Stand On Your Enemies’ Airhose

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What’s your cellphone and landline bill?

Half it by switching to an MVNO for your cell and killing the landline.


WTF do you have that? Get a high-speed internet connection and go over the top. TV junkies can go OTA.

The media companies want you robbed, caged, and eliminated.

Treat them like the poxy whores that they are.

20 responses to “Stand On Your Enemies’ Airhose

  1. James Wolffe

    Got rid of cable years ago. Why don’t you?

  2. Rand Paul is standing on our enemy’s airhose.

    Pro-Israel Groups Attack Rand Paul for Blocking $38 Billion to Israel
    If Americans Knew

    Free Beacon reports that “pro-Israel groups in America are mobilizing against Sen. Rand Paul (R., Ky.) for blocking the continuation of U.S. aid to Israel.” Paul has placed a “block” on legislation to give Israel $38 billion over the next ten years – $23,000 per every Jewish Israeli family of four. This is the largest military aid package in U.S. history … A block is a legislative procedure in which a senator calls on the floor leader not to move forward with a bill and indicates that the senator may filibuster against it. Jewish News Syndicate reported last week that the American Israel Public Affairs Committee (AIPAC) had sent an action alert to its members calling on them to pressure Paul to remove his block on the bill … AIPAC has also been purchasing advertisements on Facebook attacking Paul “as the primary Senate force blocking the reauthorization of the U.S.-Israel security pact.”

    • But but but but … those folks, via eBay, sent me a brand new USGI AS-1743 multi-band dipole. Circle completed, many hands got washed in the process.

  3. In other good news, many are awakening for coma…

    A Shadow Over Europe: New CNN Polls Reveals ‘Depths of Anti-Semitism’ in Europe
    R. A. Greene – CNN

    Anti-Semitic stereotypes are alive and well in Europe, while the memory of the Holocaust is starting to fade, a sweeping new survey by CNN reveals. More than a quarter of Europeans polled believe Jews have too much influence in business and finance. Nearly one in four said Jews have too much influence in conflict and wars across the world. One in five said they have too much influence in the media, and the same number believe they have too much influence in politics … Those are among the key findings of a survey carried out by pollster ComRes for CNN … A third of Europeans said that Jews use the Holocaust to advance their own positions or goals … Nearly one in five said anti-Semitism in their countries was a response to the everyday behavior of Jewish people.

    I estimate that about 30% of US whites and about 50% of US blacks have “gotten the memo.”

    The cycle:

  4. The Tsun Tzu answer: I used their media to elicit those delectable communists tears. I checked out that Facebook alternative. Same level of idiocy, different platform.

    Who owns 99% of the cell phone infrastructure? Att and Sprint. So you cannot get around paying the beast.

    You want your buddy to make a little money. That’s cool. Just say so.

  5. Cut the amazon prime bill in half if you a student in the house.

  6. Get off the propaganda network news cycle vs and get in the meatspace .you’ll find folks you didn’t know existed .leave the electronic thingy at home and go for a drive see how long before you miss it .If you do then you’re probably addicted and need intervention. So it’ll be a win win .

  7. Centurion_Cornelius

    Am ahead of the curve–shit-canned ALL my tvs 12 years ago. As a result, now when I sit among the orcs in a dentist or doc’s waiting room with the mandatory big-screen plasma spewing its toxic garbage at me, I’m actually stunned that human beings can actually watch these vile images and sounds. I get a visceral ‘punch-in-the-gut’ feeling.

    Night season, when I prowl the hundreds of acres of deep woodlands behind my place hunting or for “exercises,” using my binos, I look off into the distance and see housing “developments’ with entire rooms ablaze with rapid-fire lights igniting each room via big-screen tvs. Scary looking to me–no wonder the orcs are hypnotized.

    Hell–I would NEVER subject my pack of Beagles or my string of horses to that kind of daily torture, let alone another human being.

  8. Old Gray Wolf

    On a completely different note, Bush Sr. Is dead. Far too late and far too quietly, but may the fires of hell burn hotter for him. Ever notice how these tyrants live long lives and die quietly in their beds? That needs to change.

