For Those Interested

CNN Coverage Of GHWB Funeral

Deep State and toadies in a massive “civility” jerk.

Everyone in the pic above (except perhaps Melania) wants you and yours gagged, disarmed, and plundered into penury.

Enjoy the clownshow.

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  1. Seven spectacular Ruling Class failures and one Eastern European immigrant who must wake up every morning wondering WTF happened.

    • Jimmy the Saint

      Laura was a pretty inoffensive First Lady, unless she was taking a way more active role in things than otherwise suggested.

  2. The Usual Suspect

    He obviously loved us more ******* disarmed .

  3. RE: Palmetto and you “ensitue” kiss my ass ! a mans word is a mans word.. I am trying to complete some projects right riky tik and he says ” ya we gots what you need” so I place my order !!!! and then I wait and wait, ,they admit they do not answer the phone you just sit on hold I did not get ANY answer to emails finally call one of the stores and work through the channels and the answer is when we get to it we get to it…….Ah but talk to the staff…sold parts they do not have in stock have to get them in and then send them out. I am not some impatient childish little prick , and I do not mind paying to get what I NEED….but don’t piss on my back and tell me it’s raining ! Had I known I would have just ordered somewhere else and would have had it completed by now……so I’ll tell you what “ensitue” shove your illogical / unrelated comment up your ass ! I am sure the product is fine it’s the WORD that is no good to me anymore…….

    • ps: and now I read the MASTHEAD and that is the problem..I AM trying to prepare…..and actually I am trying to help others in this case and do what I do best and money grubbing industry shills like this are the ones that make the truism ” NO GOOD DEED GOES UNPUNISHED” it is closer to the wire then some , SOME, of you realize and I do not need to be unnecessarily frustrated for my efforts……….so…… fuck all y’all ………they are just not going to get my business anymore.

    • Has anything you’ve said here improved your situation? If you can’t handle real life now how do you think you’ll fare when the situation is far worse?

      • .Ya ! I feel better now, got it outta my system………..fuck off………… again you know me so well that I have never handled real life …if my survival rate is any clue fuck face I’ll be just fine….I just like expressing MY opinion so assholes like you have something to whine and speculate about…….go live your shitty little life somewhere else. Bye !

      • …in fact the more I think about it..what has this got to do with real life…..this is retail we are talking about here…RETAIL SALES !!

    • yeah…

      i’ve been waiting on a SS barrel full upper assembly for a couple of months now. i saw it and didn’t jump, went back the next day- and it’s gone…
      just ordered another 420 55 gr in a can for $139. free shipping.

      round out your supply of spitwads before the new CONgress seats next year. metric shit tons of tyranny in the pipe on it’s way down. 😦

  4. Survivormann99

    WTF? Does one have to be sick fuck to read this blog? GHW Bush was a good man. You may not agree with his politics, but why this now?

  5. Survivormann99

    Sorry. I do not have the time and inclination to write an extended explanation of why I believe what I do about GWH Bush’s service to his country as a Congressman, CIA Director, Vice-President, and President. I am not going to change the minds of the trolls and misfits who have mouthed off here in the past few days. It’s a “prayer of serenity” kind of thing, e.g., “change the things I can, accept the things I can’t, etc.”

    I will simply ask, in a society currently filled with such division, hate, and discontent, how many Presidents in the past 60 years could die right now and have such a broad consensus of politicians and common people saying such nice things about?

    The man, born of a privileged class, chose to serve his country as soon as he was legally able to do so. He chose to fly a high risk aircraft. John F. Kennedy, also of a privileged class, also volunteered to serve. He got a cushy assignment in Charleston. Only his problems with a young woman got him sent to the Pacific.

    The “Greatest Generation” was composed of mostly men who tried their best to avoid combat. Those who didn’t serve got cushy jobs in defense industries or on farms, all part of the war effort, you know. Sure, they actually were essential to the war effort. I would be more inclined to admire them, however, if, while avoiding gunfire, they worked for an Army private’s wages each week.

