Idaho County Pays $2.6M Re LEO Killing Of Jack Yantis

American Redoubt freedumb intensifies.

Who killed Jack Yantis?

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  1. Whoop-Dee-Fucking-Do!!!
    Justice prevails.
    Soon after this murder, I asked the
    tough talking K (numerous times)
    about the intentions and planned response
    of his redoubt III, as this occurred in
    his AO’s backyard.
    Silence, but for the crickets, was the response.

  2. thetinfoilhatsociety

    Of COURSE he was threatening the deputies. Of COURSE he was. So naturally they had to shoot him TWELVE TIMES. /sarc/

  3. *Idaho TAXPAYERS


    R I P

    • SemperFi, 0321

      Yeah, same thought I had.
      Used to elk hunt out of Council with a Marine buddy, stayed at his mom’s house, that place can’t rub 2 nickels together, so they had to get it from somewhere else.

  4. Answer:
    Brian Wood and Cody Roland

    The right question is, “Who let them get away with it?”

  5. And the sheeple will continue to put Pigs on a Pedestal no matter what all that “protection” costs them.

    Ignorance is bliss in “murika.

  6. Longbow, We THE PEOPLE” let them get away with this bullshit. Murder is murder. Unit WE hold accountable those elected officials who allow these crooked cops to walk, ain’t nothing going to change.

    I saw on the news last night where, a police officer killed an older man who,had just shot a guy trying to,drown his son or grandson.

    This was the second shooting ending in death the officer had been in within a one month period.

    These are not tragic accidents, their fucking bad shootings.


    • …just remember ………the ” they ” consider it “a good shoot” and they get their bones……..they are in it for the long haul….how about us ?

    • {{{We The People}}}


    • We Catholics learned this in the second grade.

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      they are.

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      • Agree that one’s (protestant) public school education really starts to show itself when one has to convey one’s thoughts in writing.

  7. Hunt the two down and give them the same treatmemt.

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  9. Johnny Paratrooper

    Ten bucks says those two officers have 80 IQs and should never have been given badges, guns, and independent control of stressful situations.

    In Baltimore they hire cops who are so stupid it would make your head spin.

    One time a cop dropped his gun on a call TWICE!

    While transporting a suspect.

    • That may be bad, but how about an FBI-trained sniper that just killed a rancher and has been threatening his family?

      At least they only intended to notify Law Enforcement, the rest of the population got the mushroom treatment.

      They love us, they really do…

    • JPT I am in your AO just south in AS, if interested in a meet up or a beer let CA know.

    • HR and upper staff believe it more important to have rule-followers than thinkers out in the street suppressing the citizenry (serfs). AFAICT, these shooters are following how they have been trained + how they have learned to operate. Police have removed themselves from Society, and are afraid.
      Thick-minded, armed, alone, and afraid, with little legal oversight, is a terrible combination for a law enforcement officer.

      Barney Fife and Officer Krupke are distant memory of Peace Officers.

    • Sounds like they need your help.
      If you aren’t planning on moving, infiltrate the enemy.
      See if it rubs off on you.

  10. Tough guy..please regale all us cowardly knuckle-draggers of your dashing and courageous exploits. Tell us your scintillating tales of charging the enemy fortresses while riding your white steed into battle against overwhelming odds.
    I did not meet you at Jack or LaVoys services. Had I met you I guarnfuckentee,I would remember a douche canoe of biblical proportions like yourself. Scurry back into Mom’s cellar like the mangy,matted ,slimey,yellow-toothed fucking rat you are.
    One more thing..Eat my balls.

  11. I wonder if it is possible these two Idaho cops behaved the way they did because that is what the department taught them? And the department was teaching what the larger LEO community considers best practices? And the best practices has a nation-wide cachet, led perhaps by federal law-enforcement agencies? I’m just guessing.

    Here in Oregon about 3 years ago we had an LEO ambush shooting of one of the Malheur Refuge ‘occupiers’. The Oregon State Police and the FBI were utilized at the behest of the Oregon Governor to prevent this man from meeting with a local rural Sheriff. On the drive to his meeting, he was surprised by a roadblock which forced his rig off the road and into deep snow.