  9. Pulled the plug 8 years ago, my IQ went-up 10 points

  10. Also use an ad blocker to deprive them of revenue – and stop tracking.
    Get off Facebook and Twitter. And the rest that aren’t needed.
    Minimize your Google footprint (even if you have an account, turn everything persistent off and never log in unless you need to then log out – don’t use it for docs, mail, or pcs).
    If you don’t block ads and tracking, they make a few pennies every time you visit youTube.
    Same with Apple. Don’t use them hoping they won’t mine your data or when their stock goes down won’t do …
    Don’t use Microsoft Windows 10 or the online Office 365 because they are now as bad if not worse than Google for tracking and lstening.
    Amazon? Use them as a store, Use the Kindle reader for books, Don’t use Alexa, and even limit Prime Video. At least you are a profit center, but Amazon is going creepy too, but you can avoid most of it as it is opt in.

  11. oregon farmer

    “Half it by switching to an MVNO for your cell and killing the landline.”
    If you have an Android device you will be required to set up a G Mail account, then guess what, the device will pester you to ‘sync’ the device with said G Mail account. When you do this you will be handing over to the Alphabet Corporation EVERYTHING: every number called and received, every text message sent and received, every web site viewed, etc. The FBI needs a warrant for this info, but with an Android device you are voluntarily handing it over to Alphabet. You are also monetizing yourself, your life, to the benefit of Alphabet Corporation. Don’t do this. Use a cheap dumb flip phone.

    • SemperFi, 0321

      Been off the cable TV for 10 yrs, still use TV to play YouTube vids however. Have used cheap dumb flip phone for probably 8 yrs and a few months ago it went tits up, local tower no longer gives service to 2G phones. Don’t know what I’m going to do for phone, since the 4G don’t work here in Wyoming like they say they do, still lots of empty spaces with no reception. And I refuse to sign up for a phone plan.
      Disgusting how many grown adults can’t carry on a face to face conversation without having to be playing on their phone at the same time, I just walk away, fuck ’em.

    • “If you have an Android device you will be required to set up a G Mail account, then guess what, the device will pester you to ‘sync’ the device with said G Mail account. ”

      Get off that band wagon too:

      1) Buy an unlocked phone. Me, I bought a phablet of Chinese mfg (they all are by the way, or SK.) Amazon — Just be sure whatever model you buy supports bands 2 & 4 if you want NA LTE speeds. Otherwise your option is 2G GSM.
      2) Go to settings and yank out the Google Services app. That just untethered you from them.
      3) Use the web app on your phone to access Gmail if that is what you want to use. Better, use protonmail app and install that on your phone.
      4) Having pulled Google Services your Google Play will no longer work. Acquaint yourself with the website They provide trusted sources for most apk’s on GP. Learn how to do sideloads.
      5) Acquire a MVNO. (I use Tracfone with T-Mobile association.) Be sure if it is by mail they provide the proper size SIM card for your device. Most deliver a nano sized SIM with holders for the other sizes. Pop the cover, and insert that in your phone, replacing the old SIM.
      6) Optional: For family get them on WhatsApp. Yes its owned and operated by dreaded Facebook. But if your phone is WIFI capable (it is isn’t it?) and you already have WIFI from your ISP and work you are saving airtime minutes off your MVNO cell account. Open Source alternatives are Signal and Wire.
      7) Optional: If you went the proton mail route you might as well ditch GDrive as well for cloud storage. I might suggest as an alternative. Its an S3 storage solution. 2TB of storage for about $10/mo. And of course an app — .

      Savings? Cost of the Phablet was $180 shipped direct. TracFone annual carrier costs — $180. Under my old T-Mobile plan I was spending ~ $500 a year. Payback in less than a year.

      [CA if you wish I could provide deeper details, selections, etc for a posting.]

  12. Stand on his air hose? That made me laugh.

    I learned a hard lesson many years ago when I went through Combat Diver training down in Key West. That is:

    When you cut a man’s air supply off, he gets really focussed, really fast.

    I used that later on when I was a Drill Sergeant. I never abused anybody… just sayin’.

  13. unplugged the Jewbox 20 years ago

    current cell phone bill: $0