Addressing And Breaking The AK Stigma

Good info on the bastard step-rifle of the upcoming North American Death Match.

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  1. love my 2 wasr’s. hell, so does my 0331 son in law.


    Rugged and reliable for neighborhood festivities. But, if I have to evacuate to points east, I will take my AR, because 5.56 and 9mm are what the Orcs, Orcettes, and other minions of the Leviathan are using. Scrounging ammo or looting the dead bodies of the above mentioned will be more productive and rewarding. Bleib ubrig.

  3. AK is a GREAT tool.

    i have several. i enjoy shooting them more than the half dozen top-shelf ARs i have.

    when i hike the woods- AK is my choice hands down.

    in CQB it’s AK all the way.

  4. RAS, Red Army Standard by Century Arms appears to be a milled receiver instead of a stamped receiver. This makes a steadier platform for combat ranges.

    It is a bit tricky to reassemble the internals, but after a few tries one gets the feel for it. The truncheons etc. May not be “industry standard” sizes. Mags need to be forcefully inserted or they fall out.

    Otherwise, it appears to be a good quality service rifle. With SG Ammo selling Golden Tiger M-43 ammo for <$200 for a thousand round case, frugal people will do well with this rig.

  5. Shinmen Takezo

    Stigma with an AK?
    There’s a stigma if you don’t have an AK.

    Everyone knows that AR’s are for girls and homosexuals.
    Just like soccer.

    Also AR’s are just black BB guns for fagots.


    Get out of here.
    If you don’t own an AK, you’re a fag!

    Thus ;spake Shinmen.

    • Lol, good one Shinmen. While I have many many m4s, I have even many more AKs. Mostly MAK 90s, and the earlier Valmet 62s, out of Norway. Perhaps the first ask built.

      I was buying theses in the early 70s, for under 200.00 a copy. I’ve been offered 4 k, for the 62s, in the past year. No thanks. They were the for front of the ask Galils, made famous by our Jew friends.


    • wendystringer48088

      Everyone knows that AR’s are for girls and homosexuals.”
      Apparently they are a favorite of transsexuals too. 🙂
      (By the way, faggot is spelled with two g’s
      AR’s are fine for close in home defense or urban combat where the distance is the house or building directly or kitty corner across the street.

      Anyone not blind or crippled or feeble can fire an AR effectively enough to hit a man sized target out to 100 yds away as long as they can center the target in the larger peep sight or even better center a red dot in a 1″ circle and put the red dot on the target and pull the trigger without jerking.

      ARs are also fine for all those people that don’t want an evil assault rife in their house at the present time but will suddenly see the need for one in vastly different more violent times.

      I figure all those people gotta be buying and finishing those 80% AR lowers for a reason…

  6. My AK is made by some outfit in Tennessee that had a fairly bad reputation. I was not aware of that when I purchased the rifle but honestly it must be the best rifle they ever turned out because it has performed flawlessly for almost 15 years. I love that rifle and it will always be a gun I trust.
    Just to add a little on the three “types” of AK’s. There are some other builders out there that make good guns so read up if you think about purchasing. I recommend looking at videos from the AK Operators Union Local 47-74. I would also add that as recently as a year ago Arsenal had a problem with the finish on several series of rifles that is supposed to be baked on cracking and pealing off. I believe they addressed it but you might look into that if you are planning on purchasing a used Arsenal.

    • TGI outta Knoxville. They bought a bunch of the 10-round magazine AMDs from Hungary then cut them to accept regular AK mags and added Tapco triggers and American-made barrels to make them 922-compliant. The reason they are so good is because they’re Hungarian made. It is also the same weapon U.S. forces have been arming the Afghan police forces with.

  7. The overwhelming choice of the Mexican drug cartels has been the AK with iron sites. They can afford, and have access to any gun they want. And they choose the AK. And the battles they are fighting are exactly what our patriots can expect to see. They AK has been proven to be the number one weapon of war for 60 years now.

