From Over The Transom – Spread Far And Wide


Widest possible distribution, please.

Updates here as available.

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  1. If I had this proposal in handheld form,
    I would have shitcanned it immediately
    after seeing the photograph on the cover.
    Once again, and I’m fucking fed up with it,
    an armchair boycott is being equated to
    actual fighting.
    Get the fuck on with that impotent bullshit!

    • Talmud said it’s kosher

      • Is that what it sez in your copy of “The Protocols of the Elders of Zion”?

        • I said nothing about the Protocols. Maybe you are defending/deflecting the conduct of the Talmudists in the above graphic? If Muslimes were scripting that abomination I would point out that their ‘holy’ book promotes pedophilia also.
          Would you let your children view that shit?

        • Funny thing how ‘the protocols’ have matched the zionist-communist actions and end goals…


          The Babylonian Talmud DOES make it lawful for a adult jewish man to marry and have full sexual relations with a three year old girl.

          That’s just the tip of that utterly depraved and evil iceberg masquerading as a ‘religion’!

          NorthGunner – The Truth Is It’s OWN Defense!

    • SemperFi, 0321

      As with the (((3 guys))) sitting at the table.
      People were warned yrs ago that Hollywood was controlled by over 70% of ((them))) and it comes as no surprise that not only have they warped the minds of the American public, but also molested their children.
      And according to their (((books))) it’s all OK when they’re only Goyim.
      But the masses will never wake up, they’ve been instructed to never speak ill of their handlers because they are the poor victims of hate crimes.
      See how well brainwashing works.

    • A little off topic, but related: a good summary of a long article by Ron Unz to wake up the normie Christian zionists this Christmas season. Standing on your enemy’s air hose works both ways.

  2. In theory it is good.

    In reality it will never get past the gate-keepers

  3. will do no harm, and little good:

    “it is outside the scope of this proposal to theorize why…”

    here’s Y:

    Jews. They own/control Hollywood, and they own/control the political class.

    “Prez Trump is marshaling forces…”

    TY for the comic relief: in a couple days, Trump will looking out the Oval Orifice window at a brazen 20-foot tall iron (((Menorah))) on the WH lawn.

    • “Trump will looking out the Oval Orifice window at a brazen 20-foot tall iron (((Menorah))) on the WH lawn.”




    • Yep…and no Nativity scene to be found for miles and miles…courtesy of (((their))) creation, the aclu as well as the adl and others.

      Want to ask WHO really controls and owns America again?….


      NorthGunner – The Truth Is It’s OWN Defense!

  4. Kinda concerns me that you guys know who these people are. I got no idea. I like it that way.


    • Of course you ‘like it that way’. ‘Know your enemy’ isn’t your thing . Sun Tzu wouldn’t be impressed.

  5. “Have fun storming the castle…”

    It’s also a little late (like by an effing year, minimum) to try and pull something like this out of your ass on D-Day.

    If you’re trying to fail publicly and demoralize your base (that is, the 5% who’ll still be around by the time they get to the end of that .chan thread), it’s a great way to shoot off several toes in one go. Maybe even a whole foot. Winning!!!!!

    Double Bonus Points for deploying the Stormfront sourcing as the BLUF, because nothing succeeds against Hollywood like throwing on your NSDAP armband and holding a torchlight rally with a bunch of guys with toothbrush moustaches who missed the news in 1946.

    Gee, I wonder how everyone from the Lamestream Media to Norm the Normie will react to guys in swastikas attacking Jooooooooooooooos!!!!! ?? What could possibly go wrong there??

    But hell, I’ve only worked in that town and that biz for twenty years or so, so WTF do I know?

    The worst part is, Hollywood IS yuuuuuuuuuuuuugely over-ripe for such a takedown.

    But when you let autistic twelve-year-olds and the Henry Gibsons from The Blues Brothers come up with the “strategy”,

    and it doesn’t even give Haxo a chubby, anyone marching in that parade is pretty well fucked before you get started.

    {Strategic Tip To Anyone Concerned: Probably not the best idea to get the World’s Worst People At Media Savvy to do anti-media campaign. Like hiring termites to guard your woodpile-bad. Like putting Rosie O-Donnell on guard at the Twinkie Factory bad. Like handing Rep. Evita Guevara-Castro a microphone and putting her on CNN bad. Like asking DiFi about AR-15s bad. Times a million. Let me know when the penny drops, I can go on if I haven’t quite jack-hammered that particular point home with a 20MT hammer..}

    In fact, they’re probably so far from Fucked, they couldn’t see it with a telescope orbiting in space.

    Just saying.

    Find some people like Sabo, who know how to craft a message, and get the fucktard minions to keep their Nazi-dicks in their lederhosen for a week or two hundred, and then try this for real. With an actual strategy (besides resolving to smell bad), a fuckton of actual planning, and a way to appeal to flyover America with less swastikas. Like maybe none. Think of swastikas like camo at a press conference: it’s pretty much the equivalent of wearing a beanie with a propeller for your presidential debate. Not even the faintest whiff of swastikas that only a bloodhound could detect, ever, with 5 weeks of sniffing. Please. I’m begging you with tears in my eyes, because if you fuck with this, you’ll kill everything, and people will talk about what happened for a hundred years. While the Sy Snoodles and the Tatooine Cantina Band plays marimba riffs on your whitened skulls.

