Thoughts On A Kremlin Funeral

In my study of communist societies, I came to the conclusion that the purpose of communist propaganda was not to persuade or convince, not to inform, but to humiliate; and therefore, the less it corresponded to reality the better. When people are forced to remain silent when they are being told the most obvious lies, or even worse when they are forced to repeat the lies themselves, they lose once and for all their sense of probity. To assent to obvious lies is…in some small way to become evil oneself. One’s standing to resist anything is thus eroded, and even destroyed. A society of emasculated liars is easy to control. I think if you examine political correctness, it has the same effect and is intended to.

Theodore Dalrymple

53 responses to “Thoughts On A Kremlin Funeral

  1. POd American

    This funeral circus is what must be cast as a Skull and Crossbones get together…the collective elite sitting around telling lies, circle jerking each other, and plotting the furture suffering of our once great experiment. FUSA, I morn your passing.

  2. Unbelievable. At least the people in the Combloc countries had Gulag or worse hanging over their heads.
    The cucks on the other hand just want to be cucked. They have the gall to lecture us not to speak I’ll of the dead. Stalin , Mao……

    • The cucks on the other hand just want to be cucked.

      That instinct works fine for 100 chimps in a forest. What, something’s different? Now it’s 100 million humans in a man-made forest the width of a continent? I’m sure that old brain software will still work just fine.

  3. Awesome gathering of scumbags and criminals!

  4. I discuss this very thing (from the quote) in my new book. PLEASE, please give it a read. You are already aware of how bad academia has become, but my book presents yet another index from a first-hand perspective. You can get the Kindle or paperback from my Amazon author page here:

    It is difficult to summarize the book, simply because the summary would make it sound unbelievable. But the book does cover a range of topics which would be of interest to your readership. And it does have a foreword by Dr. Tim Ball (a relatively well-known climate scientist & skeptic), who I have worked with for many years on the climate alarm question.

    • NO ! and FUCK NO…….I am not giving the jew enemy Bazofuckall any of my money….fuck amazon

  5. I discuss this very thing (from the quote) in my new book. PLEASE, please give it a read. You are already aware of how bad academia has become, but my book presents yet another index from a first-hand perspective. You can get the Kindle or paperback from my Amazon author page here:

    amazon dot com/Joseph-E.-Postma/e/B07L36BS7G

    “In the Cold Light of Day: Flat Earth in Modern Physics and a Numerical Proof for God: A Climate Alarm Story”

    It is difficult to summarize the book, simply because the summary would make it sound unbelievable. But the book does cover a range of topics which would be of interest to your readership. And it does have a foreword by Dr. Tim Ball (a relatively well-known climate scientist & skeptic), who I have worked with for many years on the climate alarm question.

    • fuck ewe and your loser god

      what a weak and pathetic example of a god

      fucker couldn’t deliver a damn pizza let alone anything else.

      • Your god is a pizza boy? They musta flunked you outa Project Monarch cause you cant pretend for shit.

        • at least a pizza boy delivers the goods. your weasel god couldn’t take a shit without failing. you and the rest of your type will meet your end soon enough… into the dustbin of history with the christians.

          sucks to ewe.

          • Joseph E Postma

            Actually Fat-Ass, it’s about Mathematical Idealism and Kant’s noumenal domain, and the relevance of mathematics to physics. You probably wouldn’t understand the book, at all, because it’s about physics, mathematics, and philosophical Idealism in the heritage of Leibniz, Kant, Hegel, Pythagoras, etc. Here’s my entire introduction:

            This is a book which entirely debunks the pseudoscience of climate alarmism, and also disrupts the foundations of the entire field of climate science, and even science in general, itself. That climate alarmism is pseudoscience will be entirely proven within this book. Note that I am not a climate denier: I do not deny that the climate exists, and I do not deny that it changes. The term “climate denier” is just one of those loaded idiotic sophistical phrases that means exactly nothing, which is in fact the same foundation that the so-called science of climate alarmism rests upon. There is no such thing or such a person who denies the climate or denies climate change, and the joke here is that there are people who believe that there are other people who deny that the climate exists and deny climate change.

