Heartiste: Welcome To The Police State

Serious business.

Keep working on your post-imperial plans.

Your lists will not be moot.

19 responses to “Heartiste: Welcome To The Police State

  1. Dumbshit “Conservatives” were focused ONLY on making sure their standard of living increased each year, even if it meant going into huge amounts of debt.

    They cared not a whit about freedom or liberty.

    Reap the whirlwind, fuckers.

  2. So what’s the solution. You, me were not going to change this at this point in time.

    In the meantime I’m going to keep on doing what I do. Nothing changed here today. We are not orginized, or

    Listen their IS only one way to deal with these turds, that’s one on one, until their DRT. I’m just not their yet, so I’ll continue to do what I do. Low profile work on preparedness, and alt locations to visit.

    Also going after the minions serves zero purpose. If you can’t remove the head, your pisssing in the wind.

    Sorry man.


  3. George Bush conveniently died so that’s it for “news” the rest of the year. The failed GOP Congress can now slink away into the night unnoticed. The new Commie Congress takes over. The Deep State will consolidate its power and begin the final phase of removing Trump from the White House.

    The American Republic is over. Dead. Kaput.

    Welcome to the Jungle.

  4. The Walkin' Dude

    Again, door-kickers. One by one. Their families too. Problem, solution.

    • We (wife and I) are currently watching the series “Narco” on Netflix. It’s about Pablo Escobar. There’s another one about Mexico on there too. Pertaining to your comment…. it wasn’t until Escobar ratcheted up his game and went after the families and associates of the oligarchs that they themselves backed off. Once he started kidnapping and killing those folks the shit got real for the people in power. They realized that they weren’t safe from his reach. Which of course was everywhere.

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  6. Hedge, how do you intend to pull that off, with your-limited resources?.

    I don’t have the heart of a killer. I’m not,able able to kill at will, and not have it eat me alive, ” yet”

    I was raised to live life honorably. I try daily to achieve that standard.


    • I don’t my friend. I have neither the following nor the resources to pull that off. If I did I would already be doing it for all of us. Ask Mike Mcallister of Mineral Wells PD what happened when he went against me. Unfortunately his reach was a bit deeper than mine and I was dispatched at the hands of his loyal orcs. But I tend to do what I can when I can for the good of all. And I know what it will take to win the war.

  7. Old Gray Wolf

    Were I a whistleblower, knowing as I do the lawless nature of the PTB, any raid of my home would find me elsewhere, and the items found might just be the last thing the JBT’s ever found. Unless I was really pissed and simply decided to wait in a proper location for the team to stack up on the door… or I could simply be at their house while they are at mine.

  8. Will it go round in circles? Will it fly high like a bird up in the sky, fly high?