Heartiste: Coulter Goes There

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6 responses to “Heartiste: Coulter Goes There

  1. lastmanstanding

    MLH…used to see that commie pos on the fair and balanced network many years ago. Oh, so smart.

    Amazing how these supposed holier than thou mouthpieces forget who signs their check.

    Bet he thought he could get away with it cuz he black.

    • “Bet he thought he could get away with it cuz he black.”

      Of course, Lamont, from Sanford & Son!

  2. It is ‘to laugh’

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  4. Loudmouth,pompous, fucking niggar. There are blacks and niggars. Lamont ,bag of fuck, has always been a niggar who thinks he is owed something. Never had any respect for the piece of dogshit. He will write a book and do a tour.
    At what point does the history of conquest and subjugation become irrelevant? I am of Scottish and Irish stock. My ancestors were kicked in the nuts by the Vikings,Picts,Celts,Druids,Romans,Anglos,Saxons and Brits. Neanderthal and Cro magnon. It is said they didn’t intermingle because beer and scotch was not invented yet.
    Anyone thinking they are owed something will receive 308 therapy. The future is for your grandkids to figure out. Give them the necessary tools and knowledge to become successful and thrive. Make training and learning an enjoyable experience.
    Nobody gets out alive. Death.The great equalizer.

  5. re the JP, Coulter will go so far and no further. See:

    multi-million dollar (((NY book-publisher)))’s contract.