Les Gilets Jaunes – A Bright Yellow Sign of Distress

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ZH: Macron Folds

Vox Populi: Vive la France

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  1. La Belle France reviens?!

  2. Heh…

    “Every man to his family and his possessions”

  3. “Come out out of her my people, and do not partake of her sins”


  4. Tactical withdrawal by Macron. Smart move. The honey boy recognized it was all about to go south on him. Too bad. The frogs had a good push going but now there’ll be no follow through and the globalists will regroup.

  5. He’s handling optics, nothing more. Commies don’t fold, unless you fold them.

    • Badger, great observation. While we watch the left hand, one has to,wonder exactly the right hands up too.

      My wife’s off to Germany noon my time. She was headed to Paris, I had to step in and stop that. This is business, and profits/ business outcomes don’t require being in the middle of that bull shit.

      Tic Toc.



    It’s like Margaret Thatcher said: “…the trouble with socialism is sooner or later, you run out of other peoples’ money.” The SIGNIFICANT take on this, is the Frog “Thin Blue Line” had absolutely NO PROBLEM gassing their fellow citizens, thumping them, shooting them with “non-lethal” munitions, etc. These Froggy “flics” are subject to the same tax slavery, ne pas?
    This similar ominous scene has been playing out in Venezuela for over a year, now. The Leviathan’s Orcs and Orcettes are bought and paid for. When things really get going here, they will not be bereft of food, toilet paper, other necessities of life, or the Leviathan’s debt bucks. Such obvious warning signs should figure into your planning and preps.

  7. Liars and Fraudsters. How a Secret which, according to Cardinal Ciappi, Deals with Apostasy WITHIN the Church and an Attack on Catholics FROM WITHIN, In 2000 was Spun as an Attack By an OUTSIDE FORCE, Attacking the Apostates Themselves. Go Figure. Get Mad.


  8. Donning a safety green vest and singing old songs the same actors that played the role of Antifa became virtuous protestors, the salvation of their nation?
    No, the entire thing was a Globalist photo-op just like the Charlie Hebdo March

    • Johnny Paratrooper

      Correct. I have never met a frenchmen who could say “Islam is Bad”

      Never. Not one. And the french invented modern scientific examination.

  9. I have no sympathy for the yellow vests. Elections have consequences. Macron is an honest man who never hid his globalist agenda. When France needed a strong experienced leader, they voted for a pretty boy who married his mother. France has voted globalist, socialist for decades but don’t want to pay for it. Just shut the fuck up and pay the taxes you voted for.

    • JQ is everything

      Extremely retarded comment.

      • From (((their))) own lips… (((they))) are behind it all and (((they))) want us dead.

        • Because we all know that evil White People can not be evil White People unless a/their/they {{{JEWS}}} make evil White People evil.

          Cause… the evil White People (who out-number dem a/their/they Jews) who want Europa and Christianity dead also, is because a/their/they {{{JEWS}}} made them that way!

          Cause if there were no a/their/they {{{JEWS}}}, White People would not be evil and in solidarity and unified in White Love!

          Look at what that evil {{{Rabbi}}} did to White People!

    • Oedipus

    • Macron an honest man? Hardly. He’s hidden his aberro-sexuality, and his affair with his male bodyguard for quite some time. Like so many others, he’s a charlatan and a fraud.

      Just look at this effeminate weenie…

    • ” When France needed a strong experienced leader, they voted for a pretty boy who married his mother.”

      The people of France had their leader in the form of Napoleon; the Rothschilds weren’t having any of his freeing the French people from their debtbux slavery and control any more than they accepted Andrew Jackson’s war on them.

      Napoleon vs the Old and New World Orders: How the Rothschilds Conquered Britain & France

      Andrew the Great: The Heroic Story of Andrew Jackson That They Don’t Want You to Know

      I also recommend King’s 2 volume set, “Planet Rothschilds” as a primary learning aid/resource.

