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  1. They will not do literally anything. They will not teach kingsmanship instead of liberal non-sense to their royal children. They will not manage their kingdom to preserve it intact for their children, with a sustainable debt ratio and peasant loyalty. They will not suppress technological growth of weapons or communication enough to stop it. They will not even invent a plausible scare story that can’t be dismissed without knowing national secrets data. Peak oil? HotColdWetDry? More labor-saving machines will make humans poor? GIve me a break.

  2. I’ll take the 80% stick inthe hands of an 80% badass with a determined attitude and practice over legendinownmind with safequeen.

  3. 90% of weapons malfunctions are user caused (dirty weapon), the remaining 10% are caused by bad magazines and ammo (steel cased ammo).
    CLEAN and LUBE your weapon, dump that cheap ammo then tell Yamamato to go to hell!

    • Johnny Paratrooper

      Good Advice here. Also

      “You need to keep a steel cleaning rod in your pack so you can clear any rounds that break their rims and get stuck in the chamber”
      -A Delta Guy

      • SemperFi, 0321

        Yeah, good question.
        How many of you have a steel cleaning rod and gear with you, or in your weapon’s buttstock? Broken shell extractor? Spare bolt parts?
        I’ve gone back to solid A1 buttstocks on my AR’s, only my CAR-15 has a slider, and every one has an issue cleaning kit in the butt trap.
        Might just save your life.

        • Old Gray Wolf

          Carry all the above, some in the pistol grip compartment, the rest in a small pouch on the first line. Murphy has been my copilot so long, he has learned vast new realms of inventiveness in order to find chinks in the triple layer defenses I tend to build against his predations. My wife laughs when I put a saucy food into my lunch, stored in a secure container, then place the container in a ziplock, and put the whole assembly into its own pocket of my pack, lest the container and the bag fail to contain the contents. Murphy just plots how to place a hole in the pocket….


      Word. During my years of service, both active duty and active reserves, I always relied on LSA. It keeps my AR running just fine. And, stay away from the cheap steel-cased Russian stuff. Prices are still low. Stock up.

  4. Haha, I can fire off 4 or 5 thirty rounders from my cheap ass $400.00 dollar AR with no problem. If it shitcans my wife has a $900.00 one to fall back on. Also my #1 son has his M1A and #2 son can turn your lights out to 600 with his bolt 30.06. If it gets personal we all have g19’s. Ain’t no grass where we live to hide behind.

    • Johnny Paratrooper

      Nice. I saw a 300 Winchester magnum AR the other day at the range.

      What a gun.

      • Yes, mag fed with a can.

        Expensive to run. Putting that much powder into a throat many times in rapid succession will eat the throat and destroy accuracy fairly quickly. Being a semi and being a belted magnum probably makes reloading fired cases difficult.

        But very effective at distance.

  5. Spend the money on your firearms as if you were going to trust your life to them… so, how much is your life worth? No one cares about adding all that heavily marketed crap to the outside… pros go with what works and what they can support.
    That budget AR is an Achilles heel. Have at least 1 good one, then you can play with the home brew kits, the iffy quality and not industrial quality control.
    But for heaven’s sake, have and understand a decent AR. Keep it clean. Know how to work on it.
    Buy once, cry once.

  6. The Walkin' Dude

    Heh, all these guns, but Suits and Antifa act with impunity. No opposition has lifted a finger… or a bolt. To the sportsball screens!

  7. Centurion_Cornelius

    remember these? “What to do in a JAM”

    • SemperFi, 0321

      I still have one in it’s sealed plastic bag from the early 70’s, along with my Charlie Ration cookbook and an unopened P-38. Ah, the crap we hang on to.

    • Daniel K Day

      I read “Try TM” as “Try transcendental meditation.”

  8. Johnny Paratrooper

    Well, Unfortunately for the FUSA there is now a communist and globalist in every home in the US.

    Plus we have 7 million muslims from North Africa and the Pakistan area.

    On top of all the black South African communists we have in Baltimore.

    We are even starting to receive blacks from Europe who immigrate here for work.

    Most every job I have ever had, there exist at least two managers who are foreign and get paid more than me.

    Half my professors are foreigners.

    • Johnny Paratrooper

      All those foreigners are going to stay in those management positions for decades.

      And Americans are going to take orders from them willingly.

