Encrypted USB Memory Sticks

How, and a little why.

You are a despised member of an enemy faction.

Start disciplining yourself to thinking that way.

10 responses to “Encrypted USB Memory Sticks

  1. Certification means they haven’ found the bugs that leave the doors wide open yet:

    Also you can get microSD cards you can hide under a postage stamp and a high speed USB reader and encrypt them (and even lock them but I don’t know of any utility, but I have hardware – the SD spec will allow a 16 byte password).

    There are “coin” vaults that look like US Nickles or 5 euro or I forget the UK currency that will hold one micro SD card.

    They are much easier to use and hide.

    • Yep, the best security is the item that can’t be easily detected. I like the little TF cards that are popular with cellphone and tablets. Can be hidden anywhere.

  2. …and don’t forget a second stick with the Tails OS:

  3. “You are a despised member of an enemy faction” no truer words spoken.

  4. These things come pre hacked. If your hooked to an outside line, Google any of the biggies, your life’s an open book, you have zero privacy

    . Get rid of these tools of the left, purchase a high quality type writer, use snail mail. A stamp an envelope, and a mailman can save a lot of grief.

    It’s kinda comfortable, going back to the old ways.

    Unless it’s a household bill, we no longer even use our private mailbox out front of our home.

    Tee, you need to learn smoke signals!


  5. regarding micro-SDs …. there is freeware (PortableApps.com) that allows installation of applets onto the microSD, and your own files / data / whatever to be used on any machine …. download the suite and choose applets from a huge list, then copy over your data and you have massive data storage and minimal size … yes yes you have all the routine security concerns, but the m-SDsize allows easy carry

    all ditto for USB pendrives

  6. I would suggest one read this article — https://it.slashdot.org/story/10/01/05/1734242/encryption-cracked-on-nist-certified-flash-drives . Now that article is from 2010 and solutions have been applied. But it is a caution.

    Here’s a test. Can you pull the volume off the USB stick even when encrypted? Well then you are not protected at all. A given authority could pull the volume and hand you back the device. Then given the resources of the Feds apply brute force techniques to crack their copy of the volume. If you are a high value target they would be willing to apply as many CPUs as it takes to crack your device in a timely manner. USBs can be useful honeypots for distraction purposes and that is about it.

    What man can encrypt, man can decrypt, given time.

  7. Old Gray Wolf

    Best way to keep info secure is to keep it in your head. And disable the upload port, otherwise known as your mouth. 7 of 10 murders are solved. That means 3 of 10 murderers know how to keep their mouth shut. I bet the 7 are mostly crimes of passion or other easily determined motive, as well. I trust nothing electronic.

  8. thanks for the reminder; I haven’t back up my files for quite awhile.

  9. Any crypto that is too good gets subverted. But this will keep the local idiots out for awhile.

    Who I think is in charge of the world, from short to long timeframe: industrialists, politicians, bureaucrats, journalists, teachers. The Internet most strongly thwarts the last two.