50 Years Ago

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  1. By God, we were something then. First world America. White America. White men dreamed it. Then white men did it. I’m privileged to have experienced that time.

    • +1. What a time! White America and all of its misdeeds that advanced the world in medicine, electronics, and REAL- actual- God Damnable Science. We were at our pinnacle: then we let the poverty of the world in.

      • And made eternal the subsidy of our domestic ne’er-do-wells.


        • Stop all welfare and then shoot all who act out because of it…After that its on to colonizing Mars…

          • Brother, how about we straighten out the mess we made here, before we guck up another planet.



            • The mess would be straightened out Brother or did you think the welfare crowd is just going to stand by when you shut the spigot off…And by welfare crowd I mean every one that is leaching off the taxpayer while providing nothing in return…High and Low…

  2. And today I have a STEM student ask if he will pass a class having made a 61 on a final exam.

    As I pass into the good night of a not too far away date I will go knowing that The Globalists having won possess a bitter sweet victory of a population of diminished peoples and places. Sort of like, “Here’s the deed, enjoy…” — https://s2.qwant.com/thumbr/0x380/7/2/162b272453c77604c1715c4ec82ee55b885d19339b8e2c776c625acb02c20e/Dresden-After-the-Bombing-009.jpg?u=http%3A%2F%2Fstatic.guim.co.uk%2Fsys-images%2FGuardian%2FPix%2Fpictures%2F2015%2F2%2F11%2F1423680855861%2FDresden-After-the-Bombing-009.jpg&q=0&b=1&p=0&a=1

  3. For reelz?

    Astronaut (i.e., pilot) looking through a glass window, takes a quick shot with a Hasselblad sporting a 210mm lens (bulky and clumsy as all get-out) resulting in a well-framed, perfectly exposed photo. Um, ok.

    Also like how in the video, they have to tell you that what you’re about to see is “…what it looked like, as recreated…” from LRO data. Nothing about this seems real.

    • Darryl Van Horne

      Hard to believe men under the most adverse conditions could function better than you on your best day, right?

  4. may the god of your choice NUKE MURKA!


    fucking scumbags

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