Paglia On The Current Scene

Interesting, as always.

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  1. Interesting, worth the read.

    The question is,,,,, will the DEMs deliberately tank the economy to move trump out.


    • SemperFi, 0321

      Did FDR have anything to do with the crash of ’29?

      When you engineer a crash, you make sure the insiders stay protected, and get rid of all the smaller competition. Economic collapse is a good thing. Especially when you know who in the media sucks dick.

    • +1.
      Yes. Not merely tank a low-EROI paper-levitated economy.
      War inside and/or outside CONUS.
      Many more American civilian dead from false flags and distracted defenders standing by during genuine enemy attacks.

  2. So? voting is shit.

    • I don’t know Detroit, look what your failure to vote bought us this past go around. Didn’t have to be this way, yet the haters here, sure showed us, by not voting.

      Now listen to them piss and moan. Some men, some people will simply never be able to except the responsibility for their actions, or inactions. It will always be someone elses fault.

      I get it, its your choice to,vote or not.

      I study Martin Armstrong’s Economics blog. Find his computer to be facinating. I’ve followed for years now and find his computer to spot on, most of the time.

      I’d read him this morning, and then while reviewing ZH, noted they have him linked to an article, which leaves little doubt in my mind, of the political affairs and violence coming in 2020.

      Today something did happen here. More freeze dried arrived, I intend to use the timeTrump has bought us, to make sure my peeps are GTG, a year before the elections.

      Frankly were well ahead of the game, but I’d rather invest in preps right now rather then into one or the other savings accounts.

      Paglia, , didn’t tell us anything we didn’t already know. Kind of a summarization of the left’s line up. No surprises. What she fails to,mention is that between now and election the left will have completely exposed their true ideology, for all the world to,see. I,don’t see that as a winning or inspiring future, for them, or this nation.

      I,don’t see communism rising, or socialist rising, I see them dying on the vine. We’re witnessing their death throws, as they inverse rate themselves.


  3. Those on the Left who know who Camille Paglia is don’t matter, and those who matter don’t know.
    Like the late Daniel Patrick Moynihan, she realizes that the best she can do is observe the self-destruction of her own party, and the country that spawned it, cataloguing its decline with precision, but utterly powerless to affect its speed, direction, or alter the inevitable result.
    With no sufferance nor pity for the gaggle of @$$clowns elbowing their way into the front ranks, she’s the eccentric aunt of the Democrat party, diagnosed with a terminal brain tumor, with nothing to gain, nothing to lose, a wry sense of futility at everything going on, a wicked sense of humor, and a total lack of concern for where her withering barbs strike home.

    Given the volley of flaming darts she hurls at Felonia von Pantsuit in this interview, I’m surprised she hasn’t been Arkancided long sense. She’s certainly overdue for that honor.

    • “Given the volley of flaming darts she hurls at Felonia von Pantsuit in this interview, I’m surprised she hasn’t been Arkancided long sense.”

      Because this:

      “Those on the Left who know who Camille Paglia is don’t matter, and those who matter don’t know.”

      Answered your own ? Aesop.

  4. an intelligent sodomite is still a

    sodomite. Is Paglia the one who straps it on?

    or is it her f*ckmate?

  5. A latter day Dorothy Parker; who when asked to define a gentleman said: A man who knows how to play the accordian but chooses not to. Enjoyed the read.

  6. She’s always been pretty interesting but now she’s in the minority as her party has decamped for Crazytown. Looking at some of what she’s saying and seeing how close some of it is to what I believe is weird.

  7. Do you have any pictures?

  8. Orange Julius

    @Dirk – question is rhetorical. You KNOW they will tank the economy to get Trump. Expect another 2008 or worse. Whatever it takes.

    • OJ, retorical, perhaps. The truth, no idea if ” They” will tank the economy.

      By then the question will have changed to Will ” They” be allowed to tank the economy.

      What most don’t grasp is simply this Trumps beating the shit out of the Marxist with their own rules book. The globalists exposure over the past two years has in fact been very damaging to them.

      They used to use these ” rules for radicals” from the shadows. No more, daily their exposed for who they are and what their agenda is.

      While our people on the right just can’t seem to get their heads outta their own asss, not the case for team Trump. He has some very very savvy operators reeking havock on the left, deep state.

      Have a nice evening.


  9. Alfred E. Neuman

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  10. Old Gray Wolf

    Like most dem women, ugly as a bag of hammers. Although not two hatchet handles and a possum skin wide like many. Glad she’s a sodomite. We don’t need any more democrats. I only have so much ammo.

  11. How she can be so brilliant and insightful, exposing the utter failure and hypocrisy of her “own” party and the destruction and havoc the left has wrought on the nation and still claim it as her party is beyond understanding.

    What did she ever think was going to come of the racial and victim policies and economic illiteracy put forward by Lyndon Johnson, Jimmy Carter, Clinton(s) and Obama?

    How can she praise Jordan Peterson, lauding him to the sky (claiming him as an equal as she did would be, for her, the highest honor she could conceive) and state that they have arrived at the same place (atop the mountain I think she wrote!) and not see her own hypocrisy and error?

    She has enjoyed her well earned status as critic and maverick for so long that she thinks, apparently, that “That just isn’t the REAL democrat party. If only they would listen to me!”

    • Addendum: Her sort of brilliance and intellectual facility as the whole focus and purpose of an entire life can/will convince itself of anything, and that thing will be constantly “evolving” shifting with each new perception or essay/lecture from another such mind. Just like the rest of us, it is the servant of the desires, personality and ego of the philosopher who is even more insulated from these by the ability to erect complex descriptions, systems and rationalizations of a perceived “reality.”

      As an avowed atheist, she must try to find a substitute for the void left by the absence of “Higher Authority.” Hence, philosophies without end, debate without certainty or conclusion, to no purpose other than to show the futility of man made “truth.”

      • Bravo, well done, and not a single spelling or syntax error as often decorates our fellow poster’s rants on this page!

  12. O my the spelling police are back!. Jon, well done. Im often amused when more thought goes into spelling correction then consideration of content.


  13. I read Paglia’s answers to Spectator’s questions. Her answers are worded in a way that makes them succinct yet difficult to read. Something about sentence structure and references to obscure others. One thing is certain, if this is her style of writing I won’t be buying any of her books.