  8. The Walkin' Dude

    But muh “Stalin under every bed” Boomers say it’s unMurican to not run a $3k rifle!

  9. Pros
    1) Ubiquitous, worldwide
    2) Simple, reliable, and reaqsonably accurate at likely ranges (<200m)
    3) Was reasonably cheap (once upon a time) with craploads of cheap Soviet spamcans of ammo
    4) basically a semi-auto .30-30

    1) Not so cheap any more
    2) Not so much ammo cheap any more, 30 years after the Soviet Union has gone away
    3) any accuracy beyond 200m is more luck than skill
    4) Never very ubiquitous anywhere on this continent, nor even this hemisphere (unless you count Cuba, and anywhere S. of Mexico)

    You pays your money, and you takes your chances.
    You’ll get what you pay for, too; no more, and no less.
    It wouldn’t be my first choice unless circumstances made it my only choice, but I wouldn’t leave a functional one laying in the gutter if it was just sitting there. There’ll always be someone for whom it is an improvement.


  10. The “stigma” noted in the linked article is a bit off, IMO.

    The only reason the AK (and the SKS before it) were so popular back in the late 80’s to early 90’s was that one could buy a rifle and a thousand rounds of steel core ammo for about three bills (or less for the SKS). We all found out that despite the clunky controls and built-in-a-shed QC that some of these rifles displayed, they ran really well and the magazines were plentiful, as was ammo, at least until the steel core ban.

    It was a value equation, since the AR field at the time was Colt, Armalite, Bushmaster (IIRC?) and the bit players like Olympic(spit!) and assorted others, with much steeper prices for both the rifle and the brass-cased 5.56.

    It just seems silly, to a degree, to spend a grand on a new AK these days and then try to outfit yourself with mags and, hopefully, find some decent surplus ammo, when one can step into an AR for far less. Hell, I saw an ad last week where Dunham’s Sports was selling a DPMS Oracle for $380. Joe Sixpack isn’t going anywhere near that AK when his money gets him two of the AR pattern rifles and leaves a couple hundred for ammo and mags by comparison.

    You want a kit-built gun then, doing it yourself? Good luck finding one, and just look how much those kits are!!!

    Now, if you don’t have one and are looking at those “interesting times,” that may be in our near future and you’ve made up your mind that you can’t live without one, RFN, then by all means, have at it.

    For what it’s worth, Ken Royce wrote a section on the AK for his book, Boston’s Gun BIble and let’s just say he wasn’t too favorable with his take on the 7.62 versions he shot, typically getting only 4-6 MOA, which he found unacceptable. However, he DID like the Romanian 5.45 version he shot, suggesting that he’d keep it for a rainy day gun. YMMV.

    • S&W Sport II ARs, Californicated (paddle grip, no flash suppressor, 10 rd. mag w/o bullet button), on sale pages hereabouts for <$500.
      AK best price anywhere nearby: nearly double that.
      Even the Wallymarts here in Californistan stocks both 55gr and 62gr AR ammo, in 400+ rd. ammo cans.
      Good luck finding any 7.62×39, at any price.

      If you can get either one for a better price, do.
      I can buy an AR, feed it, and stock repair/replacement parts deep, let alone upgrades, for less than what I'd pay just for the bare-bones AK (Californicated as well).

      And I suspect all that would be just as true in Vegas or Phoenix, back in the Free World.

      That's not stigma, it's simple economics.

  11. Biggest complaint about AK’s is accuracy.
    In my experience they are just as accurate as an AR up to about 250 yds.
    I personally wouldn’t use either rifle over 150, I’d grab something designed for longer distances, so that complaint is moot.
    AK’s are easier to clean and break down/reassemble. Ammo is cheaper. takes more of a beating.

  12. The mission dictates the tools. A rifle is nothing without ammo. So the choice of an AK had better be informed by ammo logistics, combat load, and external and terminal ballistics. The AK was down selected from existing Soviet infantry doctrine. If your sit rep looks like theirs, than an AK could be a good choice.