      • Johnny Paratrooper

        Economic warfare by taking the higher paying jobs.

        Ex-GF- Marry Me and Buy a House

        Me- Gets paid 16.50 a hour. No room for promotion.

        House in a nice white neighborhood? $3,000 a month.

        Base Pay for 55 hours a week? 30,000 a year after taxes

        Price of house per year? $36,000 not counting food, car, electric, insurance, fuel, furniture, and savings.

        It is impossible to progress in 2018.

        And before anyone says “Be an tradesmen” “Move to Smallville”

        There is no work in small towns. And all the women left behind in small towns are sluts, druggies, obese, or coal burners.

        STFU with that disconnected BS. Its SO unrealistic and out of touch.

        • Johnny Paratrooper

          The blacks and Mexicans are taking over the small towns. So you can miss me with that BS.

          • In my town which is a university town in middle America; if you want to see how many of them there actually are in the area just go shopping at the wally world or mall after 4 on Saturday’s or after noon on Sunday’s. It’s literally like a foreign country. All the rich white ladies who stay at home do their shopping while the houses are being cleaned and yards are getting mowed during the week. Weekends are for eating out not shopping around here.

            • Johnny Paratrooper

              Yep. They are cruising for all the white women who listen to rap.

              In a couple of years, your area will be full of white female heroin addicts and the mall will collapse because its full of trash ALL THE TIME.

              Assuming of course they don’t realize they fucked their lives up and just OD after years of getting passed around by Mohammed, Ricardo, Jose, and Jamale.


              • What. does. any. of. that. have. to. do. with. YOU. ?. ?. ?.

                On the slight chance you don’t know, here’s the answer…

                “Whatever you choose.” Hope that helps.

          • Johnny do you think about what you write???. You live in the ass hole of this nation, take zero steps to better you position, surround yourself with outright Marxist college profs, the scum of the earth.

            You want change? Effect change. Improve your odds, by identifying a population your comfortable with, and move to them.

            Seriously your starting to sound like the rest of your age group.

            You have the gI bill, Im kinda sure your receiving VA stipends for conflict related issues. It’s your obligation to make a life for yourself.

            I’m always amused at folks who go trout fishing in a carp ponds, and only keep catching carp.

            Life requires that we each make informed choices about direction and bandwidth.

            Honestly do you think your positions going to change, improve their.

            Do you think the Mexicans the blacks are giving a shit about you. Your meat to them, nothing more. Do your job, and understand your destiny or get the fuck out, go someplace you can make work for you.

            Life’s about personal choices. You seem to be a relatively smart young man, get on it. Go make something of yourself.


            • lastmanstanding

              Que Lineman…and only then will we quit bugging you JP. 😉

              • Ahh why bother you can’t reason with the unreasonable…My sons are smarter than him and they aren’t even 21 yet…They see Dad bringing home 30k in one month and realize Hey we want that for us…I’m done trying to help willfully ignorant people…

                • Is $30k brought home in a month, better than $16.50/hr for the privilege of bitching rights about how bad life is in a person’s chosen … and I say again, chosen …AO?

                  Lineman, put your stupid and so far unreachable kids on a bus towards Baltimore and get their reports back about how much smarter people get as they reach the East Coast.

                  Meanwhile, get them used to working at heights and loving the money, doing the things that most would not do.

            • Dirk, WTH, are you saying that you can’t catch trout when you limit your efforts to fishing in a carp pond?

              Similar to catching a like-minded woman when limiting yourself to the waters of the Baltimore area.

        • JP: I’m curious about your use of the descriptor “coal burner” as it pertains to small town women. What do you mean?

        • lastmanstanding

          Nothing ventured, nothing gained.

          Me and most-likely others here have escaped from the same exact place. You seem to be a talented younger man, quit bitching and change your life…only you can.

          Apparently, you and CA converse. CA, give him my email if he asks for it. Strike up a conversation with me and start by communicating. You seem to be able to do that well enough with your comments.

          I moved 2k miles from home decades ago with a few grand in my pocket, a rig, clothes and a few firearms to a job that barely sustained me. Life has to be made, many before you have made it happen.

          As much as I’d like to help you and have offered before…it is time to stfu regarding the trades and smallville…as will I.

