SLL: The Deadliest Operation

The Deep State, at conception.

4 responses to “SLL: The Deadliest Operation

  1. Its worse than you thought, they are everywhere and they don’t even know what each other are doing, and that was 40+ yrs ago, read “The Secret Team” by F. Prouty, he was there and part of it.

  2. The Achilles heel of the USA empire is personnel. If the population stood down it would require conscription, not a prospect most will favor.

    • the Achilles heel of the Judeo-globalist Empire is debt.

      debt-financed goodies buy the personnel.

      when the debt blows up and

      the dollar dies, so will the Empire.

      not until.

  3. The deep state is older than that, but the fallout of 1945 was when it reached puberty.