    • Bill, only a fool believes he’s going to scrounge ammo on the battle field. As you point out a rifles a club without pills, and other associated equipment.

      Most cops I know carry three maybe four mags for their long guns maybe 6 max pistol mags. The chance of a prolonged firefight just isn’t a realistic objective.

      Attention to detail. Is critical up front, stick pills mags shoe string engine oil.

      Lastly should the mission not,dictate the tools, one should be as comfortable with a bolt action .22 or a 10/22 if that’s all they have. Learn the weapons you have, not the weapons you,think,you,might end up with.

      I once went to a class wherein the goal was to fight off home breakers, until the poopoo arrived. Everybody in the class had their best kit on, I wore a tee shirt,and gym shorts, my bed stand has a 1911 10 10 round mags a PVS-14 and an 870 extended tube next to,my bed.

      Know your turf, no your skill sets, know your time table for engagement,,,,,,period.

      I was done shooting by the time most of those fucktards had their Gucci, kit even 1/2 way on. My fights with three bad guys were over in ten or less seconds.

      In no way shape or manner was going to let the mops start the party. No way was I introducing myself, With other then deadly force. O yea that was shooting left handed, didn’t want to expose myself shooting right handed.

      Just an observation.



  13. I purchased a Russian AK back in 2003 from an FFL during the Clinton AWB. Apparently it had been imported before the ban and didn’t have certain offending features like a bayonet lug and threaded barrel (muzzle break welded on) so it could be sold, even with its 30 rd mag. I wonder if that was “Russian collision”? I still have it.

    • Ron, regardless of when you purchase it, what you have is a rifle manufactured in the late 90’s (during the “ban”), and it was assembled, as you correctly stated, without the offending “features,” as defined in USC 18, Chapter 44, section 922(r) and Section 27 C.F.R. § 478.39(c).

      For a time, these rifles were built and imported to comply with the regulations as outlined above. These rifles would still accept a standard capacity magazine, designed with a double-stack mag well, but would have been typically shipped with a 5 or 10 rounder, (anything more than that, as new, was deemed ILLEGAL, by your betters) as standard for that particular firearm. I have one that’s similar to yours, btw.

      There ensued some sort of screaming by some stupid cunt politician (redundant alert), if I recall, about how us gun nuts were somehow circumventing The Law!™ with this approach (actually, we were merely complying, as required) and insisted it be stopped, because her panties were in a knot, or some such shit. Soon thereafter, I was seeing theses same AK rifles with a narrowed mag well and a single-stack magazine, designed and built solely for the exported US market, I believe. Fucking nuts is what it was. I think a lot of these guns were WASR’s from Romania, but I may be mistaken.

      By then end of 2004, the stupid “Assault Weapons Ban,” was no more, and real rifles with the standard features, with STANDARD MAGAZINES, were available again, though too slowly for my tastes.

      BTW, converting your rifle to accept these “evil features,” is possible, but I’m given to understand that the “AWB” is still enforceable on the rifles produced during this time, so to be compliant with a now-defunct law (explain that one to me, Pete) you must change out the majority of the list of components in Section 27 C.F.R. § 478.39(c) – there are 20 parts, with domestically manufactured and marked components to create a “US-made imported rifle,” for lack of a better term. I’d say do this stuff at your own risk, however low your perception may be regarding the situation.

      Anyone with additions, corrections or arguments to the contrary, please feel free to have at it.

      • You bring up great points. With time a bit of research and some money the AK CAN be made into a very accurate rifle. Perhaps the biggest ” add ons” are furniture, to better custom fit ones rifle for proper ” throw” some of the aftermarket triggers are fantastic, crisp breaking, good shit. Opening up the sight length is also a basic upgrade moving the rear sight aft on the cover, this can be tricky , gotta have the proper length to do it right. The RS-62 ” valmet” dust cover are an example, of the differences, and stability offered.

