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Sorry, Pegs.

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  1. “Collapsitarian”

    I like it.


  2. I really can’t see why all the hate and smugness.

    I lived those times. He was bad and he was a bit good, during the time when I was subject to the UCMJ. Unlike many haters in the current commentariat here.

    People would be much better off doing pushups and situps, making a good opportunity cost decision, rather than piling on for the sake of piling on re a dead person.

    But that’s the choice of keyboard commandos here. Whatever floats yer boat, have at it.

    • Clueless.

    • The VAST majority of the shit he did was well in advance of his Presidency. That was the reward for all the dirty work.
      Once he was “in charge” he was basically on cruse control.
      Go back and watch some of the videos that were posted.
      The dude was involved in the Kennedy assassination.
      He was one of the cogs in the maturity of the deep state.
      He RAN the CIA….you don’t get to do that unless they have dirt on you.
      I give Shrub a pass because he seems to be nothing more than an easy going party trust fund kid who got to be President so that the real shit bags could run things. I generally don’t think they let him in the loop on the “important” decisions. But Daddy Bush?
      Nah, he was a first rate evil individual.


    We at this website seem to have a very large disconnect with the vast bulk of the Amerikan Sheeple. The “outpouring of grief” over this Illuminati, NWO, Skull&Bones royalist rat bastard shows me this: We, as a nation, are totally bereft of any common sense, logic, or real education. Like George Carlin opined: It’s a big club. I am not in it. They want me dead. They want my family/tribe dead. I hate them.

  4. Poor taste.

    Very poor.

    Dancing on a grave reflects poor moral character, even if the dead had poor moral character. You should rethink this.

    • SemperFi, 0321

      You have no problem badmouthing Hitler or Stalin, but when it’s an American we should show respect? How about Obama’s funeral, be kind to him also?
      The man was a criminal of huge proportions, no respect due.

  5. I would ask the peanut gallery for any suggestions on a public figure in the last twenty five years that is worthy of respect and admiration. The nominations may be of any gender,nationality,occupation ,race or ethnicity.
    Bueller? Bueller?

  6. Dude, that’s some freaky shit.


  7. Jesus H. W. Bush, give it all a rest. He was also a lousy President.

  8. Tyler Durdan

    I’m stunned beyond words that you would repost this vomit. The original poster was undoubtedly some pimple faced, sperm burping metro-sexual living in his mother’s basement. Herbert Walker Bush was a great man. A decorated combat veteran who dedicated his life to serving the people of this country. We should all aspire to be considered half as good.

  9. Selective memory much, Peggs? She wrote about Ronald Reagan in great detail in “When Character Was King” and somehow forgot to mention Grenada and Lebanon.

  10. “Seek ye the Kingdom of God and His righteousness”
    …on heaven and earth….at hand….

  11. Meanwhile, back in the ranch:

    If HW Bush is 41, how come he has sons older than him?…

  12. While I was not crazy about Bush Sr., this alien BS is totally disrespectful.

  13. Just a reminder, Drudge Report says that 63% of immigrants in the US are on welfare. 75% in California. Cheap labor and all that, right. Quit infighting and pull together. Resist.

    • You have to have a group to have infighting…We are just a bunch misfits that like to vent online don’t you know… Also you have to know what your for and against to actually be able to resist…

  14. lastmanstanding

    I didn’t even know that ole bab’s was dead…a 2fer for me!

    She always looked man-ish to me. I’ve even seen things on the web over the year that indicated that she was a he or wtfever.

    But now that they are gone, all we have to do is pay for his funeral. They’ll just print it out of thin air…for now.

  15. He must be a satanist or an atheist. The never fully provable one way or the other rumor that Barbara Bush is Aleister Crowley’s daughter (unless we could perform a DNA test) . His semi-auto gun ban , Ruby Ridge, (where is Lon Horiuchi now?) high flow toilet ban, bank bailout scheme, clean air act, immigration reform act resulting in as many as three million more foreigners a year coming here, and allowing Iraq to invade Kuwait and then declaring war on Iraq. All deleterious to the FUSA .No thinking Man could come to any other conclusion.

  16. Just a Chemist

    Out of character, beyond the pale.
    Have we nothing better to do than gloat over an enemy? He was a skillful, shrewd enemy of liberty. There are many others who are still embedded in very influential positions… Mr. HW can do no more damage now. As others here have commented, spend you time doing something positive to liberty; waste no time trying to insult a dead man.

  17. All you cuck fools who are triggered by a meme are pathetic. This fucker is already incarnate in an even more fucked up form.

  18. One of my mother’s favorite sayings when I was a child was “If you don’t have anything good to say about someone, don’t say anything”.

    I think that statement particularly applies to the dead, no matter who or what they were or were perceived as in life.

  19. I am not a fan of GHWB’s politics. I did get suckered into believing that he’d be Reagan’s 3rd term, only to find out (like many tens of millions of others) that I’d been lied to by a politician (we were all young and stupid once). I’m not going to go one here about all of my objections/grievances.

    I will, however, point out that as much as I disagreed with his politics (and continue to disagree with and struggle against the results of his offspring’s politics), he was a man who volunteered to serve in the Navy and flew 58 missions, any one of which could have resulted in his death. That’s a hero, at least at that stage of his life, and his memory deserves some mention and honor of that FACT.

    I get that people don’t/didn’t like the man – because I lost virtually all respect that I had for him also – and I also fully understand and agree with the proposition that we should be free to say whatever it is that we wish. What I do not understand is that so many people don’t take to heart the following truism that is necessary for a reasonably civil society (IOW, the kind of place that we would like to leave for our kids):

    “Just because you CAN do something, doesn’t necessarily mean that you SHOULD do it.”

