The Pentagon’s Massive Accounting Fraud Exposed

Money (heh) quote:

“In all, at least a mind-boggling $21 trillion of Pentagon financial transactions between 1998 and 2015 could not be traced, documented, or explained, concluded Skidmore.”

RTWT, especially the links.

This one is my fave.

BTW, I do understand the orientation of The Nation.

To the objections on that front, I ask if the objector believes that all Pentagon spending is properly booked.

Thank you for your service.

30 responses to “The Pentagon’s Massive Accounting Fraud Exposed

  1. Does that mean everyone filing and paying federal income taxes are suckers?

    • Yup…
      And if you dont suck it, they take what you have, take what you may get, and send you to be raped and engage in more violence, where defending/protecting yourself will esrn you more time at there Hotel

    • No. That’s armed robbery. You all will stay alive if you just smile and take it.

    • No, it means that most pay income taxes as a form of bribe to keep governments from sending men with guns to murder them, their families, and stealing their possessions.

    • SemperFi, 0321

      Not one in a thousand will resist, just grovel at their feet and beg them to play nice. “Please, please don’t audit me, I got kids to think of, here, take more of my money, but please don’t ruin my credit score.”
      And make sure you buy some more resistor patches while they’re on sale too.

      I quit that game 14 yrs ago, it’s been a long hard battle but I refuse to willfully take part in an illegal scam to rob me.

  2. and to think on 9-10-2001 there was only a matter of $2 trillion missing…

  3. Bone, try NOT paying your taxes. Instant Death by Mamba!. What’s 21 t, when they get to print it and spend it, the very same day.

    It’s worth the 2k I pay a year in taxes just to keep em out of my life mostly. Isit extortion, absolutely.

    The funny thing is, it’s just money, who gives a shit!.


    • You have admitted that you buy lots of guns. That is a capital expenditure. I would suppose you keep all these guns in good working order and maintained is a safe place? So those are maintenance expenses. And as an asset all these guns could be depreciated, which isn’t an expenditure but is still a “write-down” that can lower taxes.

      From the way you post in many editions, money is cheap to you. So that mean you have some very good income. You feed and contribute to a good life for your family (which is large, I believe) so you may have many other right-offs.

      What I am trying to tell you here is, if you or your accountant is deciding to throw the irs a bone when you really could write down all tax liability, you are a fool and the irs has you pegged as a fool. I have fought and won every audit and claim the irs has thrown at me since the 70’s. Today, I don’t even bother to file. If they force me to, my 1040 will show I owe ZERO in taxes, legally.

    • Jimmy the Saint

      “The funny thing is, it’s just money, who gives a shit!. ”

      The people taking it obviously do.


    A bit more on the then-Comptroller of the Pentagon:

  5. Obviously, I picked the wrong profession. However, don’t recall anyone at university offering a degree in Mil-Ind-Complex, and/or GetRichOffTheTaxpayer-101. In hindsight, any of these classes would’ve lined my pockets a helluva lot more than the STEM degree I worked long and hard for.

    • Jimmy the Saint

      ” don’t recall anyone at university offering a degree in Mil-Ind-Complex, and/or GetRichOffTheTaxpayer-101″

      It’s only offered at a select few schools: Harvard, Yale, Princeton, George Washington University…..

  6. The Pentagon, examined from a functional perspective (what goes into the black box and what comes out as production) can be seen as a money redistribution and graft center, that just happens to provide some measure of military security to the nation (nation used in the broadest sense, as “America” becomes something other than a cohesive people).

    As such, it needs “enemies” to fund programs of record and procurement pipelines with. Some of these “enemies” are legitimate, others are synthetic, and used to frighten the normies into funding the programs and procurement.

    When you see the Congressional Budget Justification, stop and ponder how many significant digits there are per line item. Consider the rounding error.

    As a side game, if you wander the hallowed halls there in the A-E rings or stroll in the courtyard or by the river entrance… count how many special, protected category snowflakes you can see in a row. My highest score was 23. You may wonder if it is a jobs program, or if those folks are there because they don’t, and will never get the implications of the mentioned budgetary issues. Another metric is who parks where, and how far they have to walk to get into the building.

    Now, understand that personnel is DEFINITELY policy, and you will see the big picture there. It stopped being about “defense” a long time ago.

  7. “Senator Grassley told The Nation. “When unelected bureaucrats misuse, mismanage and misallocate taxpayer funds, it not only takes resources away from vital government functions, it weakens citizens’ faith and trust in their government.”
    And that there is the money quote: unelected bureaucrats. Multiply the locust in the Pentagon times ALL of the bloated government offices. It is why this country is in the shape it is in. Past time to start firing people, getting rid of departments/offices, and freeing up office space at every level of government. I was hoping Trump was up to the task, but looks like only Mr. Winchester might have the right touch.
    Occasional Cotex did not approve this message.

    • Daniel K Day

      Not to take away from your points, but the same applies to *elected* bureaucrats too.

  8. Speaking of the Pentagon… they are predicting that if an EMP attack were to hit the east coast, 90% of the population would be dead within a year. Must just warm psycho-tFat’s heart.

    • SemperFi, 0321

      There’s a big difference between a psycho and a sheep.
      You just keep going along with the conformist sheep, it’s the easy way out.
      With what’s coming, being a psycho may be the best path.

      • “…being a psycho may be the best path.”

        Do you even read/comprehend what you write?

        Didn’t think so.

  9. That -$21tril you keep hearing about?
    More fake news.
    It’s really more than $2,000tril.
    BTW, I’m not in the habit of paying for things other people purchase.
    Are you?

    • Jimmy the Saint

      Yep, 21 trillion is chicken feed next to the derivatives market (which is now figured in the quadrillions) and hundreds of trillions in unfunded liabilities.

  10. I’ve supported a 90% reduction of the DoD budget for at least two decades, despite being in and retiring from the US Army (medical corps). Budget the size of the one given to the Pentagon merely encourage and support worldwide military adventurism.

    In fact, if one is honest, the US military hasn’t defended the country since 1783.

  11. A trillion here a trillion there and pretty soon yer talkin’ real money
    dead Adlai Stevenson

  12. Not enough hookers, Cristal, Almas and blow in the universe to drop that kind of money on. Hard for most people the imagine the quality of life stolen from Americans.

  13. Old Gray Wolf

    That’s exactly what it means.

  14. the Pentagram is no dif than the rest of the ZOG:

    every number – deficits, total debt, inflation, unemployment – is fraudulent,

    and every word is a kosher Lie.

  15. Bwahahaha…

  16. Secret Space Program.

    That’s where the 21 trillion went.
    This is how they fund it.

    • Good reminder. Was sent this earlier regarding this same
      “In this first episode of Dave Vs. The MSM, Dr. Dave talks about the missing $21 trillion dollars from the us government budget.

      Want more? Join Dr. Dave live this Sunday for more on the missing 21 Trillion featuring insight from Catherine Austin Fitts and Mark Skidmore. Listen live at or on WAAM1600.”
      2 minutes video announcing episode

  17. None of those soldiers could be employed if the IRS wasn’t on the job. Look at the IRS logo, it only has a left wing.

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