    The OSP had him covered as he exited the truck. Aerial footage shows them pointing their weapons at him while he flounders in the snow. Simultaneously, aerial footage also shows one of the FBI agents button hook out from behind his vehicle, fire two shots toward the suspect, and duck quickly back to the obscurity of the FBI vehicles. It was as if the OSP were holding fire, and the FBI needed to jump-start the shooting.

    And that is exactly what happened: as soon as the FBI guy fired his rounds, everybody else started yanking triggers. And down he went with his hands waving around up in the air.

    Best practices.

    Or do they get OJT from Tee Vee?

    I’m very happy there was a big settlement. If Idaho taxpayers don’t like the tax bite, perhaps they might vote in more competent people to office in the future. Is that asking too much?

  12. Johnny,
    You sound just like the freshm an college kid you are, shut the fuck up , you talk More shit then 12 left leaning loosers.

    Your annoying kid.


    • It’s quite hilarious that ghetto ebonics makes more sense than you.

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  13. Jack Yantis was holding his rifle in a “Threatening manner”, while attempting to put down a 2500-5000 pound animal, that is approximately 6 ft high. That animal had been hit by a car: so it was bellowing (not a quiet sound), thrashing, attempting to get up, and blood was everywhere. These 2 diversity hires must have thought that Jack Yantis could hear them over the screaming. Were I the wife of this late rancher, I’d have some uses for that cash over at Michael Corleone’s place. Nothing like Biblical Justice and cold cash.

  14. LEO’s are a FAR CRY from what they used to be. Hire well adjusted MATURE MEN that can handle life. Thanks!

    • WRONG!

      how about fire all those fuckwits and then arrest them all and put them on trial for crimes against humanity.

      use the same tactics they have used on the people for decades. threaten one with life in prison or death sentence and the ruin of their family, then grant immunity for testifying against everyone of the others in his criminal gang….

      just relax and take yer medicine boys- you’ve all earned it


      Ricki: Public agencies hire from society. It does not take much figuring out why things are the way they are. Look around. It started more than thirty years ago with the contrived political distraction which was named: “The War on Drugs.” That was Nancy Rayguns pet project and “Poppy” ginned it up even more when he and his crime family took over the White House Time Share.
      Cop training in Amerika has gone from public service, preserving the peace, and crime prevention to: “Us versus Them.” And, the FEDGOV puppet masters have been standing by for years with all kinds of grants, programs, and equipment for eager police admin wonks to feather their nests and build up their agencies TO&E.
      So here we are. We have all seen way too many photos and videos of Orcs and Orcettes and their thuggish content, on this site and others. These tragic, unlawful and unprofessional exhibitions have made me almost physically ill. Why would any well-adjusted, mature adult want to get into a line of work as stressful and dangerous as being a government Orc? Society is getting what it has paid for. Very sad indeed.

      • <–This. RIP Jack Yantis. These settlements are blood money. Those two fuckers should be in jail. Sounds like one of them has a few cards missing from the deck but hey look around. I'll say it again there are good cops, just a lot fewer is all. And like Dweezil, I don't know how the fuck they do it at this point being outnumbered by shitheads and criminals (within their own ranks). Remember Serpico? He got set up and shot in the face by his compadres for snitching. Ponder that. Then go watch The Seven Five. Then ponder that was DECADES ago. Tempus fugit.

  15. Alfred E. Neuman

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  16. Old Gray Wolf

    Big city police departments in some cases have IQ limits as part of their hiring criteria. You cannot be too smart. You might start thinking for yourself. Bad for the PD, that.

  17. Old Gray Wolf,, your starting to sound like our very own Johnny Paratrooper.
    Academics smarts and street smarts are two entirely different animals.

    Street cops need street smarts. The ” degreed” cops is were a shooting waiting to happen. Their book smart,

    A good street cop can con, a con. Walk their walk, talk their talk.

    As for the guys here gonna go do some cop killing,,, I get it, I’m as frustrated as you.