            No one denies climate change, or the existence of the climate. I do deny alarming climate change based on climate science’s concept of a greenhouse effect, because the latter can be quite easily proven not to exist. I also deny that the climate is currently changing in an alarming way, given that geological history demonstrates that current changes in the climate are equivalent to nominal natural variations of the past. The only thing which is remarkably changing is the atmospheric concentration of gaseous carbon dioxide, and with no climate alarm greenhouse effect then this change will have none of the claimed alarming effects upon the temperature of the atmosphere of the planet Earth. The only real effect that an increased carbon dioxide concentration will have is that plant growth is enhanced, given that carbon dioxide is an atmospheric fertilizer of sorts. The entire situation of human carbon dioxide emission from combustion of hydrocarbon fuels is a win-win for humanity and for the planet: man gets
            cheap and abundant energy, and life gets the carbon dioxide it is made out of back into the atmosphere where the carbon dioxide can be turned back into more life once again through photosynthesis. If you’re pro-life, you should be pro-carbon dioxide.

            The greatest travesty of climate alarmism based on its so-called greenhouse effect and so-called greenhouse gases is that the truly important questions in legitimate climate science aren’t being researched and answered. For example, we still don’t seem to really know why the current interglacial period has lasted so much longer than the previous ones. And it is still not clearly understood as to why the Earth was in a “little ice age” between 1300AD and 1850AD, why there was a warmer medieval period before that, and why the Earth came out of the little ice after 1850AD, etc. In fact, climate alarm science has made researching those legitimate questions taboo because they can only be answered by natural variations which have as large as or larger of an effect on the climate than so-called modern anthropogenic changes via the climate alarmist greenhouse effect, and that destroys the alarmist narrative that modern climate variation is not within the bounds of expected natural variation, which it is. It is almost as if someone doesn’t want research being done into the most important climate phenomena relevant to modern man, i.e., onset of ice ages, etc. We could have another ice-age begin, and all the historical data shows that one should have started by now, and we would have no idea why! The most difficult part of what you’re about to read is that it is unbelievable. Once you see what has happened, you won’t believe it to be possible that science has gotten itself into this position.

            For a treatment such as this it is impossible to not to have to refer to thermodynamics and its mathematics in order to understand how nature works. Reality is governed by the physical principles and laws of physics which we can only understand and quantify through mathematics. I will have a lot to say about mathematics and its relevance and meaning in science, and we will have to use some mathematics too. For some sections, if you truly wish to follow the math along, it might be helpful for you to write down the equations on scrap paper as you read so that you can refer back to them given that sometimes a few pages may transpire between one equation and the next and it is often necessary to reference the previous equations. If math isn’t your thing, then just “read around” the math as I will do my best to explain what is going on.

            About the subtitle of the book: Firstly, this book is nothing to do with supporting the ridiculous flat Earth meme which can be found around internet discussion forums these days. That part of the subtitle indicates that the flat Earth meme has actually been clandestinely if not accidentally inserted into modern physics to the extent that flat Earth theory is actually literally taught to science students by science professors in professional academic universities and their science departments. Yes, seriously.

            The second part of the subtitle about a mathematical proof for “God” is meant in the proper philosophical Idealist sense, and I leave the development of concepts in this book to get you there. I could have written “universal noumenal mind” but no one would understand what that meant, and God is a somewhat near-enough substitute if you’re careful about what you mean by that, but it has all of the essential features a thinking person would expect in the aspects of it being omnipresent and omnipotent, immanent and transcendent, etc. What I mean is that I do not want anyone to think that this phenomenon therefore supports genitally mutilating children, or vilifying women and covering them up to make them invisible non-entities, or that you need to fall in love with it, or worship it, and other insane things of similar nature. There is definitely, most assuredly a true and ultimate cosmic meaning and purpose to be found in it, it is just not the type of meaning and purpose most people have been made to think. This is not going to be some hysterical emotional feeding of narcissism or some mystical mumbo jumbo intended to make one feel “at one”. This is about a God known by reason and reason alone, proven in the language of reason itself; it is not about faith, emotion, or mysticism, but logical rational knowledge. Well, despite all that, people will take a proof of God for justification of whatever emotions or sensations or actions they wish, in the end.