        Initially I was not comfortable with the top dust cover rail mounts, they just were not stout enough, things change. The covers are an upgrade worth looking into.

        Like the FNFAL dust covers initially were flimsy there new ones reasonably well fitting, making for a decent scope or optic mount. On the ak.

        The aftermarket mag catches are worth the investment, the ak, with practice is easy to speed load, if one remains up on the fundamentals of dumping the old and inserting the new mags.

        I find the new MagPul mags to be a very good mag, light, hooks up solidly. Their all I’m purchasing now, vs the stamped steel chi com mags. But then I’ve got 100s of both now.

        While I lke the short ” whip it” feel of the new MagPul furnature, I’m terrified by just how flimsy the install of their stocks are. A des aster waiting to happen,

        I’m doing the installs, then I’m using a drill press to seat one grade 8 bolt nut washer an elastic nut to the rifle trunion. Fron either left to right or right to left, to keep the stock solid.

        Not comfortable with a plastic cam wedge and a small set screw on any fighting rifle. Shit happens, MagPul knows better, a superior product put together poorly, just isn’t good for anybody.

        ACE stocks, ace, has been around at least 25 years, they stepped up back in the 80s and make some cool kit for multiple platforms. I’ve got ace folders stocks on a few rifles. Well made kit. If I has a complaint it would be the OAL of the stocks.

        For me, their stock length is a bit long on the pull. Expect high quality good material from their products.

        As you all are saying, you just can’t go wrong with any AKs. Their are some shit pile AKs, I own three of them, got em in a trade, three wasrs, garbage, with a capital G.

        Would never trust my life to one of these piles of shit.

        I not done guy above liked his, good for you brother. Perhaps you got lucky. Me not so much.

        Love the subject matter.


      • Thanks for the info, Architect. Mine did come with a 30 rd double stack mag and was prominently displayed in the shop of an FFL from whom I purchased here in Tennessee. It’s a Saiga 7.62×39 with the manufacturer, Izhmash, in Russia and EAA Corp as the importer.

  14. Old Gray Wolf

    I shocked a few fellas at an informal shoot some years back by making repeated head shots on a B-27 at 200m with an Egyptian Maadi. About a two moa group. Not really astounding, that, but using reputedly one of the least desirable of the variants, still good enough for 200m. Of course, I can do a lot more with an AR, both faster and better. Walking off into the weeds, never to return, with a long fight ahead of me, the AK might get the nod. Most other scenarios, I am rolling with some version of the AR.

    The AK will work, all the time. Other than that, it is heavy, non-ergonomic, sights are terrible, has limited effective range vs. other systems, and the handguards will char or burn under heavy use. The weapon was designed when the military doctrine of its end user was massed fire by ill-trained troops, where the general life expectancy of the front line trooper was about one magazine. After he drops his gun another trooper can pick it out of the mud, get a mag in it and keep advancing. A lot of people use the AK in combat. Most of the time, the casualty ratio is lopsided, against those using AK’s. More a function of training than weapon system, but you gotta ask yourself, why is it that the most effective troops never seem to be carrying AK’s? Why is it that guys who can use an AK if they want, don’t, except for specific reasons? Ever try getting small in the prone with an AK with a thirty rounder? Mogadishu, AR vs. AK(mostly), we lost 19, they lost by some estimates a thousand. Everywhere we go, win or lose, the indigenous people take a lot more casualties than we do. Training is a lot of it, but the range, ergonomics, accuracy, and ammunition loads have at least a partial role in that dynamic.

    And the cartel? Their hired guns use what they use because the boss gave it to them. The boss buys it because he has access to it, it is cost effective in quantity, and the rank amateurs he employs can be taught how to use it well enough to get by. Same reasons they also have American weapons. Eric Holder is the main reason they don’t all use AK’s. I have watched how they operate, too, and a good team could mop the floor with most of the cartel’s gunmen at will.