          “free you mind and your ass will follow”

          • SemperFi, 0321

            Moved to small town Wyoming 25 yrs ago, cost me my marriage (she moved back to the big city, had to have concrete under her feet) and been broke too many times to count. But I persevered and have what I came for, a small log house and freedom you can’t find very many other places. Seen the world, and can’t imagine anywhere else I’d want to be.
            I’m dirt poor and rich at the same time,

            • lastmanstanding

              Sounds familiar lol!

              But I got me a new wife and she was like we wuz…we make a good team. Never really had anything extra until we reached 50. That’s a 100 years of experience! Can’t find that many places.

              To many of these young people are afraid to take the unfamiliar path. If you don’t take it, you get the same path/lesson every damn time whether its 2 months, 2 years or 20 years later. You have to take the “scary” path to make your life real.

              Oh fuck…I think I’m at that “fork in the road” again. Let you know how it works out. 🙂

          • +1. Hope exists here, for the freeing of JP’s mind, and for his decision to unass from his bad place.

            • Decent people whose postings here are from a bad mindset due to living in bad places, are invited to improve their perspectives on life by moving to a better place.

              We laugh, we call them out on their ignorance of a better way to live. We know that they just need to take the first affirmative step towards freeing their minds from East Coast thinking.

              This comment does not apply to a gringo troll, who I suspect is subject to federal DOT piss tests. And who’s a person responsive to the whims of his fedgov handlers. More = better. Bring it.

              • SemperFi, 0321

                I’m always reminded of Sam Kinison’s skit on World Hunger and sending them U-Haul’s.
                But some folks just don’t get it.
                Don’t like it here? Move! But I can’t, all my kinfolk live here. Great, now be the first in your family to try something different, MOVE!

            • I hope to bolster such good thoughts on a couple of weeks.

        • you gotta place out, then you do it the right way. get yours, then estimate the wife and kids cost and see if its worth it continuing with whatever you put up with to not check out to the country with a good dog over the 10% chance you get a good woman.

        • I live in a very small town. You are incorrect, JP

        • I’m a tradesman. I live in smallville (a few miles outside of smallville, actually). I make a whole lot more than 16.50/hr; I work 40 hrs/wk on the books, plus all the off the books work I want.
          I have a modest, comfortable home in a nice neighborhood. $3000 pays all of my household expenses (including house payment) except food for most of a year.
          There is more work in the area than people to fill the jobs.
          There are plenty of good looking, strong, morally upright women who aren’t leftards here. The skanks are easy to ignore.
          Quit whining, get off your lazy ass and get out of your shithole. There is still a lot of good left in America.

  9. Wow, Murikans’ look what the Frogs accomplished.

    Macron makes U-turn on fuel-tax increases in face of ‘yellow vest’ protests: (France’s prime minister on Tuesday suspended planned increases to fuel taxes for six months in response to weeks of sometimes violent protests)

    • Johnny Paratrooper

      Attacking yourself and then being the hero is a perfect way to turn around that 25% approval rating.

    • Johnny Paratrooper

      Literally, the face of European Political for centuries has been the old “Self Inflicted Wounds Heal The Best”

    • I give France a better chance of turning the country around than the usa. France is still over 80% French and European and doesn’t have 10 deal with 10% of the country thinking they are owed because your great grandfather owned their great grandfather and another 35% that thinks they can grab all they want because you didn’t stop them when they broke in the border in the first place.
      If Europe beats the muslims back(again), that’s the place to be.

  10. The amazing, it’s no use the gubbermint has tanks and nukes, we are all doomed, its useless to fight you already lost, resistance is futile chicken shit cowards have struck again.

    And how many on here are gonna pay this latest in a long line of surrender agitprop creedence, because they are failing to pull up their panties and think for themselves?

    Ever consider there’s more than one way to troll you into thinking it is hopeless to resist than on a comment thread tag teemed by the trolls and agent provocateur payroll patriots who are the worst traitors of all skulking around looking to pounce on anyone they sense is vulnerable to being persuaded resistance is futile is bad think?

    Ever give it a thought Agitprop is a powerful weapon and social engineering instrument used against you and your beliefs to cause you to have doubts? To mentally dis-arm you, doing the fuckers job for them of waging counter 4th Generation Insurgency, aka mental COIN, (Counter Insurgency)?

    4th G war is a war of the mind and the heart before it is a war of physical weapons.