            The tone of the book is at times hostile and mocking, but…well…sorry…once you see what is going on and what has happened, if you understand it, you should feel a lot more than that, or perhaps you’ll in fact only feel that it confirms just how bad things have gotten in supposed intellectual discourse. Either way, if you have an iota of comprehension then my style shall be forgiven. I wrote about 85% of this book over approximately two weeks, and then had writers block or just got distracted for a year, then came back to it. So, you may find changes in my tone a few times. And you’ll definitely need to be able to distinguish my dry and often brutal humour. But look…regarding my colleagues in astronomy and science in general: I am not at all afraid for you to read this book, I just hope that you do, and I hope that you understand my point and I hope that you understand why I think that I should be upset at times. I mean sure, many of you will already know me as a heretic, as someone who thinks differently than the “consensus”. But the heretic doesn’t do this because they enjoy the social punishment it brings them, and we fully understand that in what we do this punishment comes with the territory. Rather, the role of the heretic, which we simply enjoy more than the punishment, is to find and test the limits of
            consensus thought and to identify the errors such as to generate subsequent improvement. The hardest part will be for you to believe that this has happened, and that what I explain can possibly be true and actually be important.

            Of course there are those who will still deny the main point of this book and who will come up with myriad excuses to ignore it, and to those I fully grant to you your ownership of your position and I truly wish for nothing more than for you to live it out to the fullest for yourself and your group; please, embrace your position to the fullest possible extent without condition! Truly live your position and take it to the end point of its philosophy! I can tell you that I probably speak for most climate alarm skeptics and “climate deniers” that we all fully own the position that carbon dioxide is plant food and that increased carbon dioxide will increase plant growth and will green the planet, that past climatological variation is far beyond what we have seen in the last 150 years in metrics of magnitude and rapidity and extent, that more carbon dioxide in the atmosphere is good for the biosphere, that the effect on atmospheric temperature from increased carbon dioxide concentration in the atmosphere is probably negligible, etc. I fully own that, others like me fully own it, and we love it.

            I do not think that I have ever read a book where the author explains the quotations at the front of it, and so allow me to do so. The Twain quote is self-explanatory and it relates directly to the difficulty of explaining the point of this book to people. We then feed directly into the Hitler and Goebbels quote because they explain why it is so easy to fool people and how to simply keep fooling them. Of course, Hitler was talking about how he thought that the Jews get away with lying as he describes in that quote, and Goebbels was discussing what he thought of the British penchant for lying, but forgetting about their respective contexts it is simply that no one has ever stated the utility and skill of lying as well as we see in those quotations. They explain how it is done so perfectly and why it (lying) works so well. It is all about the reason why climate alarm has gone on as such…those quotations form the core and basis of climate alarmist strategy and sophistry. We then change the tone massively to Plato, Ovid, and Huygens, and their comments on astronomy: I have always loved how when you read the Ancient and Classical Greeks and those who later followed in their intellectual footsteps, that you always find them saying the exact same thing about astronomy in their own respective ways. And in fact you find that sentiment expressed by the great thinkers all the way through to the enlightenment. It is the way I felt about astronomy when I first discovered it too, and thought it amazing that purely mental passions of awed-wonder could span millennia. When you read these great thinkers you really come to understand that the human capacity for the performance of reason has not changed in some two thousand and more years. The Lucretius quotation is a favorite of modern scientists and I will admit that I used to love it too, because it is usually interpreted as a mocking of philosophy with an assertion of the primacy of empiricism. But there is one question which Plato had actually already answered for Lucretius, and it is whether anything that can exist must be detectable by the senses? Are there existent things but which are physically undetectable, existent things which are detectable only by the mind, only by reason? This is the territory of the issue of “hidden variables” in the mathematics of quantum mechanics, which we will touch on in this book.

  6. The Walkin' Dude

    I’ve had some hearty chuckles over some of the previous thread’s boomer comments. Respek muh dead prez, he dindunuffinz!