    Young men did not run to recruiters during the war. Two-thirds of those who served in WWII had to be drafted. Many others who volunteered sought sanctuary turning a wrench in the Army Air Corps or tending a boiler in the Navy. Americans, in general, are a nation of cowards and shirkers. Even when faced with a direct attack on their country and the prospect of world dominance by Nazi forces, they wanted to stay home. (Ask your grandpa what he did during the war and why.)

    In my college fraternity, young men were desperate to avoid the draft and service in Vietnam. The Army, Air Force, and Navy Reserves were their refuge, along with the Army and Air Guard.

    How many “30 and 40 somethings” today chose to play “Call of Duty” rather than to serve in the military after 9/11? Cowards.

    How many of the readers and commenters on this blog lived in their mothers’ basements rather than serve in the military when they had the opportunity? Talking the talk, but not walking the walk.

    I would be happy to see a Constitutional amendment that required any Commander-in-Chief to be a veteran. All others are simply poseurs.

    • How about his record after 9/45?

      Did you even read today’s masthead?

      Do you even know how irreparably broken this country is?

      Do you comprehend the level of corporate/govt omnisurveillance done by the New World Order fathered by GHWB?

      Do you understand that today’s civility jerk was a boob-bait new episode in the ongoing Deep State coup still in motion against the POTUS legitimately elected in 11/16?

      • SemperFi, 0321

        • Survivormann99

          First, your posting is so broken up and illiterate, it is difficult to understand exactly what you are trying to say. Did you even graduate from high school?

          You may have served in the Corps, as I did, but I expect that you probably worked in the mess hall, and never rose above lance corporal.

    • hey fuck you


      not long in these parts boi

      bring your best gear, i’ll take care to appropriate it to one of my team

      punkass bitch

      300 million and 1

    • ………young men were desperate to avoid the draft and service in Vet’ Nam..
      Well, you would be talking about his offspring, they were busy looting the Savings and Loan industry…….running drugs into Mena ,
      ….further where is the honor in attacking countries that did not do anything to us after 9/11 and you call people cowards………, or are you that other guy that still believes men in caves attacked the trade towers ??? GB and IRAN / Contra want me to lecture you about the 40 Committee , and who called the shots in Latin America under Shrubs CIA ….(.which by the way , the current invasion is a byproduct of those years) look up Operation Watch Tower, and on and on. Guys like you write in here and talk shit about men in “their mothers basements” and you have never met them and have no idea who some of these people are and the efforts and ends and costs they have gone too for this country….I of course am just a mommys boy like everyone else that disagrees with you…that seems to be a constant in the attacks here……..

      • Survivormann99

        “I of course am just a mommys boy like everyone else that disagrees with you…that seems to be a constant in the attacks here……..”\

        A tip of the hat to you, sir. At least you’re honest, unlike many of the civilians, POGs, REMFs, and such who want to claim that they were SEALs, Rangers, and Selous Scouts in my generation.

    • You demand an explanation, then insist you don’t have the time or inclination to explain your own position, and then ramble on about what an angel that asshole was? A regular fucking boy scout, made it to the Oval Office! He didn’t ‘serve’ his country, he has despoiled the country side, promoted cheap foreign labor, used our military for personal gain, hastened the off-shoring of real jobs. He was part of the problem. Good riddance.

      Because fuck you, that’s why.

      • Wasn’t Bush 1 CIA director about the time the CIA was conducting the MK-Ultra mind twisting?

        • No that was before him although they were no doubt continuing the experiments even though officially it was shut down.

    • Watch this please.
      Now after you watch this you need to look into who ran drugs in to Mena Arkansas back when Clinton was governor. Understand that the CIA was involved and it happened under the watch of Bush going back as far as when he ran the CIA and when he was Vice. Ask yourself why Barry Seal had GW Bushs private phone number in his pocket the night he was executed gangland style sitting in his Cadillac.
      Understand Olie North was involved because the planes that went to El Salvador and Nicaragua were filled with weapons on the trip down, and drugs on the way back.
      The CIA IS the deep state.
      Bush was not just involved in it he was helping run it.