    This fucking bullshit agitprop is intended to disenchant you from building your weapons with your own druthers and industriousness. Which if you need reminding is a uniquely American thing, rich in history and quite effective results.
    Building a poorly manufactured parts kit AR is natural selection. Its gonna happen.
    In no way whatfuckingsoever does it negate the procurement of weapons.
    There are a lot more less monetarily endowed than those who can afford to equip themselves with a $1200 striped down high end AR. And then the other $1200 bucks to put combat grade optics on it, mags, back up irons, a sling, spare bolt. Not even talking cases of ammo, a combat rig vest or other carry system, blow out kit, good sound SUT training, burning up practice ammo, so on.
    Yet better to build or obtain a under par grade combat rifle than to give up and have no rifle.

    Even if it is an honest effort to shame people into acquiring a combat grade rifle, it is in really ignorant poor taste.

    Some just don’t get it. It isn’t sinking in. Its not the natural right to arms that matters at this crucial stage…
    It is the fact we are arming ourselves to the fucking teeth.

    Have you watched what the Yellow Vest just did in France?
    No resistance is futile bullshit there.
    And we all mock the French for dropping their rifles at the first sign of combat.
    They just proved us fools.
    And those guys aren’t armed like us Americans.

    And even if that idiotic statement of futility and disenchantment agitprop comes from honest intentions, it is as about demoralizing to those of us who do not have a solid White Christian Western understanding of what is at stake here yet.
    I would like to punch the fucking smart mouth who made it in the nose. He deserves that kind of hello you idiot treatment for his defeatist messaging.

    Be honest,
    did you fall for it,
    even for a second?
    Or did you find yourself disgusted and justly bullshit pissed off over it?

    BFYTW Bitchez

    • Oh, that was great; maybe I should check in here more often. You’ll win alright, but I’m guessin’ there won’t be many here to join you. Lucky break that doesn’t matter, eh? My heart is hardened; bet yours is too.

      I mean, just look at the kid. I’m told that he’s for real, but he’s still got 5 billion “reasons” he can’t move forward. It’s the other guy donchyaknow, always the other guy.

      Oh well, maybe some gourmet roadkill would wake him up. Nothing like some good meat with friends to help a guy understand what it’s all about.

    • Old Gray Wolf

      Just a side note. If you got 1200 bucks for combat grade optics, and are missing any or all the other mentioned items and training, use the irons your rifle came with(you did buy a rifle with sights, did you not?) and spend the $1200 on stuff you need worse. Like anything else mentioned except the combat grade optics. And since when does an ACOG, Elcan, or Aimpoint cost $1200? Or are we talking Nightforce here? The irons the AR was designed with are perfectly capable to match the capabilities of the rifle, and exceed the capability of most shooters. Those need to be mastered before concerning oneself with the acquisition of a whizz bang optical sight.

      And, yes, the futilist nature of the smartass meme maker’s assertion pisses me off. Most AR owners are not warriors. Frankly, if they show up, look down the sights at another human and squeeze the trigger, it will be a bonus. If they do that even five times, and the rifle jams up tight, they will have done more than a whole slew of guys I have known who own multiple safes full of top shelf guccikit. I want the cold bastards who show up to the fight, draw a bead on the opposition, and squeeze the trigger with malice aforethought. I won’t bitch if they are rocking a frankenstein homebuilt AR, or a ragged out mossberg boltgun, as long as that’s the best they could bring along. We’ll kit them out better after they kill the other side, if the other side has anything worth keeping. A shooter with the ability to kill the enemy on pupose is far harder to come by than quality weaponry. I have spare rifles, spare gear, and the ability to teach. What I rarely find are men truly willing to use the skills and equipment to visit death and destruction on their fellows in an offensive manner, who are also solid in other important areas of their lives. We cannot afford the alienation of such by the supercilious disdain of their equipment.

  11. Love the AE vanVogt quote at the linked site. Weapon Makers series are great reads. Read them in my early adolescence.

    OTOH, gear queers can spend all they like. But if you can’t hit anything because you don’t shoot often, and most of you can’t because you don’t, it really doesn’t matter, does it? You’ll just be dropping a quality weapon when you lose.

    • lastmanstanding

      “you’ll just be dropping a quality weapon when you lose.”

      In the words of Fernando (Billy Crystal of the SNL skit in the 80’s)…

      “It is better to look good, than to feel good.” 😉

      • What I really want is for people to spend less on gear and more on shooting practice.

