Remove Clothes Before Ironing

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  1. I wonder when the time will come to SWAT the SWATTERS? Maybe have an ambush set up when they roll to kick in a door that was a setup. And they’d do it if they knew a barrel was 15.9″.

    • When the brush is dry enough and the winds are favorable the match will be lit and the flames will glorious…

    • make sure to funnel them into the kill zone

      leave no escape route for the bastards

      make it a clean sweep

      should get the rest of the scumbags nervous on the next raid…

  2. You’re assuming that hasn’t happened already…?

  3. Just hypothesizing but if Wood and Roland were found early one morn’ at the spot on Rte. 95 where Yantis was murdered, trussed like hogs, would it have any effect on LE, or no effect at all?

    • Jimmy the Saint

      “would it have any effect on LE”

      Lots of opportunities for overtime, at least in the short run.

  4. Do not correct enemy while he is performing in error.

  5. I had a basic training buddy who had a steam-iron-shaped 2nd degree burn on his upper leg from “saving time” while de-wrinkling utility pants. He was not a drooling moron, just 19 and California ANG.

  6. Alfred E. Neuman

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  7. Old Gray Wolf

    Been saying for a couple decades now that the next civil war will be fought with suppressed pistols, piano wire, and sawed off shotguns. The smart shopper has what he needs when he needs it….

  8. Did you know that pumps for an oil furnace make pretty good pressure and are cheap, particularly used ones. And that nozzles for the same type of furnace have typical fittings one can find a most hardware stores, and that some insecticides stink a lot without being fatal, like Malathion for example. One could set up such hardware at access points at one’s living space. Wonder what the “stack” would think if they were hosed down with such a liquid?

    Just curious, I’m writing a novel.

    • Use “Butyric anhydride” main ingredient in Bee-go they will want to do everything they can to get it off of them…

    • wildernesswino (aka swiss army knave)

      hey Pat…

      something for “your novel”;

      while your at the hardware store, pick up some rotating construction lasers, cheap (full length if possible) mirrors (to be glued to plywood backing so they don’t fall off when shattered)…
      and “surface” adhesive…
      I would recommend Weldwood

      when it gets dark,

      view the reflective laser action in the mirrors through your

      good light-show there!

      but now;

      put a 5.56 round (or 7.62 if you prefer) through one of the mirrors and enjoy the truly GREAT reflective/refractive light show!
      much better than just a disco-ball…

      and “party on”…

  9. Old Gray Wolf

    Forget the insecticide. Use the stuff the equipment was designed for, along with the igniters. Its not like you can stay in the house after the raid anyway. And spraying a bunch of roided out, armed mental defectives with nonlethal stench will just get you shot up- more.

    • Wet, then ignite.


      Segregating the stages makes for greater design diversity and allows one to scale the treated area/objects more easily.

      Proper wetting (both on volumetric and substantive bases) also provides the treated personnel with an interesting tactical dilemma during the (potentially extended) pre-ignition phase of the operation.

      Or so I saw in some movie.

      • SemperFi, 0321

        I think we discussed this several yrs ago on the flammenwerfer.
        We were taught (USMC infantry training for 0351’s 1972) to wet the target down; get it in a bunker, down a tunnel, etc, then hit the match igniter and hit it again with the flame. Really makes for a powerful explosion of vapors.
        Can’t imagine the fun when you discover your clothes are soaked in gas/napalm.

  10. And the ability to use expendable high-volume ag equipment to provide a good soaking, followed by the grace period (unless Mooky tries to shoot his way out of the predicament) and standoff ignition via SOLAS flare gun or other flame source will be memorable for both the soaked (briefly) and the soakers (looooong time).

    See related:

    • No you don’t give any chances if you are going to go that route…All that does is make sure they get you back x10…If it’s Bee-go like I mentioned above then there is plausible deniability in that you can say it was a pest/criminial deterrent… Liquid fuel on the other hand is for killing and if you want to go that route then accept the consequences before hand and go all the way…You never leave an enraged enemy at your back to come at you when your out away from your castle…JMHO…

      • Jimmy the Saint

        If they’re coming for you with entry teams, you’re already so far beyond fucked that you couldn’t get back with NVGs and a Sherpa guide. It’s not in government’s nature to admit defeat and walk away when going after their own peasantry.

        • How many times have they hit the wrong house Jimmy…And read what I wrote if you go that route don’t show any mercy… Stacks at your door are following orders and if you go the deterrent route then you are able to negotiate or not at that time…You go the other route your family is going to be on the run…Also I’m talking about now not when they are coming for your guns…