    • Jimmy the Saint

      “world dominance by Nazi forces”

      The total number of ethnic Germans in the Reich was about 80 million, against a world population of about 2.3 billion. They were outnumbered about 29:1.

      • SemperFi, 0321

        And considering the fact that Germany was roughly the size of Texas, they kicked ass totally out of proportion to anyone else. (Well, actually the Japs did pretty good too, for a small island!) Just couldn’t feed any more men or material into the war, they were drained dry.
        American arrogance is also totally out of proportion, considering Russia pretty well fought the Germans into the ground, not the USA. 90% of WW2 was fought on Russian soil, the Americans had a very small hand in defeating Germany. American losses were also very small, against those of the other nations.

      • Survivormann99

        As has been said many times, “It is not the size of the dog in the fight. It’s the size of the fight in the dogs.” The German Army was the best dog in the fight and it was only overcome by numbers.

    • Are you a Fag?

    • “I will simply ask, in a society currently filled with such division, hate, and discontent, how many Presidents in the past 60 years could die right now and have such a broad consensus of politicians and common people saying such nice things about?”

      It’s called ‘communal ass-licking/virtue signaling’ by the self-selected globalist elite.

      It has NOTHING to do with morality, ethics or civility, which the gathered parasites have not a shred of.

      If you want to go on worshipping such false gods as they prance about their fancy temples (paid for with economic life-blood stolen from you and everyone else of the regular people) you’re welcome to follow your delusions about them..including up to the moment when such parasites no longer desire your fawning pesant like worship and want you and yours dead.

      What will you say of ‘M’Lord and M’Lady’ then?…..

      NorthGunner – The Truth Is It’s OWN Defense!

  6. And all the above comments ladies and gentlemen, are the reason America has gone to hell in a handbasket, with shit on our faces. People cant even have a civil discussion. Its always my way is better than yours, my ideas are better than yours, my prick is longer than yours, my boobs are bigger than yours (and more men look at me) my gun is better than yours, my house, my vehicle, my, my, my. Aww shut the hell up and figure out a solution, instead of always bitching and fighting. WE WILL ALL FALL IF WE CANT FIND COMMON GROUND TO COME TOGETHER AND FIGHT THIS SLAVERY SYSTEM WERE ALL UNDER!!

    • my apologies ….you are correct …..WE ARE BETTER THAN THAT !!

    • There is no common ground between fact and fiction. Civil discussion? Fuck discussion with reality deniers. Anyone at this late stage carrying water for the Deep State crew is an enemy.

      Well you have to figure there are probably quite a few on here making sure we don’t find common ground so we can fight against them…We have a habit of underestimating the enemy we are surrounded by…Sad That…Meatspace Baby…

  7. The nigger Moochelle looks exactly like an ape. Hmmm.

  8. Walter Sobchak

    Did GHWB do anything as POTUS to further the interests of the dirt people? Hell no! The Bushes have done nothing but further the interests of team globoCommie. I personally find it very hard to feel any sympathy or anything to celebrate as I reflect on the Bush legacy. The commentariat here is most definitely NOT the problem with America today. One cannot lay blame for our current situation on the righteously angry victims of decades of creeping totalitarianism. The problem is the deliberate dumbing down of society. The problem is the deliberate destruction of western civilization via the PTB. The problem is, well Tfat’ll tell ya what the problem is (Fucc tha poLICE) In a nutshell, the problem is the Bolsheviks. I got 99 problems but WRSA ain’t one. I just focus on my preps, keep it local, MEATSPACE BABY! BFYTW

  9. HW Bush fought a completely unnecessary war for his pals in Saudi Arabia against Saddam, a CIA asset, killing hundreds of thousands of civilians. All because Kuwait, where they keep slaves, was slant drilling Iraq’s oil..He handed the 1992 election to Clinton by not taking out Saddam, and insulting his base by violating his no new taxes pledge..He was in Dallas, at Dealey Plaza, for the capping of JFK, but later said he “couldn’t remember” where he was on that day…Zapata Oil was a CIA operation, operating illegally in Mexican waters and bribing Mexican politicians….And finally, he supported Hillary against Trump…But at least he was Skull and Bones at Yale…

    • Survivormann99

      His base may have well have wanted Saddam taken out. I get that. The reality of putting together a coalition that included Arabs prevented that. The wisdom of that decision is, in light of history, questionable. Of course, it always looks clearer through he rearview mirror than through the windshield.