    This is like a landing craft dropping the ramp at Normandy, and having 100 retards with Airsoft gear try to take the beach. After tying all their shoelaces together, wearing their underpants outside their trousers, and putting their shoes and socks on in that order.

    Funny as hell to watch, but only on newsreel footage.
    In person, not so much.

    Other than that, Mrs. Lincoln, how was the play?

    • What ‘guys in Swastikas’ are you talking about. Criticize hollyweird and you are a nazzee? How about some outrage at the insane pushing of the pedo envelope by these Talmudists with this ‘childrens’ cartoon?
      If it was muslims, hindus or martians spewing this sewage we would give them shit too.

      • Right.
        Because there’s no downside to leading with your chin, and no history of any previous Nazi v. Jooooooooooooooos!!! matchups, ever, in world history.

        Double bonus points for not reading the linked thread in the first place.

        You must have figured “Stormfront” was a weather website, huh?:

        Anonymous 11/19/18 (Mon) 12:54:23 ID: 000000 No.12443411>>12457731
        >>12443056 (OP)


        You really have done your homwork! Maybe this “White Acitivist Manual” can give some more inspiration, or you can add.

    • “Double Bonus Points for deploying the Stormfront sourcing as the BLUF, because nothing succeeds against Hollywood like throwing on your NSDAP armband and holding a torchlight rally with a bunch of guys with toothbrush moustaches who missed the news in 1946.”


      If you can’t or won’t see how the international jewish interests via the Rothschilds and their domestic agents control America’s financial/investment apparatus (primarily via the ‘Fed’), the 6 major ‘entertainment/media’ corporations, the majority of print media and the education business, let alone their political control elements of AIPAC and the ADL I don’t know how to make you understand how fatally compromised America has become as both a nation and as a society.

      I recommend that you search for the speech that Benjamin Friedman gave in 1961; it’s easily found on YouTube. Friedman was a former jew who personally knew zionists like Bernard Baruch and Samuel Untermeyer and was witness to the harm that they and others of their ilk like ‘Red Rabbi’ Stephen Wise were doing to America.

      I also recommend the documentary, “Europa – The Last Battle” and the books “Planet Rothschild” Vol. 1 & 2.

      The truth is out there, if you’re willing to see it.

      NorthGunner – The Truth Is It’s OWN Defense!

      • the international jewish interests
        Try saddling the phrase “international Protestant interests” or “international white interests”, and try to keep a straight face when someone tells you that either one is some monolithic bloc that all moves in unison like the Borg Collective, on anything, ever, at any point from the Dawn of Man to the present, any more than Jooooooooooooos!!!.

        And hey, thanks for noting there are no WASP pedophiles in Hollywood.
        Oh, oops, there’s metric fucktons of them. How does that work? Do they become honorary jews first, and then issued their child rapist card, or do they have to rape a kid first to get into the fraternity?

        I’m not 100% sure this whole thread wasn’t just retard clickbait by our bloghost to get the Usual Nazis so busy fapping all over themselves, they’d be too busy to soil the next five or ten threads after having spent themselves and run out of tissues.

        There’s plenty of ways to go after Hollywood, and plenty of reasons.
        But if folks can’t figure out how to do it without throwing on their white pointed hoods of Nazi armbands, and making this an anti-Jew campaign instead of an anti-Hollywood campaign, you’re not tall enough for the internet yet, let alone such an undertaking, and you still haven’t learned jack or shit from Charlottesville.

        The guys whom that description fits?
        They’re playing as Team White in this pic:

        Poker’s not their game either…maybe they should try a spelling contest.

    • To give credit where it’s due, Adolf Hitler and the National Socialists were successful in cleaning Berlin of the entrenched moral filth and degredation that was poisoning it and threatening to spread from it during the ‘Weimar Republic’.

      Pornography, prostitution (especially child prostitution), homosexuality and other equally repugnant social ills were well known in Berlin at that time…it was the ‘Sin Capital of Europe’ was so bad that families couldn’t walk the streets safely (the movie ‘Cabaret’ attempted to normalize and put a sympathetic light on such abnormal filth much later).

      Who was responsible for operating and owning the brothels…producing the pornographic movies and books and attempting to normalize homosexuality, beastiality, sado-masochistic and other deviant and damaging practices?

      The overwhelming majority of people directly involved were jews..many of whom were also communists acting out in the open to force a communist takeover of Germany.

      Hitler and the National Socialists did nothing wrong in cleaning Berlin of such poisonous filth and rot.

      Unfortunately many of the purveyors of said filth immediately de-camped asap to America where they were welcomed with open arms (and possibly legs) to the future filth capital that IS ‘hollywood’…their co-ethnics had already quietly conquered the ‘entertainment industry’ and we’re working to undo the ‘Hayes Code’.

      So, who today has an overwhelming involvement and ownership of the porn industry?



      Two of the well well known degenerates that emigrated here were Marlena Detrich, an open bisexual and the mental health fraud Sigmund Freud.

      Aren’t we all so lucky to be the recipients of such early ‘cultural enrichment and diversity’?

      NorthGunner – The Truth is It’s OWN Defense!

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