    • Ya, I almost gagged reading those comments. It’s like all the revelations of the last 30 yrs never happened.

      • Bush Crime Family is alive and well.

      • SemperFi, 0321

        You mean the conspiracy theories they’re still working hard to disprove? Nobody will wake up, from JFK to 9/11, it’s old news that’s been disproved 100x. Media said so.
        For decades the masses just choose to sleep away over any of it, I’m to the point where when this shit heap collapses, my friends and neighbors have earned their reward. Too lazy to even open an eye or engage their half brain for a minute, fuk’em.
        Even in the middle of a full blown CW2, they wouldn’t care about cause or effect, too hard to engage brain over conspiracy theories. And when it’s all over, they’ll go back to believing whatever the victors tell them to. That’s humans for ya.
        The only reason I’m here is because it’s the only place I know where I can get a little mental masturbation going with a few like minded souls, none in my AO. Fox and CNN watchers all. Not an original thought in any of their heads.

      • Oh, you mean like how bushy 1.0
        screwed people with the ORIGINAL
        AWB..among other things?

        ghwb – roast in Hades along with
        lbj, tr, fdr, ht, churchill, gs, vl, mandela & winnie, bernard baruch, untermeyer,
        ellie shitweasel, chaim weitzman, moshe dyan, david ben gurion, ike, and john mc’shitstain and his equally feckless sire…may such globalist shitheads be getting it good n proper!

        NorthGunner – The Truth Is It’s OWN Defense!

  7. Lock door, apply open flame…..

  8. Survivormann99

    I have read the comments of many readers here in the last few days. I like this blog. Why are there so many low-lifes posting comments here about G. H. W. Bush?

    In my lifetime, which is considerable, in looking back, Bush and Ronald Reagan are the only Presidents who cause me to smile. Only that idiot Ross Perot with his third party crack pots caused Bush to miss a second term. Look where that led with the Clintons.

    George H. W. Bush volunteered to serve his country on his 18th birthday. (My father lied about his age and joined earlier.) Two-thirds of those who served in WWII had to be drafted and of that one-third that volunteered, one can only guess how many joined the Navy and Army Air Corps to avoid physical danger.

    I can only wonder just how many twisted f___’s posting comments on this blog about Bush in the last few days found it more important to play video games and to eat pizza rather than to serve when their chance came.

    The internet is filled with keyboard commandos.

    • I too, enlisted in the US Army when I was 18. During the Nam. I enlisted again in 1978 in the Rhodesian Army. Bush is still a globalist anti-American dog. Globalists make you smile? Are you at the right blog?

    • This is the adult section. Lurk and learn for a few months. Or alternatively fuck off back to Hush Bimbo. More than a few here were/ are .mil. We didn’t ‘serve’. We aren’t servants. We took money to bear arms for the Empire .

    • Your comment is wrong on So Many Points that it must be construed as a
      miserable attempt at sarcasm.


      You are completely, irrevocably, willfully ignorant.

      Bush (all) & Ronnie Raygun were complete POS.

      Perhaps those Two-thirds of those who served in WWII had to be drafted realized they were being suckered into a conflict made for the occasion, a conflict intended to
      a) push the envelope of globalism begun with WWI,
      & b)make the world safe for zionists communism

      America had No Valid Interest in either WWI or WWII.




      Globalist masters?

      Listen up – the filthy globalist fdr provoked the japanese into attacking pearl harbor, provocations being the s/c flying tigers, the economic embargo of japan, the blockade of oil supplies to an island nation, and more.

      In 1939 the US Navy was already involved (while proclaiming “neutrality”) with British & French warships in the Mediterranean – obviously well before Pearl Harbor.

      Please, get a clue.

      Stop waving the flag, & think.

      • Jimmy the Saint

        “America had No Valid Interest in either WWI or WWII.”

        Japan and Germany both declared war on the US in WWII (Japan by way of attack, Germany by way of formal declaration). That’s as “valid [an] interest” as you can ever possibly get.