    I shoulda been a fireman!


  18. Old Gray Wolf

    Problem is, most(not all) the cops I see have no street smarts, either. Which is why crime is rampant even in the countryside. They spend all their time either fleecing the people who pay them, or busting the dumbest crooks. The real problem children are nearly immune to arrest. We lost a good couple a mile up the road a couple months ago. A couple of young thugs tried to steal the man’s classic car in the middle of the night, and when he couple came out to stop them. they got shot dead. Turns out, the gush that did it had records a mile long, were wanted for other crimes, and had been caught in the act of another crime a month before, held for the police, found in posession of drugs and a gun, with warrants on them, AND LET GO. But there is a kid in jail now, who has been there for two years, waiting to go to trial for second degree murder. The sheriff knows they should not have charged him, but is making him go to trial, expecting the State to lose. Because the sheriff wants the state to pay for the incarceration. If he just lets the kid go, he has to cover it. The ONLY evidence tying the kid to the scene of a MVA where a motorcyclist rear ended a car and died, is the kids cell phone location at the time. I could go on. And this is just in my podunk boondock midwestern AO. Just save all the white knight protect and serve bullshit. Anyone who is honest with themselves knows better. I am not a cop for one reason. I looked at the field in my youth, and determined that I was unwilling to molest and rob my fellow man on behalf of the State that I hated, and that anyone who wished to do that was either mentally ill, or morally bankrupt. Had a buddy who tried to do it. Tried to do it right and be a peace officer. He got run out of the department. I am just a peckerwood living in the hills with too many guns, but from where I sit, there is no good resson to be a cop, and those who are doing it are either seriously misguided(at best), or a gang of thugs who need put down.

    • Gray wolf im sorry for the loss of your friends. Over a car, for gods sake. The system’s broke, has been for years.

      Yet the State always get their slice of the pie. My wife was rear ended few months back, by a lady driving suspended, no insurance, and multiple crashes.

      I paid the 500.00 deductible, on my insurance. She was fined 3k, the courts got their money. When I asked about my 500.00 the judge, whom I might add is an old friend told me, take her to,court, lien her shit.

      When I said we just walked out of court my friend didn’t think my remark was so funny. So it cost me 500.00 I’ll never see again, the courts made 3 k, and the bitchs is already driving unlawfully again.

      Hey it’s all good. The judge, the court clerks got paid that month. And the woman wasn’t subject to harsh accountability by the courts or my insurance company.

      I live on a mountain, a good mountain, with mostly good people around.

      One of my good friends was involved in a shooting couple weeks ago. A narcotics sting supporting DEA, on a group moving large quantities of dope around Calif, and Oregon.

      The banger pulled a gun after already knocking a state trooper to the ground. My friend popped him couple times in the 10 ring. Then started life saving medical stuff. Waste of time, the Mope was DRT.


  19. The two ‘deputies’ who murdered Yantis in cold blood walked away scot-free with no criminal charges filed or even considered. And yet, in the very same online issue of the Idaho Statesman, there was another article about a woman sentenced to 20 YEARS in prison for the accidental death of her 5 year old daughter.

    It seems, being homeless, that she was camped out in her car in a Wal-Mart parking lot on a cold night with the daughter and a toddler son. She fired up a backpacking stove in the car for heat, and then dozed off. A fire ensued, she and the toddler escaped with minor burns, but the daughter died.

    Granted, lighting up an open flame device inside a car is sheer stupidity. But what ensued was nonetheless accidental and unintentional. Yet she gets 20 years for that, while the two killers of Yantis get ZERO years for their intentional murder of Jack Yantis.

    There is indeed one set of laws for the elites and their enforcers, and a different set of laws for the rest of us.

    • There is indeed one set of laws for the elites and their enforcers, and a different set of laws for the rest of us.
      When has it ever not been that way??? If you don’t want to be powerful then you accept that you will be a serf…Actions have Consequences whether you’re doing something or sitting on the couch…These consequences have come about because we have sat by and watched it happen…Sad That…