gasoline-soaked rag bundles all over the place, to ensure it goes from there to here, for any values of either, you can imagine.

    Block to block, floor to floor, house to house.
    Not state to state, county to county, or city vs. country.

    That’s the gasoline-filled wading pools the jacakassical Leftard PTB are standing in, smoking a cigarette, and juggling lit roadflares.

    And you’re doing…what, exactly, to get ready for that time…?

    • Seems like most are just bitching online but that seems to be the easiest course of action so that’s what they will continue to do…Sad That…

      • A.B. Prosper

        People are prepping to a degree that supplies for it can be had at big box retailers and are advertised here in So Cal at the 99 cent only.

        The problem is though, than what ?

        Ain’t no one on the Right even willing to consider being in charge and giving orders. Everybody can’t run away from the responsibility of making a country actually work.

        Unfortunately you can’t treat the desire for atomized liberty with a shot of 10cc of populism in the ass,

        Until people get the idea “we are in charge or they are.” and actually solves some of the real problems the other guys used to get into power, you’ll lose

        Rule or be ruled.

        • You need to start at home.
          Lost track of the number of people who complain about the current situation yet get defensive to the point of open hostility when one evens suggests a good place to start would be to stop supporting the indoctrination centers that are (a) disenfranchising you from your own property (b) redistributing your wealth to their foot soldiers and (c) brainwashing your children into their cult and ideology.
          If you support the “public school system” you are part of the problem, and no amount of “prepping” will save you.

        • How can someone be in charge when they have no one to give orders too…The military only works because you can force someone to obey orders or you throw them in the brig…I don’t really see that being a big hit with Freefor…The other way to rule is killing enough of the enemy that people want to follow you because they want to be on the winning side…The line from a book I’m reading that says support follows strength which is why the gov. took out Lavoy they knew he could gather a following…Gov doesn’t like competition which is why they send the trolls so hard anytime there is a hint of cohesion…We will talk soon…PS get your butt on Freezoxee and will contact you there…

        • There is no “right”. They are dead, politically, after selling their souls to Bush Inc.

    • “…when in blistering fuck has the Left EVER, in ten lifetimes, given anyone the slightest indication that they’ll ever agree to let anyone “live and let live”…”


      Scorpion and the frog. It’s in their nature to do so.

      Lessons to be learned by some, I’d say, perhaps the hard way.

    • They are running the show now and no one is lifting a finger to stop them.

      • A.B. Prosper

        Ask yourself what you’ve done before you ask about other people.

      • Which show are they “running”, and what’s it getting them?
        Show your work, please.

        I’m living fully behind enemy lines now, and they have, effectively, nothing but a bag of farts to show for that.

        They control nothing of substance, their big moves blow up in their faces again and again and again, and the calamity we’re talking about will, to a likelihood, be an extinction event for them nationwide much like Tet completely wiped out the VC in the Vietnam War forever.

        Wring your hands or blow it off all you want, but if this ever goes from rocks and the occasional fist, to guns and worse, they’re going to be hunted down like Nazis in 1945, stood up against a wall and shot, hung by the feet after they’re dead, and wiped out forever, pretty much to the last person.

        It’s been pointed out elsewhere that most of us have two settings, “Minding My Own Business”, and “Kill All The M*****F*****S! Do The Whole Village Too!”

        And rather than re-thinking their premise as they egg the transition from A to B onwards, they’re actually so clueless as to be salivating for it, in the mistaken belief that magical fairy dust and unicorns shitting strawberry-scented welfare checks will prevail.

        Let me know when that’s ever been a viable thing.
        All I keep coming up with is the Children’s Crusade circa 1212 A.D.

        We had a king as recently as 1776 who thought he was running the show here too, but in the event, things didn’t work out so well for him, nor turn out as he imagined either. Last I looked, his former empire is a shell, and his heirs consigned to perpetual dhimmitude.

    • Please, spare us your wet dream.

  4. A.B. Prosper

    Aesop. I’m not sure there is anything anyone can do to prepare for what could easily become a continent wide holocaust

    Obviously the proverbial buds, beans, bullets and bandaids in whatever measure you can afford along with the training, fitness and attitude to use them correctly is essential but beyond that?