      The truth is NOT what we’ve been all taught to believe…not by a large shot!

      NorthGunner – The Truth Is It’s OWN Defense!

  10. Folds ?
    True folding would be the bastards being led to the guillotine.

    They still wear their chains.

  11. Perhaps we could send the Frogs some more appropriately colored smocks for such actions?

  12. I started drafting replies to the unbelievable stupidity I see in this comments thread but it’s not worth the effort.

    For those who prefer front-line reports and analysis to sniffing your own farts, https://democratieparticipative.online/

    Note that despite the banner, that site is not officially representative of what is a genuine grass-roots movement. They are a French alt-right site somewhat in the vein of the Daily Stormer, in operation for 3 years now, that the French government has been censoring China-style due to openly stating concepts with which many here should be familiar.

    And, being on the spot, they know more about what’s going on than any commenters here. Closing an OODA loop requires understanding the outcome of previous actions in order to inform new decisions. Every single reader here can learn from the tactics and outcomes on display in France right now – on both sides.

  13. Freeeeeeee-dumb!


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    • As per the video North Gunner posted the other day they’ve imported it to Leeds England and apparently, the young cubs like it to. Must be an acquired taste.

    • Jimmy the Saint

      Shouldn’t there be more “Cannibalisme Non!” banners in the protests, then?

  16. M. Le Pen made her peace with the Jews some time ago.

    she’d be as useless as Trump.

    Macron, though, is France’s Hillary.

    he’s stirring the stew hotter and hotter. .

  17. FUCK Palmetto State armory…………..do not buy a single goddamn thing from those stupid lazy selfish motherfuckers!…..and let them know your not.
    …………remember these fuckers when the balloon goes up !………………..

    • got the anger.

      any specifics?

      lot of folks by me use ’em

      don’t want to waste my parts budget

      • Heh, yeah I’ll make some popcorn & tag along for this. 😉

      • …and I am sure they are big boys, as are you and you do just fine with the parts, sorry about the ANGER !! opsec requires vagueness ……more just what I said…”it’s the lazy selfish stupid lying cocksucker part” that I refer to, and the deception as to products etc. look at on line reviews , parts missing some poor quality and then when they do not REALLY have it and you get the big FUCK YOU you can wait till we get it and then YOU will get it…..
        ………………..like it or lump it attitude………….does not sit well with me.
        ……….as you were……………………………………………………………………..

    • Go back to Reddit and complain how they won’t accept your mommy’s credit card

    • I’m not at all unhappy with the rifle I’ve put together on a PSA lower, sorry to hear that you haven’t had similar success.

      Mine’s running great!

      NorthGunner – The Truth Is It’s OWN Defense!


      Thanks for the heads up, but what did they do to you? Looking for a reasonably-priced AK, and they got good reviews on You Tube. Now I will wait.

    • Are you retarded? PSA is literally HEROIC.

    • lastmanstanding

      Costco…remember these fuckers as well. They don’t allow concealed or open carry in their stores. Heard that today…can anyone confirm?

      Glad I boycotted them over 10 years ago and have not/ will not ever return.

    • thesouthwasrght

      mrapp, what’s the beef? I’ve never heard nor had any bad experiences with them.

    • Oh hell, take a Mydol, and a long hot bath. You’ll feel better in no time!


  18. Macron Blinks – French Prime Minister to Announce Suspension of “Fuel Tax”…
    Posted on December 4, 2018 by sundance

    Breaking overnight the French government is attempting to stem the growing civil unrest by announcing they will suspend the plan to implement the upcoming fuel tax. However, the Yellow Vest protests have grown to personify much more than a new fuel tax.

  19. Here’s a video which explains what they’re protesting – more than taxes on fuel: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=k-g8ZrdF2JI and see this as well (get the closed captions): https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=-HxvmsS-DxM – it’s about immigration and national sovereignty as well.