    Running an AK in the upcoming death match, if there is one, will do, if you will. Make sure you spend the ammo and time to make it an extension of yourself, you will need every edge you can get. And hit the weights. Carrying that heavy crap either cuts out snivel gear, or you carry less ammo than you should, unless you are strong enough to cancel it out. Me, I am older, slower, and I got the aches and pains a lifetime of heavy work brings with it. Hell with humping a ruck and a heavy rifle over hill and dale. Give me a pencil barrel AR, with a good load of 20 rd. aluminum mags, if I gotta walk to the objective and back. Pmags are great too, but I think the old aluminum ones are lighter. Bought some of the Brit SA80 mags years back, they are bombproof, but heavy. Steel penalty. Good for the range and around home.

    • “Ever try getting small in the prone with an AK with a thirty rounder? ”

      agree. i purchased a dozen 20 round mags to counter that and to lighten the rifle overall. mine all have after market furniture with integrated rails. i keep mine slick with a 2 point sling and a red dot sight up top attached to the side slide mount.

  15. No stigma again AKs. Been shooting ak/rpk/sks since the late 80s. It’s just when you can afford to use something far better, you do.

  16. Off topic….holy fuck, that was a big one, earthquake !

  17. One of the stupidest things that is regularly vomited up on the internet is the old “Recovering ammo on the battlefield” bullshit. WHY? Because unless you kill every cop/solder in any given engagement , BEFORE THEY SHOOT. You won’t “recover” anything after a fight. IF THEY WIN, THEY.and not YOU, will control the field after any fire fight. They WILL spend however much time it takes to pick up EVERYTHING that might be used as “evidence”. Finding even single unfired rounds will be unusual. The cops will pick it up as evidence. (2) Cops are trained to believe that they will be tortured and killed if captured. They NEVER surrender until they run out of ammo. (3) Solders will almost always fight until they run out of ammo. PERIOD. Then most of them will fix bayonets and go down swinging. Ask Aesop. Or any of the old USMC guys. Your “ammo recovery” plan is brain dead fantasy bullshit. Use whatever weapon/ammo makes you happy. The only “recovered ammo” you will ever get for it will be “recovered” from your own stash As for the AR/AK crap. I don’t like AR’s so I don’t own one. I like AK’s so I do own one. See how easy that was? I prefer the M-1 Garand and 1911A1 so that’s what I carry. The rest is bullshit internet fantasy.

    • Jimmy the Saint

      In any serious conflict here, ammo recovery will be unnecessary, anyway. There will be no shortage of folks bringing in ammo and the importers from the South will be throwing in a free baggie of coke with every order.

    • Garand? Are you fucking kidding me? They’ll scoop you up like cat litter in the first fight with your termite gun.

      • LOL!
        Nicely done,D3.

        Ray is spot-on.

        Battlefield recovery is a onesie-twosie game.
        Not so much in mass fights.
        You mainly just disable or destroy large quantities, unless you’ve planned ahead.

        We also had a lovely nasty habit of finding small caches of ammo, leaving it where we found it, and salting 1 round in a box with rounds that had their powder charge replaced with C-4 or somesuch, and replacing their frags with grenades that’d had their fuzes cut to 0-1 second.

        Owwie. Fun times.

        When Chu’s head explodes next to you after his bolt group goes flying through the receiver and through his eye socket, marksmanship of his compadres descends to “point that thing up and over the log over your head and point in general direction of Yankee imperialists, then squeeze off entire mag full auto without looking.”

  18. Worse is better

    The Norinco Mak 90 versions are sime of the best out there, hands down.
    No mention either, other than the pic of the N. Hollywood bank robber. That’s ok. More for my tribe.

  19. Yes the MAK 90s, are very good AKs. Everybody got a special flavor, usually what they own, no harm, no fowl. I remember buying the mask for 110.00 a copy, with 10 30″round mags, and some steel core ammo, 200.00 pretty decent price.

