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Capper For 2018

Via FZ.

Trad Americans, you ain’t seen nothing yet.

144.1 Sends

The Winged Hussar – limited quantities remaining!

Other swag.

New Woodpile’s Here!


TL Davis: The Federal Government’s Coup Against The People

His latest.

Best to review your stores and skills.

Then remedy any gaps.

We’re going into “Rule of 3’s” territory.

Heartiste: Prelude To CW2

A CH riff on this Economist article.

Quote Of The Coming Decade here:

Shitlib America is racing away from Shitlord America.

Shitlord America is solidifying its defiance of Shitlib America.

The battlefront has been clarified.

Read the masthead.

Read it again.

Plan accordingly.

And use the remaining time wisely.

Your cardio is calling.

Condell: The Anti-American Dream

Via FZ.

Basic Strategies & Gear For Operating In Cold Weather

Have you got the gear to live (not go) outside in winter for your AO?

What about elsewhere?

Tempus fugit.

Last Week’s Woodpile Is Here!


The Liberal’s Rational Case

Inside the hive mind.

There is no reasoning with those people.

Just an existential conflict.

Ever closer every day.

Buppert: No. Their Cold Dead Hands.

Part I

Part II

Go lift and do both cardio and core today.

Then order Mosby’s book on pistol fighting.

Tonight, as you contemplate the year ahead, resolve your remaining moral qualms, if any, about shooting Reds and their sympathizers from ambush.

Tomorrow, get with some friends and shoot steel with your rifle.

The Reds plan to silence you, disarm you, rob you, and ultimately, kill you.

What’s your plan?

Aesop: Year-End Ebola Update

On the exposed American doc and other yummy subjects.

Meanwhile, the usual PSA:

Not Just A European Problem

Roughly half of Americans think the same as this Viennese chap.

And on that fact, punctuated by the questions ending the post, teeters all of Western Civ.

2019 is going to be frisky.

All We Have Is Each Other

Via FZ.

ACB: The Golden Age


For the Death Worshippers and their masters, at least.

The Reds will never capitulate.

Surrender as a ruse?

Hell yes.

But capitulate?


They must be crushed.

And make no mistake: they intend to crush the Trads of each Western nation.

Ready for a fight to the death?

It’s coming.

Ready, or not.

K Blog: Sermon Saturation

Words of destruction cloaked in delusion and Nice.

Anti-civilization forces led by the evil one.

Building Your Library

A commenter suggested the following essential works the other day:

Freedman, The Future Of War

Freedman, Strategy

Marston & Malkasian, Counterinsurgency In Moden Warfare

Porch, Counterinsurgency: Exposing The Myths Of The New Way Of War

Galula, Counterinsurgency Warfare – Theory & Practice

Clausewitz, On War

Liddell Hart, Strategy

Sloan, Success And Leadership Principle Based On The Art Of War And The Prince

Mushashi, The Book Of Five Rings

Lawrence, The Seven Pillars of Wisdom

Lind, 4GW Handbook

What are your must-have books to aid in the Coming Excitement?

It’s Not Over

Vox Day on the continuing protests in France.

See also Yellow Vests Attempt To Storm Macron’s Castle.

Plus, from Claire Wolfe, Something you didn’t know about the Gilets Jaunes.

Count on the Globalists to double-down.

Here’s why.

Aesop: We Don’t Need Death Squads

On immigration policy.

More to come.

Situational Awareness & Wargaming Your AO

An important read from American Partisan.

There is going to be much unrest in FUSA over the next five years.

Your area is likely not immune.

Tempus fugit.

Repost: Thoughts On Small-Unit Leadership From An Old NCO


Open thread.