A cogitation, via Cold Fury.

“I’ll be dead by then.”

And so will the country.

25 responses to “Futility?

  1. We’ve come a long way anchor Baby.
    Democratic Senator Mazie Hirono says Democrats have a hard time “connecting” with voters because of how “smart” they are and because they “know so much. That from the battery for the Moon, that supplies light to demo rats.
    And this from my Fav-“O” Rights ( as in freedom of Censorship) WEE key PEE media as in Binet Intelligence Scale and use there of mentally disrobing potential MY Grunts, intellectually off course. Goddard translates to English in the way back machine of 1916 and somewhat popularized the term “MORON” and the scale of intellectual disabilities psycho-babble, whereas, the MORON was superior to an imbecile and an imbecile superior to an idiot that was and still is the base of the Demo-ratic Party and still too this day creep state up the ladder of leadership, however somewhat depreciated from past standard deviation degrade the populous US pool of genus intellectual propensity, need I say BETO less then the sharpest knives in the butchers selection of sharp objects for political meat cleaving, too slice and dice everything that was Truth, Justice and the American way of being mean, to be no longer, Apple Pie and Mom. Yet, off course the babies to be to anchored offset by BeTo the abortionists. And of course, abolitionists out with the old and in with the new replacements of the low info, however perhaps “DULL” , Demo rats as was stated previously: “Goddard also publicized alleged race-group differences revealed by Army IQ tests (Army Alpha and Beta) during World War I (the results were, even in their day, challenged as scientifically inaccurate, and later resulted in a retraction from the director of the project, Carl Brigham) and claimed that the results showed that Americans were unfit for democracy. (PEE WEE) Need I remind you Democracy is defined by WHO rules the MOB? Has well, the purchase of votes to be counted.
    But, WHO gives a rats ass about anything scientific today? Except for perhaps the Grand Hoax of the Emasculated Church of the Deception, Global Whining then pray for the Climate to Change and of off course monetary X-Change of the collection plate (tax your ass out of existence, has well any rights to property). Such as the idea of eugenics and the Asylum and at the time meaning locked up (apart from the general population of tax slaves). Still cleverly cleve to the idea a MORON will re-produce More On, parentally speaking. Who’s your daddy? “O” man?

    I suppose you think I AM decidedly politically one sided, which of course I AM, E too Brutus, hold the Re PUB Lie rats of even less esteem to be less then Anchor Baby post of the Asylum seek position of Imbecilic. And To Be the CREEP State for which they stand the intellectual dishonesty! Proven by the TOO big to be jailed, big box, big biz, big bank, big gov., and off course the big LIE, BETO too big that failed.

    NOW, no reference to the Bruce of the Agenda the Wonder Bra wo-man, genetically 23 specific, boys and girls, are the agenda. This may be to the last dance for the stocking stuffer Marketeers, buy the slide before the coming downhill race to the bottom feeders. YoY, you 401 KKK to say bye, bye and of course joy to the world financial markets.

    On a lighter note, like a BIC, get some France in your pants. Not only the inventors of the French Fry, the Guillotine and storming the Danial’s (Bastille) with lawyer I assume French with his high pants leadership of a MORON, or perhaps macaroon tax your ass gas for CLIMATE MONEY X-CHANGE, NON-RENEWABLES! Hello! Yellow Jackets found some balls to be juggled. Those crazy socialist demo rats Frenchie’s got the right idea with dressing. We should arm the rebels?
    Then I will leave you with a note to Billary, STFU!!!
    Joe X
    Pssst, Pretend inferiority and encourage his arrogance… .brainyquote.com, Sun Too be?

  2. robroysimmons

    4GW warfare is over Legitimacy, not who runs about in sneakers with AKs.

    • What?!
      You stupid bastard.
      Run on down to D.C. and peddle your
      cucking respectability to the GOP suckers.

      • SemperFi, 0321

        Trying to copy tfAt isn’t going to work again. He’s our original asshole and you’re a cheap imitation.
        Time to move on.

  3. The guys are right. Resistance is never futile.
    Give up you lose.
    Unless that is something you want to bath in, its so important your doom and gloom is right.

    And TINVOWOOT, the central thorn stuck in our foot.
    Got to pull that baby out before it is a festering gangrene pus filled wound and body parts need lopping off to stay ahead of the sepsis.
    Thankfully the outright disregard of corruption, vote fraud, and blatant display of leftist vote rigging in November opened the pandora’s box of TINVOWOOT.

    TINVOWOOT: Indeed. Relying on the same group of people over and over again to solve the problems this same repeating circle jerk first created from getting free shit, to obtaining power and holding onto it is the definition of TINVOWOOT.

