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On The Road

Posting will be light.

So will moderation.

Use the weekend well.

Z Blog: Reforms

Suggestions and likely outcomes.


No joy.

Averting World Conflict With China

Pay no attention to the author.

After all, we’re #1!


(Don’t enlarge by clicking image. Really.)

Via Twitter.

The Right Of Self Defense Against The State

H/t to Ms. Wolfe for this heresy against Muh Gubmint and the Heroes-Every-One.

American policing has a profound problem.

And eventually, it will be fixed.

One way or another.

Along with those who authorize and fund such abuses.

Lind: Why Taiwan Matters

More to the PRC than to the insolvent FUSA.

Nice bunch of targets you got there, Uncle Sam.

Those boys and girls been trained how to swim in burning oil?


Read it all; it’s brief.

Freedom’s just another word for…


King of the Rich.

See also this vid via GoV (with transcript):

K Blog: The Struggle To Stop Hate

And the hating haters who hate hatefully.

See also Technical Notes On Destroying Universities From Space With Large Rocks.


Via Gab.

Aesop: Questions



Bovard On Poppy

Sing his praises, you damned filthy apes.

Jihad In Strasbourg

Seasonal violence by Muslims.

What a surprise.

Related: ‘Still At Large’ – Strasbourg Shooting Suspect Convicted 27 Times Before, Yelled “Allahu Akbar”

(H/t MB at FZ)

Derb’s “Unpleasant Truths” 16 Years Later

Read the post, the embedded links, and the comments.

Bumpy ride ahead.

With a light of indeterminate origin at its end.

Z Blog: Lessons Of The Fields Trial


From the git..

Holiday Cheer

Via FZ.

Aesop: Ebola Update – Lying With Statistics

Not good.

At all.

Mosby’s ‘The Guerrilla Gunfighter’: A Book Review

Review here.

Order the book here.

Practice shooting more often.

Especially with your sidearm.

New Woodpile’s Here!


Z Blog: Summer Of Hate

Looking ahead six months.

Hate there will be.

Meaningful violence from any side?