      I get the “no new taxes” issue, but he was dealing with a Dim-ocrat majority in the House and Senate.

      In Dallas when JFK was killed? So were maybe close to a million others.

      Supporting Hillary against Trump? First, I voted for Trump, as I have for every Republican candidate since Nixon. Trump lies and says so many stupid things, however, that he is his own worst enemy. I still support him. I will forgive GWH Bush for defending his son. He would be considered only human in doing so.

      • “In Dallas when JFK was killed? So were maybe close to a million others.”

        Yeah well none of those others were mentioned specifically by name in a memo from J Edger Hoover as working for the CIA. None of those others later professed that they didn’t have any connection to the CIA until 10 years later when they were put in charge of it. None of the others ran an oil company called Zapata oil. The plan to invade Cuba by Anti-Castro Cubans was called ….Operation Zapata…One of the ships used to provide supplies to those Anti-Castro Cubans was called….”Barbara”. Remember that guy Barry Seal I was talking about? Well he was also in Dallas that day. He flew a plane out of a small airport along with two other men. One of those men fit the description of E Howard Hunt. A man that worked for Bush’s father. A man that later worked for Nixon and broke into the Watergate hotel. A man that when he was put in jail for that operation confessed to being an assassin for the CIA…Barry Seal was a childhood friend of Lee Harvey Oswald.
        They both were cadets in the C.A.P. under a man named David Ferrie. David Ferrie was a pilot that ran a private aviation company (he was employed by the CIA to fly transport) He also ran a training camp for those Anti-Castro Cubans.
        You REALLY need to get educated on these things because it is the principle event that ushered in the downfall of our country.
        Also look into the involvement of the Aerospace companies. Ask yourself why they would want to be involved in that and why 21 Trillion dollars went missing from the US Treasury and disappeared into Black budget projects.

  10. Old Gray Wolf

    There is no common ground with anyone who thinks one of the most major water carriers for the globalist cabal is a good man. Good has no common ground with evil. Ever. For any reason. Good and evil cannot have a civil discussion, because the existence of one cuts into the space of the other. They cannot survive in the same space. A fight for survival is never civil. And that is what we are in. What good is in. I have chosen my side. Everyone in the other group is my mortal enemy. Spewing platitudes about reptilian globalists being good is pretty much putting on the enemy uniform. It should not be a shock if you are seen as the enemy under such circumstances.

    As far as being civil. Like the feds that kill Americans who get out of line? Like the socialist pigs that initiate violence against those percieved as conservative? Like the scum that have risen to the top, and look at most of us as livestock, and those they do not see as cattle, they view as vermin to be exterminated? Like the militant queeers and bitches and jews and blacks and wetbacks constantly threatening us with extinction? Like people who take us to task for properly eulogizing a globalist piece of shit who did more harm to this country than most, and then refuse to defend their untenable position when asked to? Because we aren’t worth the effort, after all. Yeah. He’ll stand with ya when the chips are down. Unless he gets something better from the people who value us as he does. Or unless he has to mow the yard. Or clip his toenails. Or do any damn thing but stand in the ranks of those who oppose tyranny and globalism. Why concern ourselves with civility, except among our own? We are at war with just about everyone else, after all…

  11. Who’s the black dude standing next to melanoma

  12. they never mention it but he was a molester also. He groped dolly parton among others. Even while in his wheelchair looking all innocent he groped a few women, even when barbara was present. But he was ex-president they swept it under the table. Molesters are the lowest of the low, shows no self control. Honor him if you must, but he was a molester.