        As far as involvement with shipping, all of the major combatants were vigorously winking and nodding about American neutrality the whole time prior to the US’ formal entry into the war. The whole thing could be termed the “technically” war. Technically, the US wasn’t supplying war materiel, it was merely “lending” it; the Kriegsmarine technically didn’t “know” that it was attacking US ships – can’t really see flags through a periscope at night, after all, etc.

        The whole thing gets even weirder when you throw Finland into the mix, since the US, UK, France, and Germany were all sort of on the same side in supporting Finland against the Soviets.

        • Jimmy,

          Take time to read “The Bad War” and “The Mad Dog of Great Britain” by M.S. King as well as both volumes of his book, “Planet Rothschild”.

          Germany and Japan were BOTH goaded into a totally unnecessary war by both the globalist Rothschilds banking cabal and their zio-communist tools and stooges which definitely included Frank ‘the gimp’ Roosevelt and his equally evil vp Harry Truman and Ike as well as that certifiably insane muderous butcher churchill.

          The ‘allies’ were NEVER the ‘good guys’ to begin with!

          NorthGunner – The Truth Is It’s OWN Defense!

      • It wasn’t even an American Empire that Americans would benefit from. British elites + 19th century banksters made and executed “The Plan”, which seems to be eliminating and emasculating the descendants of Western Europe no matter where they might have gone.

        It is The Long Game.

    • I don’t normally try to offend anyone on these boards but you sir are one stupid fucking asshole. And that goes for just about everything you have recently posted. You don’t know a thing about Ross Perot and what really happened in that election and what he was trying to do because you are one of those boomer cuck pos sheep, glued to the MSM. Maybe you should go make another pitcher of the ass flavored kool aid you’ve been drinking all these years and gulp it down. Many of us here are vets and served our nation and community in many different capacity’s in our lives. Just because you’re too stupid to see shit for the way it is don’t mean the rest of us are wrong. Maybe while you’re drinking that kool aid you can use that keyboard to research some stuff on the Bush family and see what they were really up to cause it sure wasn’t MAGA.

      Here is one to get ya started.

      • “Many of us here are vets and served our nation and community in many different capacity’s in our lives.”

        Nope, not even close Hedge.

        All that military service in America was for was to be the leg breakers and extortion boys for ‘Globalist R Us’..
        got to keep those payments to the banksters remember…

        If you want to keep swigging the Len Greenwood slave to the banksters kool-aid, that’s on you.

        NorthGunner – The Truth Is It’s OWN Defense!

    • John Kerry served too……you going to slobber his pole when they put him in the ground?

      Service or the lack there of is not the complete measure of a person.
      Many fine people didn’t server in the military and many complete pieces of shit did. Its irrelevant.

      Maybe we are being a little tough on you. Maybe you just haven’t seen the things that other people have seen yet. Could be that you have only recently started down the path to illumination.
      That’s understandable if its the case. Just think about that. Think about your mindset now where you are, and think about where we are now.
      You will get here too if you really are ready to see it and pay attention.

    • Jimmy the Saint

      “one can only guess how many joined the Navy and Army Air Corps to avoid physical danger.”

      Given the loss rates that the USAAC sustained during WWII, joining that to avoid physical danger was not a good idea.

    • Fuck off, clueless boomer.

    • lastmanstanding

      Well…everyone here summed it up nicely to 99. Adding my 2 cents would be piling on.

      However…I really can’t believe that with all of the info out in the wide open about that cocksucker, someone would come here and scold us. Hell, if only 10% of it’s true, he should have been hung.

      The internet is also filled with a shit ton of information if you are able to “follow the money”, have a bit of common sense and can keep your head out of your ass at the same time.

    • “George H. W. Bush volunteered to serve his country on his 18th birthday. (My father lied about his age and joined earlier.) Two-thirds of those who served in WWII had to be drafted and of that one-third that volunteered, one can only guess how many joined the Navy and Army Air Corps to avoid physical danger.”

      ghwb, regan and the rest of the American public (including your father) were intentionally deceived into “The Bad War” (M.S. King’s name for WW2) by the same murderous, bankster crime families (Rothschilds & Rockefellers) and their communist and zionist enablers (Chaim Weitzman, Bernard Baruch, Samuel Untermeyer and Morgenthau to name a few) to ‘make the world safe’ for ‘Uncle Joe’s commies and the bankster class and to make sure that the zionist’s stolen territory, the Rothschilds corporate/military colony aka ‘israel’ stayed in the zionist’s/Rothschild’s control.