    Was talking with ought six about the newer BM-59 rifles, I’m in, picking two up soon. For under1200 why not go,with a very decent m-14 clone that is a beretta made masterpiece. Due diligence, pripriotory? mags, however James armory sell the rifles for the stated price, and the origional mags for roughly 25.00 a copy. A very decent socom sized rifle, that shoots quiet well.


  20. The Usual Suspect

    Running the same ole Hungarian AKM w/ Yugoslavian M-67 pills
    works for me , minute of man @ 300yds.

  21. The AR in various forms is the de facto standard defense rifle (and pistol) in the US. There are spare parts in the arms rooms of just about every government entity from the US government down to the local cop shop. You know, it’s the old dropped once, nearly new. If you throw in the AR-308 rifles, you have a beautiful long range, and very hard hitting alternative. The AR-308 can be had in 243 Winchester, 6.5 Creedmoor, 260 Remington, and if you have a custom barrel made, 358 Winchester. All ARs can have first class triggers dropped in or gunsmithed.

    To my knowledge there is no parts supply for the AK outside the aftermarket which is still, more or less, dependent on foreign suppliers that can be made to dry up literally overnight. Yes, the accessory business for the AK is growing, if there’s money available, they will come to supply this stuff. I know of no government agencies that use the AK as their “duty or patrol rifle”.

    Y’all can have your AKs, I have no problem if that’s the decision you’ve made, just don’t come around begging for an AR and ammo for it after your AK is either broken or out of fuel.

    I don’t own an AK and can see no reason to change that.

    • For those that think an AK is more rugged or “always works”, perhaps this will demonstrate otherwise.

      • But the AK can take a ham sandwich.

      • Okay so you managed to find a video where the AK didn’t work. I know there are a few like that where they throw it in the mud and clog it up and say “SEE it doesn’t work all the time!” Fair enough. No sensible person would claim otherwise.

        NOW, lets look at the number of examples where the AR stops working.
        There are many.

        I don’t engage in that debate honestly, any device made by man will stop working sometimes. I do however look at normal life cycle and reliability.
        I know you can make an AR work almost flawlessly with proper care and feeding. The legendary reliability of the AK is that the proper care and feeding is much more tolerant and less specific than the AR.

        Don’t get me wrong I have a spot for my AR’s for the same reasons you lay out above, but the AK is a truck. Its rugged and reliable and that reputation is well earned. It more accurate than people give it credit for too.
        Dismiss that at your own peril.

      • wendystringer48088

        Surprised the AR did better than the AK. Of course with the dust cover open it had more problems but still seemed to do ok.

  22. The AK is a good platform.
    The downside is, the ammunition in 7.62x39mm is 100% imported.
    Sure, there’s a metric ton of the stuff, right now.
    But it’s 100% imported.
    And from the fellow I knew who sold firearms at a couple gun shops.
    Even that “Winchester White Box” or “Federal Red and Black Box” in brass cases were also imported, “made for them by others and reboxed”.
    S&B isn’t on this continent either.
    And if one uses the 5.45×39.5, it’s closer to 125% “imported” and I haven’t seen too much that is brass cased to reload.

    Sure, if you like AK’s, great.
    People would look at me like I had two heads when I mentioned they needed to have, on hand, a lifetime supply of ammo, because imported.
    I figured at least 5 cases of it “to have” per item in that caliber was good, but ideally 10, and that was a good minimum.

    The AK was great as a starter rifle in 2001 though, when it could be had for 329, ammo was $80 a case, and those “pre-ban mags” were everywhere.

    But now an AK costs what one can buy an entry level AR for.

    • Maybe a part of the “prepper plan” would be to stock up on some quantities of 5.45×39, 7.92 kurz, 6.8 SPC and 6.5 Creedmoor as well as M-43 (7.72×39) ammo for barter and contingencies. A case or two of some and twenty round boxes of others.

  23. Now that we’ve broken the AK stigma, maybe someone would like to break the AR stigma as well. You know, the one where the armchair morons go around telling everyone that the 5.56 is weak and useless?

