New Woodpile’s Here!


4 responses to “New Woodpile’s Here!

  1. “fanatically” anti-communist…

    no matter how hard our Zionist hillbilly tries,

    he just keeps on cucking

    • SemperFi, 0321

      In spite of his post war brainwashing, I was surprised to see he linked the FDR war article, admitting the USA wanted war? We all know Hitler started it to take over the world, right?

      My dad always said the big 3; Stalin, Churchill and FDR had made plans in the mid 30’s already on how they wanted to divide post war Germany. Hitler just beat them to the first punch, but lost anyway.

      The (((banksters))) always win.

  2. Nice Olds!! Love old car ads. Could never figure out why the steering wheels were so large in those days. No power steering then??