Day By Day

From Chris Muir.

17 responses to “Day By Day

  1. WRSA,

    A group of us are planning a Christmas social media raid on Hollywood. Starting 6 December, we’re going to piggyback movie hashtags to drop information related to #PEDOWOOD and call for a Holiday boycott of theaters. If you feel like throwing in, we’d be happy to have you. See link for details.

    Keep giving em hell,


  2. On arrival home from work, wife says “Air Force One is flying Bush home”.

    I replied: “Hell?”

  3. Gag. Trump is comprised.

  4. SemperFi, 0321

    Hard to follow anyone when they singularly blame the Democrats, when in reality it’s both parties equally.
    Whoever hasn’t figured out they play us like Good Cop, Bad Cop, doesn’t have his head on straight yet. Time for more education, ASAP.
    But denial seems the easier way out.

    • Johnny Paytoilet

      Both parties are controlled by what is now termed the deep state. Grandpa Paytoilet figured that out a 100 years ago after coming home from the trenches in their first big clusterfuck, World War 1. Always said there wasn’t a goddamned difference between either party, we’ll get screwed every time.

  5. To the ancients, great honor was placed on a persons name. The more honest, brave, and trustworthy a man was the shorter his name. Hence Geronimo vs. George Herbert Walker Bush. I just made that up, But if the shoe fits…..RIH ghwb

  6. The focus and energy of the dirty commie bastards, historically,is to gut the USA of it’s history,religion,morals and values. They have done a bang-up job.
    As citizens, when we voice and publicize our displeasure with government and society/culture ..are we doing their work for them? Some things must be worth promoting,saving and teaching.
    The medical approach(dirty commie bastards) should be quarantine,neutering, followed by lobotomies. Programmable droids or soylent.

    Who is going to clean up this mess?
    The Morbark 27RXL ,whole tree chipper.

  7. Two divorces: i suppose Trump was an innocent bystander?
    in construction: and destruction?

  8. robroysimmons

    Can we stop pretending that we lowly white males and even our sympathizers are legally equal or do we have to read a few thousand more heartfelt essays about the preshus consteeeeetushon?

  9. 2 years of Trump betrayal on

    every single issue, and

    Muir and his peanut gallery keep lining up for more punishment.