    Its all up to luck or God or whatever and isn’t under your control


      “It’s all up to luck or God or whatever, and isn’t under your control.” Masthead! NOTHING short of a regional or nation-wide natural disaster or yuuughe(pun intended) economic meltdown will get the CWII, nation-wide party started.
      Let’s say, for example, the American Communist Party, when they take power in the House in 2019, passes legislation to ban all semi-auto firearms(pistols, rifles, and shotguns) except in the hands of their Orcs and Orcettes. First, prices will skyrocket, and the hoarding hysteria which was present after the grade-school false flag shooting in the Nutmeg State will commence in earnest. Even if the spineless Dead Elephants in the Senate and the POTUS veto such legislation, the mindset will take on a life of its own.Like pouring salt on a snail, the American Communists and their MSM lapdogs will then back off.
      The result will be more armed, aware, and paranoid Normies and sheeple. And, I would also point out that after the Nutmeg State festivities, you did not see any state/county/city Orcs or Orcettes(especially that hideous one whose photo graced this site), going door-to-door. And, they certainly will not be in the Barrios or Ghettos taking away the arsenals of the Vato Locos or Gangsta Rappers.
      Awareness, planning, making your lists, PT, range practice, networking, etc. are all still necessary and ongoing. We will continue to see hiccups in the Blue Hives. Use these incidents as training vehicles and redouble any efforts for things left undone. Samuel Whittemore was sitting in his home when the party started at Lexington Green. But, he was ready. So am I. Bleib ubrig.

  5. I am driving my armored HD, fabricated out of recycled fuel tanks. I am invincible and smell like a spent JATO unit.
    Live well. Enjoy life. It pisses off the dirty commie bastards.

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  7. Daniel K Day

    Only slightly off topic: Minneapolis has set up a hotline for denouncing people who badmouth others due to their religion, customs, race, etc.
    I left this comment on a certain widely read website:
    This sort of hotline could be seriously misused. Suppose there was a leftist couple in a neighborhood who were outspoken in support of sharia-compliant school rules, halal cafeteria food, separation of boys and girls from the first grade on, etc., and suppose there were conservative neighbors who considered the couple ignorant and naive about the attitudes of Muslims when in a large minority or even majority with respect to non-Muslim neighbors. Just suppose this for a moment. Stay with me. Now, suppose a few of the conservative neighbors called the hotline and reported that the leftists had begun to express doubt about their support of Muslim customs in the school.
    Why would they do such a thing? They might do this with the expectation (incorrect, and inappropriate, of course!) that the leftists would themselves experience the hostility and intolerance (remember, this is a fictitious story!) of Muslims and have a change of heart (the conservatives would consider this “realize the truth”) with respect to Muslim immigration. This sort of exploitation of resources designed to aid and comfort so-called beleaguered minorities, or even majorities, would be truly unfortunate.
    Perhaps readers who live in the Minneapolis area, or know someone there, should let them know of the potential for this misuse of the hotline.

  8. And just in case anyone here didn’t happen
    to see this earlier (the ‘red flag’ victim disarmament legislation being pushed):

    BREAKING: National Red Flag Bill
    in the Works – SHARE THIS!

    Don’t forget that Trumpy has said he wants this to go national (he mentioned ‘take the guns first – due process afterwards’).

    The parasite class (of which Trumpy is a part of) has always wanted us dirt people/deplorables disarmed and cowed, like the peasants of old; it looks like they’re going to try to go for broke with this latest illegitimate horseshit (one man has already been murdered by the police in Michigan via ‘the red flag law’).

    If this doesn’t wake folks up to who the enemy is and why you can’t trust cops/le, I don’t know what will.

    NorthGunner – The Truth Is It’s OWN Defense!

  9. Live somewhere non permissive. It tends to weed out the soft and slow quickly. High ground is your friend and your forge.

  10. wendystringer48088

    Why Understanding the Brutal Reality of the SHTF Could Save Your Life

    I actually bought Selco’s The Dark Truth About SHTF Survival plus the other two books offered (The SHTF Anthology and SHTF Survival Stories) online pdf downloads for the total price of $15.95.

    I would recommend getting them to supprt him, even though there is some overlap among the three books has some good info and stories.

    For myself, the take aways are that things happen slowly at first, people keep thinking things will get better butthey only get worse, violence starts small then spreads, then by the time things are really obvious it’s too late to leave.

    Many of us don’t see things happening because we see our side as long suffering willing to go to any lengths to avoid horrible conflict, or on the other hand many on our side side is too comfortable (or too old and fat) to get off the couch and “do something”.

    However the other possibility is a collapse that causes the greater masses of younger MUYs (minority urban youths – hat tip to Matt Bracken – https://westernrifleshooters.wordpress.com/2012/09/03/bracken-when-the-music-stops-how-americas-cities-may-explode-in-violence/) to go out and act out and then we are off to the races, ready or not.

    So the logic of there will not be anything like a CW2 because our side is too law abiding or lazy to do anything and the left is not going to go all out fighting in the street because they are going to be getting what they want over time may or may not hold true over time.

    Best be ready for anything. Sometimes the stupid and impetuous – not the rational actors – decide when things happen.

  11. The fighting in Northern Ireland and Lebanon in the 1970’s and 1980’s was done mostly by street criminals and other organized crime groups. Excluding Hezbollah and PLO. So, guess who’s going to start it here?

  12. The Left has no internal braking mechanism. It’s not a defect but a feature. There is nobody on the Left saying “should we really be doing this?”

    I know it’s redundant, but it’s still true and needs to be pointed out, The Left has no internal braking mechanism. it is not in their nature.