    People not only short-change their own futures when they are nasty as Hell, but they also taint whatever group or cause that they belong to or are fighting for. Even if you hate someone’s guts, perhaps the wisest course of action is to simply STFU so as not to damage that which you value because you cannot control your emotions. Of course, that requires some brains, and let’s just say that some people in EVERY group got on line for them a bit later than most other folks.

    • People not only short-change their own futures when they are nasty as Hell, but they also taint whatever group or cause that they belong to or are fighting for. Even if you hate someone’s guts, perhaps the wisest course of action is to simply STFU so as not to damage that which you value because you cannot control your emotions. Of course, that requires some brains, and let’s just say that some people in EVERY group got on line for them a bit later than most other folks.
      That’s a masthead right there…Amen Brother…

    • 300 million and 2

      • Psy·chop·a·thy /ˌsīˈkäpəTHē/ : A personality disorder characterized by persistent antisocial behavior, impaired empathy and remorse, and bold, disinhibited, and egotistical traits.
        Psy·cho·path /ˈsīkəˌpaTH/: A person suffering from chronic mental disorder with abnormal or violent social behavior. (Informal) an unstable and aggressive person. Synonyms: madman, maniac, lunatic, psychotic, sociopath.

  20. Do ANY of you people offended by this picture think for a single second that the enemies of liberty will give you ONE ounce of respect when you are dead? Do you think they will not denounce your name after you are gone? Do you think that they will not bring up all of the negative things that you may or may not have done to destroy your legacy and the legacy of your decedents?

    This man got the respect of the office that he held. He lies in state in the Rotunda draped in the flag. He will be mourned by his family and the people who called him friend. FAR more than he deserved. I don’t care what he did in the Navy, he erased all of that when he sold his soul.

    Its more than we will get.
    We will be lucky to be in a box in a marked hole that our families will be allowed to visit.
    You people need to get a fucking clue bat right to your face.

    • SemperFi, 0321


      Like I just said, worshipping your handlers while they slowly choke you to death. And we wonder why we can’t get any people to unite as a group against them? The brainwashing is too deep to overcome, we’re supposed to obey our betters.

    • Amen Brother the thing is people can afford to be sympathetic when they aren’t feeling the effects of his evil or they are and they just don’t know it…

  21. Flying fifty eight combat Avenger torpedo bomber missions in WWII, not as sexy as the F4U Corsair, but forced to fly low and slow, by design, facing all incoming hazards, to release one torpedo, put steel in this young man for the rest of his life. That is obvious. His only stain, is politics. I think he hated it. No honor in politics. But even there, he owned up to his failures. Never a finger pointer.

    When he pulled the plug on the great turkey shoot on the road to Baghdad, so many spoke bad of that decision, the loudest having only experienced political incoming. To the young Iraqi soldier on that road, the pawns of Hussein, whom were saved that day, by a Commander In Chief, who he himself had faced such savagery in the vulnerable seat of an Avenger, fifty eight times, stopped the killing. Because it was the honorable thing to do.

    Honor him.

    • Why was it honorable?

      Why was defending the House of Saud from another wog mob honorable?

      How was turning the USA into a presumptive global hegemon honorable?

      Serious questions, sir.

      Show your work.

      Props to Poppy as a naval aviator.

      That gig ended aboard the Missouri in 9/45.

      • Most people defending the Bush Crime Family can’t answer those questions. They don’t know what he did. They are victims of the greatest propaganda machine in the world.

      • SemperFi, 0321

        You know Pete, you’ve done a great job educating a bunch of us, but after all these years, maybe it’s time for you to hit the road and do what you want to do. I know there’s a lot of places you still want to visit, do it for yourself and for some peace of mind. I can’t imagine the amount of stress this pissing contest puts on you, and I admit I’ve been a contributor too.
        You’ve spent a long time trying to help folks, I can’t tell you how much I’ve learned here in the last decade, but it seems too many just can’t be educated. The brainwashing is too deep, and their default position keeps pulling them back into mental stagnation and denial.
        So if you were to pull the plug and move on, I know many of us here would understand. Life’s too short…..
        Just my 2 cents worth,

      • CA, It was honorable because that is what he said he’d do….Remove Hussein from Kuwait. That, he did. What came next in the ME is solely on the shoulders of GWB.

        “How was turning the USA into a presumptive global hegemon honorable?” That my friend, global hegemony, was put into place from the seats of Avengers, Corsairs and Shermans in WWII, long before GHWB was in politics.

        Honorable or not, granted, global hegemony, the millstone around the neck of America will sink us.

        We were warned by Eisenhower, another WWII President.

        • Until the end of the Cold War, there were two hegemons.

          GHWB proceeded on the American unipolar model once the USSR collapsed.

          We are in violent agreement that such has been the undoing of America.

          Funny thing, that UN stuff.

          Ignored when it serves US interests.

          “Followed” in retrospect when a CINC screws the grand strategic pooch.

          And how about the downstream effects of those Bush41 bases in KSA? 🙂

          Hope you and yours are ok in the quake wake.

    • fuck the bushes

      that is all.

    • The Avenger…. now that was a plane. Got to see one in person several years ago. Man, what a machine. Just idling on the tarmac alone was enough to feel proud of it.

      And to think, kids in their early 20’s were piloting that over the Pacific.

      How times have changed.

  22. I think it’s pretty damn funny. Sad but telling that we have people that are this butt hurt about it. How can anyone be considered honorable when they had a direct hand it murdering a sitting President? Among many other evil deeds. I mean sheesh people; the man basically stated they were bringing in the New World Order.