    So you see the Yellow Vests, and you see the breaking of the interconnecting bonds in the chain of TINVOWOOT. They have gone past the gestalt, and are now acting on their zeitgeist in the way which is proper to begin the end of TINVOWOOT.

    The Yellow Vests have made the Leap, they understand the only outcome is the end of TINVOWOOT, by any means required. There can be no compromises on TINVOWOOT. Nothing can remain. It must be demolished, crushed, its institution burnt to the ground. The earth beneath salted with radioactive cobalt. There are no other alternatives. This is where the Yellow Vest’s are going. Macaroon and his ilk have not caught on yet. If they understood, Paris would look like Tiananmem Square right now.

    • My mother (dressed more casually), once had an outburst like this once,
      only she was not backed up by men and women
      out in vast numbers. Another place another time….

      And here we are….

      • Those of us at the WH fence on the Day of the Barry-cades, sandwiched though we were between two lines of popo (riot personnel behind us, with us pinning bike personnel against the fence, all under the guns on the WH roof), used screams of “Shame!” against the bike cops at bad-breath distance.

        Definitely spicy.

        • Righteous Indignation in its truest forms CA.
          Hell in a handbasket/cattle cars is NOT an option.

  4. Here is the most recent: The current plan is to vote on a yearlong CR next week, and not two step process of passing CR and returning soon after to pass a spending bill extremely close to the CR’s expiration and Congress adjourning for the year.
    The intent of the communists and their GOP cucking foot soldiers can be heard here, beginning at 19:20: https://www.c-span.org/video/?455538-1/house-minority-leader-pelosi-briefs-reporters

    Following that, during the last 40 seconds, Pelosi educates those in attendance that America has three coasts, North, South, and West.

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  6. ClownWorld meets Invasion of the Pod People…
    And mimes are antifag’s ‘Walking Dead’.

    Far shorter and less verbose than Joe X’s missive…

    NorthGunner – The Truth Is It’s OWN Defense!

  7. Yes, we know.

    We are screwed.

    Now what?

    • That’s ironic coming from you since you have the perfect plan…What was it again everyone should stop paying taxes??? How many years have you been doing that and is it helping you in anyway???

    • I provided that comment and
      link to inform those not abreast of this
      particular fandango of bullshit (H.J. Res 143).
      Since you’re so knowledgeable about
      our being screwed, tell us; now what?

  8. Amusing. Good job of pointing out the obvious. But fully half the story’s missing.

    What about the inability of the right to speak truth? In my short life I’ve learned that in most conversations, that what isn’t said, is often even more important then what is said.

    Honorable men and women are not defined by what kind of guns they own, or the house they live in. We the human race assume way way to much. Simple example. We see a big house on the hill, a shiny car in the driveway, and without after thought we assume that’s a sucessful household. Dosnt matter that a fucking monster lives their. We are trained to think like that, it’s the American way.

    Honorable men and women are defined by their ability to speak truth, to acknowledge their shortcomings.

    The Honorable,man, woman works harder on their shortcomings then their strengths.

    In the past five years as I’ve aged, it’s become clear to me that if I know five honorable folks, I’m blessed. I’m a loner I don’t hang with others, avoid crowds. I read volumes daily.

    Got shelves full of books recommended by others, on specific subject matter. After reading most, I’ve come to the conclusion even these authors are full of shit. What was true then for so,e reason doesn’t apply today. Both the right and the left have become masters of change the definition, change the narrative. One word, or maybe the different spelling of a couple words, has the ability to change entire volumes of doctrine.

    This tactics spelled out in Rules for Radicals. It’s deadly effective.

    Pete what’s the old AA saying, about make change and excepting responsibility for our actions, and our in actions.

    Who would have thought that Bill W, an old washed up recovering alcoholic would pen such courageous standards.

    When I speak of the right, like everybody here I speak of both the left,and the right, they are one and the same.

    While I enjoy kicking the banter around here on wrsa, Ive come to realize we have solved zero, the likelihood of ever solving anything is almost zero.

    The strength of these sites is friendship building, and sharing ideas. Of course getting slaughtered by the majority is also just part of the process.

    Have a great day.

    • there | T͟Her |
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    • {{{What about the inability of the right to speak truth}}}?

  9. As we have seen over the last few days with regard to the planting of a former President, there are still folks who have not partaken of the Red Pill that occasionally find the desire to read or post. They are just starting the path and have realized that the landscape has shifted. Its not the carefully manicured grass or enviro-friendly paving stones any longer. They may still be just getting into the worn dirt path through the tall grass. Its important that we show them a glimpse of the dark twisted forest ahead, but they cant be scarred off. You can be the happy red hatted gnome that ushers them on and encourages them to go deeper into the woods. Its only when its too late for them to turn around that you transform into the goblin and tell them “your one of us now, there’s no going back. Soon it will be time to murder!”

  10. Work together. Or die alone.