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“It’s unclear what the president hopes to accomplish by alienating his strongest supporters at a time he is being closed in on from all sides by powers intent on destroying him. If he believes this will satisfy the gun-grabbers and make them go away, that ignores everything about their incremental tactics. Experience shows they will take a piece here and a “compromise” there, and then use that position to launch their next demand for more.”

— David Codrea

(H/t Herschel)

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  1. Sir! First Platoon all present and accounted for Sir!

    • Daniel K Day

      Well, that’s 8 minutes of my life I won’t get back. What is all this about? Are you trying to convince me we need to fear a nuclear attack from Iran? I need a TLDW (too long, didn’t watch) summary, Paolo.

      • certain people are missing the point. The purpose of the (((Rosenstein)))’s raid was to protect the Clintons by sequestering the documents.

      • Daniel K Day, long day today.
        Did a quick refresher and now remembered this one was
        55 minutes long.
        Quick summary:
        The Swamp has and is doing horrible stuff, under the noses of what
        an orderly and lawful government is NOT supposed to do, way
        beyond many peoples comprehension, thanks to the lack/void
        of investigative journalism – FAKE NEWS.
        Yet, many are getting it too, but it is “the great divide” if I say
        so myself. Has everything to do with what is going on now
        during this “great awakening”, “storm” etc.

  2. The quote would seem to assume that Trump is not nefarious himself. Not that Mr. Codrea is, but I’m not making that mistake.

  3. mrcraigdudley

    bill hicks said it clearly about what the presidents do before, and then after being elected. it went something along the lines of, a man in a suit takes the president into a small theater of some sort, shows him film of 11/22/63 from a different angle than ever seen before, and then asks: any questions mr president, at which point every ‘president’ becomes little different than their predecessors. i suspect that showing of the film wasn’t necessary for any of the bushes or clinton, and reagan was only a front for bush anyway.

    • SemperFi, 0321

      Yup, gonna save the world, then you get to D.C. and they explain the rules to you.
      Some people still have accidents.

      • Fuck the world, how about we work the local scene, as Pete has suggested for years now. Great plan, think I’ll follow his advice.

        While Paris burned while Ms. May sells the Brits down the road, while Russia China and the US, posture,

        Not a fucking thing changed here today. Well I did order two cases of mountain house spaghetti for the preps.

        Wanted to,suggest to you planning on weapons or ammo purchases that you get those done before the DEMs are back in 1/2 the saddle. I promise the time leading up to Pelosi, taking the gavel have not been squandered.

        These lost soles will hit the ground running.


      • if Reagan was “only a front for Bush”,

        the Soviet Union would still be on the map. Nobody remembers it now, but Bush41 and his corporate-globalist backers labored mightily to keep the communists in power (to serve up the cheap labor) in both Moscow in Beijing…China, they succeeded, Russia, they failed. What is true:

        from 1986 on, halfway thru his 2nd term, Reagan basically went senile…nodding out at cabinet meetings fro 20 minutes at a time. That’s when Bush and Co. took over and began legalizing illegals and pushing “free trade”.

      • Old Gray Wolf

        How we understand this, and yet still wait is beyond me. Always hoping that this time, it will be different, because we did the same damn thing, but it will be a different result, for the first time in the history of man.

        Hope puts people in boxcars. Change happens because a GROUP of men sizable enough decide to take different action to achieve a different result.

        People hope, and they die. Others create change, and live in the world they create. Which do we want to be? And can we create the change we wish to see? Any individual can and will die. It takes a group to win a war.

  4. That is absolutely, positively correct! They want us disarmed–and dead.

  5. It’s really quite simple, sTrumpy is & was never promoting the interests of his “strongest supporters”, at least those visible.

    He does however promote (((them))) who rot society from without & within.

    Which of course is why he has done NOTHING to keep campaign promises.

  6. Trump is clearly somewhat ignorant about the fine points of the war on guns. Given his background, we shouldn’t be surprised.

    In the end, it doesn’t matter which laws are passed. It only matters if we submit to them.

  7. If I’ve learned one stupid thing, its to wait and not second guess the crazy fucker.
    He has a habit of saying one thing and pulling the football out of the clowns way like Lucy & Charlie Brown.
    Long as he is giving the deep state and one worlder motherfuckers fits and is the disruptive element he is exposing everyone and everything, no matter the smaller things, I can live with a few idiotic “setbacks” in the politics of dis-armament.

    They are going to pull that crap in anycase. Its what they do.

    NOT giving up our guns is what WE do. We are good at it. There’s countless millions of us who refuse to comply, who do and have refused to comply, and no small number who are up armoring in spite of illegitimate weapons “laws”.

    Sure, if you look at it from a “law enforcement” standard, yeah, these out to disarm us, it looks gloomy and endless. The time to laugh in the fuckers faces is now.
    You see any of them obeying any laws lately? Don’t make me laugh!