    • SemperFi, 0321

      Depends on what you’re shooting, and where you live.
      I can’t depend on an AR-15 to get me home safely if my Jeep breaks down around here. I keep a P-17 sporter (30-06) or a G-3k (7.62 NATO) in it at all times, because a 5.56 will not stop a pissed off grizz or moose from eating me or stomping a mudhole in my ass.
      So no, the 5.56 is not the greatest cartridge ever invented, even for 2 legged types. Worshipping it as such will not make it so.

      Has it occurred to some of you that maybe the powers that be decided 50 yrs ago they didn’t want the US military to win on the battlefield, in the same way they’re now flooding the country with 3rd world trash in an attempt to thin us out?
      Even 50 yrs ago, ANYONE with an iota of cartridge and hunting experience could have told you the .222 Remington (the parent cartridge) was a bad choice for a battlefield cartridge, COMPARED to what else there was to choose from. They went ahead and did it anyway, for a reason. And the military has suffered for it ever since.

  24. Accurate to 300 yards with M43.

    So says my Poly Tech.

  25. AK can be made more accurate using vodka

    If you are interested in AK rifles, be sure to check out the AK Operator’s Union Local 4774 for reviews and tests. Rob Ski (not his real name) served in both the Polish army and U.S. Army as an infantryman.

    • Ski is a true AK technician, busting myths left and right.

      Here he is getting minute-of-man hits at 500 yards with Wolf ammo. Just goes to show what a man who knows hat he is doing can accomplish. This is nearly twice the range the AK was designed to engage targets with.

  26. Just another tool for the tool-box. Don’t limit yourself to just one brand.

  27. “…the AR is in large part, made out of plastic.”

    That was as far as I got.
    Nothing against AK’s, but the lying is intolerable.
    I built my AR and other than the pistol grip and retractable stock there is plastic. Using that logic my Beretta 92FS has plastic grips so it too is made “in large part” out of plastic. sheesh

    I may go ahead and build an AK just to see how it works.

  28. Here you go, an import. Only $800.00 plus handling at the FFL of your choice.

  29. “Infiltrators… came up illegal from Mexico… they managed to infiltrate the SAC bases in the Midwest and Texas… opened up the back door…”

  30. At the end of the day, only hits count.

  31. @ Dirk

    James River Armory makes a semi-auto only replica of the BM-59 which, if the reviews are at all accurate, is a very nice rifle. If you end up needing the proprietary Beretta magazines, Sarco has them for a decent price. JRA even makes a version with a P-rail for those who want to mount optics. Tempting purchase, no question….

    JRA also makes M14 replicas, using Bula Defense forged receivers, if that’s the route you want to go. Firearms News did a write-up on both rifles not that long ago.

  32. “…there is NO plastic.” sheesh

  33. HK-91 is my weapon of choice. Tac-latch is a must.Works with muck and frozen shit.
    The BAR stands up well also. Weight becomes an issue as I age. I don’t know about this getting old shit. I guess it beats the alternative. Not getting old.

  34. Walter Sobchak

    I’m really impressed with the Century RAS-47. I got to shoot one and it was every bit as accurate as an AR. The ones I’ve seen/shot have had very nice Magpul furniture. The quality of the whole package is impressive, and the accuracy seems to back it up. I want one.

  35. Search mishaco on YouTube.

  36. Now let’s do .380 vs. .38/.357 vs. 9mm vs. 40S&W vs. .45ACP. vs. .454 Casull vs. .50 S&W Magnum!

    There are still a few molecules of meat on the whitened bones of that herd of dead horses.

    Weaver vs. Isoceles vs. SomeShitYourGuruMadeUp after that.

    Seriously, there’s a reason gun rags should just print catalogs for manufacturers, and skip the articles.

    But it’s still fun to watch, in a WWF/roller derby kind of way.

  37. Gun porn. Which hammer do you like Estwing or Vaughn?