        • lastmanstanding

          I got where you were coming from.

          My busy season has passed. I will be at the range 3 days a week for the next 3 months. The weather here in Montana sheds lots of light on shooting skills.

          Some of my best outings have been in snowstorms.

  12. Jeez, could Freefor mount an anti invasion protest like this? Let’s go safety orange as our color?

  13. LeaderOfTheBanned™

    If you can buy a $1,200 AR, you should, and I can and I do – but if you can’t, then buy a $400 AR. I’d rather have people around me when the SHTF with $400 ARs rather than NO ARs. Are better weapons better? Sure – but plenty of people have been killed with shit weapons. If the message here is that you can’t get into the game without buying the best kit, well then, fuck you.

  14. The biggest problem with budget builds is that people build them, take them out once, pop off a few rounds and just expect it to work if it is ever “needed”. Most do not put their rifle though the paces to find out its quirks; what ammo it likes, doesn’t like, will it feed with mag A and not mag brand B. Test test test, shoot shoot shoot!

  15. True story, inOregon, 2007, I was making a delivery to a grocery warehouse along I5 corridor. The truck needed a repair, so I was relegated to waiting at a small shop overnight.

    Inside the old cow barn shop, the abandoned RV’s, motorhomes, etc. we’re a bunch of rural white men living in squalor. No jobs?

    At the warehouse, the entire staff were illegal Mexicans who only spoke spanish and a white PC Warrioress feminist who threw attitude at me. (Lawyers, bitch, behave or else!)

    No excuse for poverty and lack of opportunity? Whiggers, please! We’re in a war of annihilation and the enemy has all of the resources. For those giving JP attitude, take him in and provide a viable opportunity, be the hero you seek and show the rest of us your sincerity.
    This economic disaster and seeming impossibility is by design, “the rich get richer…” some of us were born in the lion’s mouth.

    Behind every blade of grass is a Three Percenter trying to clear his budget AR. Tripping hazard, that’s a good one.

  16. 5 unreliable cars =< 1 that runs well. Same with guns.

  17. Just because your weapon and equipment are older models they are in NO WAY “shit”. I have a full and complete TA-50 (form 782 for you jarheads). In fact I have two. One to train in, and one set brand new. That includes EVERYTHING . From ECW to Jungle. I keep my basic load of ammo in cans ready to load on the transport. My M-1 is spotless and would rate as NRA collector grade. Same Same my 1911A1. I prefer my M1956 web-gear. I have field phones and wire. A squad field kitchen, and some “spares” , for guys who might not have everything they need. But showed up for the party in good boots with a clean, sighted in 1891 MN or 1898 Mauser and cans of ammo. A good coat & hat and maybe a blanket roll. Those guys are welcome to form up by my truck. We’ll be about 125 yards back from the crossroad digging in the first road block. @ Leaderofthebanned. If you have any survivors after you stage your IRA type running cowboy gunfight where half or more of your boys get killed because there AR-15 failed. Lead them past our road block. We’ll show you how to conduct an ambush with improvised munitions. You don’t go to war with the army you want. You go with what you have. It’s how you use your stuff that win’s. PS. If you have a cheap AR15 and a top notch WW2 battle rifle with plenty of ammo. LEAVE the AR at home and bring the bolt gun/semi-auto. Your AR 15 is shit. It will fail half of you in the first sustained action. There is nothing anyone can do that will change that.I want guys who are armed with weapons built to last. That is not. Never was. AND NEVER WILL BE the AR-15.

    • Old Gray Wolf

      Ray, you turn down those guys doing the shoot, move and communicate thing with the poodle shooters. I’ll take them. And anybody else who can run what they brung effectively. You wanna show up with the pristine M1 and a 1911, you can come too, if you can keep up and not trash the other guys’ kit. Gonna be a lot of cats skinned coming up, and anyone attempting to skin them all the same way will be shredded for their troubles. Biases cause blind spots, and blind spots get you blindsided. Don’t be that guy. A bullet need not be a certain size or fired from a certain weapon to interrupt your brain functions.

  18. i don’t want no teen age queen, i just want my budget ar15!

  19. Meanwhile in Florida
    That is one of two ballot initiatives.
    The Other is worse.

    Stop The Killing Committee