Medical References: Next Steps

You will have to know as much medical info as you can as a hated minority in your former native land.

What medicine remains will be Third World in quality.

And haters with low social credit scores will not qualify for KamalaKare.

8 responses to “Medical References: Next Steps

  1. The two suturing manuals area a sort-of semi-great idea.
    As long as you don’t think you know what you’re doing when you’re done reading them.

    You also need to take the time to learn when to not sew up a wound, and how and when to treat the patient preventatively with antibiotics. Plus a literal metric fuckton of anatomy and physiology regarding the integumentary, nervous, circulatory, and musculoskeletal systems, for every square inch of real estate in question, head to toe.

    Suturing even simple wounds is not a stand-alone skill, and if it’s all you’ve got, without knowing what you’re doing and why before you start, you’re going to kill or maim somebody, probably someone you care about, and it’ll be your only hammer, while all your problems will look like nails.

    Anesthesia, local and general, are part of that skill set as well.
    (You’ve got all those supplies sitting around, and the skills to utilize them, too, right?)

    If you don’t do all that, you’re practicing medieval medicine, and you’re going to achieve medieval results, and medieval mortality.
    {Important medical tip: Dead is forever. “First, do no harm.” was never revoked by Hippocrates, nor his acolytes at least through yesterday, when last I checked.}

    There’s a reason P.A. and N.P. schools are master’s-level instruction with long clinical apprenticeships, and it’s not because Big Medicine is The Man trying to keep you down.

    It’s also not something “you can learn at home, and on the internet in a weekend!”, no matter what that ad in the back pages of The Zombpocalypse Newsletter told you.

    That will not end well, ever.
    Suit yourself = Suture self.

    • Even the pros get it wrong occasionally.
      Iatragenesis, reported to be the third leading cause of death, might actually be 2nd with all things considered.

      Something to ponder when libdocs attack the RKBA. Death by firearm is WAY down the list.

    • “Hope for the best” is not a plan, but it sounds like that’s the only plan one has, without having $500,000 and ten years time to spend in school.

  2. Other good products and references: The EMRA Antibiotic Guide along with some “fish” antibiotics from Thomas Labs. SteriStrips and vet bond (wound glue) for would closure. Transpore surgical tape. Wound stapler, staples and remover – all available from Amazon. You can also purchase over-the-counter test kits for UTI’s (for the ladies) and strep throat. Some of the most commonly acute problems are wounds and bacterial infections. Being prepared for those is a big plus.

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  4. Michael J Clare

    Not sure how long Kamala-esque leadership types will be around…guess we’ll see.

  5. Kamala will never be President…she’s way too ugly….

  6. What is with you people who continue to support the commie mercantile Amazon? Every bit of stuff they sell can be purchased elsewhere and sometimes as cheap.