    Ol Trump, he aint stupid. The guy has a 170 IQ, MENSA grade. Anyone think maybe he chose to go along with this flea circus bump stock “law” because it is so unbelievably stupid? That it manipulates the hoplophobes into the most glaring act of stupidity possible? Exposes how utterly ridiculous they are. That even the Normies can see it for what it is? A Killer piece of molded plastic!
    Oh the horror!
    The humanity!
    He still aint signed the piece of asswhipe.
    Been yakin’ on about it for over a year.
    Has the guy actually to date by reason of commission, I’m not talking commission of things beyond his control, but has he enacted anything which deviates radically from his promises? Sure there’s things aint come to fruition yet. Most are because there’s elements who are pulling out the stops to thwart MAGA.
    Even so, Trump is a showman, he always make max use of any opportunity. Politically and culturally. He is constantly giving the fuckers the discreet finger.
    At worst, “outlawing” peoples property in the form of a piece go injection molded plastic removes not one beautiful “Ass-Halt Weapon” from our collective arsenal of freedom.
    Those who got them still have to give them up. They aint registered, aren’t serialized, are a 3 minute job to attach, they won’t rot or corrode in a cache, the fact that millions of them will never be known to be destroyed or turned in is a fantastic mind job one the hoplophobes.

    Ol Trump is no dummy. He understands whats going on. And he has not mushroomed any of us on our God given primal right of Arms.

    In spite of any of that, there’s those of us who understand yes things are going to get that bad, and it is every reason not to be trapped into that worthless useless self defeating social engineered mentality of resistance is futile. Have some more fat free Soy Tofu burger.

    The time to drink from the skulls of our enemies is fast approaching. At last. Long last.

    Be a Crusader. A Baconator eating infidel.

    Besides, they aren’t our guns, they are our property, its the first thing.

    I’m about to give up my bought and paid for farm to the fuckers just because they SAY so? Because they don’t approve of me owning a farm? Say it is now, outlawed property? I have to destroy it or turn my home over to the State?

    Now just how fucking ridiculous is that? Really?

    None of that diktat shit defacto law made from whole cloth bull fucking shit matters to those who are never giving up their rifles.
    Never has.

    Geronimo said long after, “I never should have given up my guns”

    Those cheesy fucking attainders of writ will last all but a couple minutes when the lead starts flying anyways.
    Lets see how those who make them up enforce their world class idiocy then.

    Fuck Em’ and the illusion of legitimacy they rode in on.

    • Name (required)

      You’re right that Trump is smart – way past Mensa. You’re right that he hasn’t done most of the bad things he said he would, and he’s done some of the good things he said he would. He’s still only a good start on what we need.

      I don’t think that Trump is willing to hang ruling class traitors, and nothing less is going to help.

  8. Name (required)

    Trump was never the president we wanted, he was just the president we could get in 2016. We need to look way farther to the Right in the run-up to 2020.

  9. I’ll give them bumpstocks if they take suppressors off of the NFA. Treat them like regular firearms. No other deal.

    • Humbug. Treat suppressors like an accessory you pull off the hook in a bubble-pak in the sporting goods department of your hardware store. Just left of the mags, just right of the boresnakes & Hoppes #9.

    • Ahem… end the MG freeze! “full faith and credit” for any state’s CCW in every state? constitutional carry nationwide? no taxes on any arms or ammo? …etc.

  10. Actually, this should be the quote of the week:

    “Civil wars happen when the victimized are armed. Genocide happens when they are not.” A. E. Samann

    Hat Tip: Bearing Arms

  11. What Mr. Trump desperately needs to do, if he wants to make history instead of being history, is to quickly cultivate a very close relationship with David Codrea and other anti-gun confiscation advocates.

    Note, all modern gun control laws are and have always been gun confiscation laws. By modern I mean all passed in the 20th and 21st centuries.

    Think of them as gun confiscation laws leading to people control laws.

  12. Trumpy was NEVER your savior, no your representative,

    He’s the C.E.O. (and yet still just an employee) of the foreign
    owned corporation known fraudulently as the ‘United States Government’.

    He, the 9 robed nazguls of scotus and the thieves guild known as
    congress (all 535 of the lying sociopathic shitweasels) don’t work
    for any of us..they never did. They are owned, utterly by the
    international banking cabal that are the true owners of not only
    the ‘Federal Reserve’ but also every major communications company
    whether it’s print or electronic media.

    There is NO voting our way out of this.

    There is no ‘negotiating’ or having a ‘velvet divorce’ of peaceful

    The parasites have seen to it that those avenues are closed off.

    NorthGunner – The Truth Is It’s OWN Defense!

  13. Our problem is larger than “Trump”.

  14. It isn’t the law that matters.

    What matters is, ‘Who obeys it?’