      Watch ‘Europa – The Last Battle’, read both “The Bad War” and “The Mad Dog of Great Britain” and listen to Benjamin Friedman’s speech from 1961 to see how much you and everyone else here has been been lied to and used by the banksters and their fellow travelers.

      ghwb, regan and the rest of America fought the wrong people.

      NorthGunner – The Truth Is It’s OWN Defense!

  9. Cheney gets his movie, Bush gets his adoration. Project Greenbacks for Wetbacks is yielding a good harvest on MSM. It,s a wonderful day in the neighborhood.
    “Trance Formation of America” by Cathy o’Brien with Mark Phillips. For mature readers only.

  10. Johnny Paratrooper

    It’s hard to arrest criminals if you spend all your time breaking bread with them.

  11. Survivormann99

    Lordy, Lordy. I did not realize that so many commenters here see themselves as being the helpless, powerless, bottom feeders of a system that is controlled by a power elite that manipulates and exploits them.

    It must be tough getting up in the morning, realizing that they are simply impotent global pawns in the Great Game. I am wondering if the other truck drivers at work all feel the same way.

    • No you are not the ignorant boomer you pretend to be. ‘ Lordy, Lordy ‘ . You sound like Comey. Go back to your handlers. You don’t have what it takes to head a troll army against this blog. You are the ‘ impotent pawn’.

    • Hang yourself, Jew.

    The Release Of The First Trailer For The Fourth ‘Avengers’ Movie, Which Was Initially Expected To Arrive On Wednesday, Is Reportedly Delayed To Honor The Late Former President Of The U.S.



      There is the problem right there. The Amerikan Sheeple are totally mesmerized by (((Hollywood))) and their legions of useful idiot, Cosmic white Marxist “actors.” That is why you have all of the fawning, pathetic adulation over Skull&Bones 41 assuming room temperature.
      And, BTW, Survivormann99, during our great second-place effort in SE Asia, males 18 or over had the choice of being drafted, enlisting, running off to Canada, CO status, or going to prison. Such nice options in the sweet land of liberty, eh? I enlisted but knew others in each one of the categories I have mentioned. The times were quite unpleasant for draft-age men. And, if you still insist on playing the slobber blues on 41’s skin flute, always remember Adolf Hitler was a war hero who: “…served his country.”

      • “..always remember Adolf Hitler was a war hero who: “…served his country.”

        Exactly so!

        Hitler EARNED his military decorations and went on to continue to faithfully serve Germany. As Ken O’Keeffe mentioned, his only real crime was to free the German people from a truly evil bankster created debt foisted upon them by the evil ‘Treaty of Versailles’..he had the audacity to tell the Rothschilds to fuck off via his instituting debt free money.

        NorthGunner – The Truth Is It’s OWN Defense!

  13. Survivormann99

    Boss 21, you obviously can’t recognize sarcasm with my “Lordy, Lordy” comment.

    Does one have to be a Russian troll to post a comment here? If not, your comments sound as if they are lifted from an Antifa web site. Did you click on the wrong tab?

  14. Looks like Moochelle forgot to remove the watermelon she had jammed up her ass before the service. Her shoe licking boy toy has been negligent in his responsibilities.

    • I was really wishing for the SMOD to make a random appearance and ‘crash their pity party’!

      A nickel- iron 2 1/2 mile diameter asteroid pushing 30,000 mph as it slams into them from above…it would have been epic!!

      Now that’d be swamp cleaning!

      NorthGunner – The Truth Is It’s OWN Defense!

  15. I can bet that every one of those MF’s is on the taxpayer dime. Every.Single.One. Be it a pension, a salary, or both. And not one of those bastards every put in a full 8 hour day or paid for their own lunch.

  16. How the criminals treated Trump is telling.

    They know he can bury them all.

  17. Randolph Scott


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