Honor Him And His Heroic Achievements, You Filthy Deplorable Bastards

Brimelow: Did GHWB Enable Illegal Immigration Surge?

Go read that Dalrymple quote again.

And again.

The ongoing Planting Poppy shitshow is designed to lull the rubes back to their sportsball, SSRIs, Brawndo, and GigaPorn5G-A-Rama – while all of the Deep State courtiers take notes on who was and wasn’t properly fawning.

See through the programming.

It was a straight-up murder of your country.

And GHWB was one of the shooters.

35 responses to “Honor Him And His Heroic Achievements, You Filthy Deplorable Bastards

  1. I’ll leave this here again for clueless boomers who can’t get it through their THICC skulls.

    • lastmanstanding

      Well done Mike. The spouse will love it.

    • SemperFi, 0321

      Point well made.
      But one of these days you’re going to get your ass beat by some old boomer, man that’s gonna hurt.
      It’s not boomers that are the enemy, it’s stupid people. To you they’re obviously the same. The people that fed and clothed you are the enemy, while most of your generation can barely wipe their own ass. This should work out well for you. Fukn cell phone geniuses taking over the world.

    • Damn if that’s not spot on!

      Made me start choking on my
      drink with dinner…was laughing
      too hard.

      Define gives a kick in the ass to those that deserve it!

      NorthGunner – The Truth Is It’s OWN Defense!

    • Kitty Bush 2.0 gotta new mission…
      Has to follow the zionist kitty’s commission..
      ‘The Plan For A New American Century’…
      A set of new wars to make Kitty Bibi purr with glee…gotta increase kitty israel’s territory….
      Also makes Kitty Rothschilds way richer..wee,wee wee!
      Just another win-win for them evil globalist kitties!!!

      NorthGunner – The Truth Is It’s OWN Defense!

    • throw the christians to the lions.

      a wonderful show will follow

      their goD will save them

      ha ha ha

      can’t wait.

  2. Your intro paragraph was spot on.

    • Can zombie Robin Williams be called upon to portray georgie in the wheelchair?

      NorthGunner – The Truth Is It’s OWN Defense!

    • That Pallbearer joke is an old one but damn its still funny…

  3. Yep.

  4. I had heard of Trevor Moore somewhere before but never looked into him. Freaking hilarious! Err muh gawd I’m going to be singing that shit to myself now. Well done.

  5. Randolph Scott

    AMF cocksucker

  6. Burn it all down; don’t leave nothing for the gooks.

  7. This was poasted yesterday IIRC… https://youtu.be/-NlJQJUUqR4
    This is the video “Dark Legacy.” It raises some very interesting points. As a footnote to the film, read about Ted Shackley here: https://spartacus-educational.com/JFKshackley.htm
    This is no B.S., Ted Shackley was an important figure in that world.

  8. Remember his thousand points of light speech, might as well call the prick the daddy of the modern deep state. The never again Ronald Reagan keys to the regime door keepers somehow forgot door keeping duty and the god emperor squeezed thru.
    They stopped Ross Perot. Put the hit on JFK, tried assassinating RR. Why it isn’t same with Ol’ Trump is a mystery. Or more to the point who, or what is protecting #45.
    There’s different factions of the deep state, a “right & left” Twix bar, maybe.

    No matter. They are the enemy. Us dirt people are their nemesis. It is a really big problem. We should have capitulated already. Now many are wise to the con. Time is a large factor.

    Stage II, but that darned orangemanbad is exposing too much, and the deep states plunge protection team is the classic elite with too many holes in the dike and not enough fingers.

    Then there are Yellow Vests, organic grass roots leaderless insurgency. What a Tea Party becomes when it has reached it’s limits of tolerance. Question is how far past the threshold of “by any means” is the defiance in France?

    Brussel’s in terms of controlling the message, the “optics”, Macaroon and his bankster new world order pals are caught in a damned if we do damned if we don’t situation. Don’t want to make martyrs, can’t afford to push them all over into full fledged broad spectrum 4th G war.
    86,000 police are to be sent in this weekend. Without lethal weapons? And meticulously organized and tactically executed riot control, a clusterfuck waiting to happen.

    The Yellow Vests look serious as a heart attack.
    You don’t burn and destroy the crown jewel of Europe for mild and casual cause when your White Christian dirt people of the West.
    To date they have only been acting to get the full undivided attention of the Euro tyrants, one last chance, or they take all of it down.

    • They know if they hit Trump politics is over. A sizable faction of .mil is watching and waiting. Their deplorable families are watching them. One wrong move and we are all in the shit.

      • .mil cares only about a paycheck.

        Lay off the retard pills.

      • Johnny Paratrooper

        He is right.

        When I told my family the truth, they hated me for it.

        Now the Deep state is in political and kinetic check.

        Any move they make and I look like a genius.

      • Definitely, they pull that crap, they will be unable to govern this country, be their last days. I believe it would make the Yellow Vest look like a Sunday family picnic.

      • .mils ranks are filled with queers and fatboys


        don’t hold your breath hoping they will do anything besides


        that’s all they have ever known

        it’s what they are good at- LOSING

  9. Honor Him And His Heroic Achievements, You Filthy Deplorable Bastards

  10. Which is exactly what the Globalists want

  11. G. H. W Bush was one of the final deciding votes for the 1968 GCA when he was a congressman from Texas.

    Have a nice day!

  12. Here is an oldie but goodie from 1993.

    NOW, where have I heard failed home loans and busted banks before?…..

  13. You throw around that term,”boomer” like you are something real fucking special. Like boomers decided when they were going to be born and what wars they would fight…unlike any previous generation.

    You bought into the divide and conquer strategy and can’t wait to proclaim your newfound ignorance.
    Back to moms basement,Skippy.

    • SemperFi, 0321

      They use the word boomer like nigger or gook, never seen a more disrespectful generation than what we deal with today. And look at all their accomplishments to back up their big nasty mouths.
      We turned on our parents in the 60’s, but still showed them respect once we woke up, these millenials/GenX have nothing but seething hate for their parents and grandparents because we ruined their poor little snowflake lives, took from them things they hadn’t even earned yet. Tough shit, they get to rebuild everything when we’re gone, no skills but their cellphones to show them the way.

      • but, but, but…

        they got some nifty tattoos, weak bodies, fat guts, baseball caps, and smartphones…

        i almost forgot. No fucking money- ha ha ha

        what a joke

  14. Jimmy the Saint

    From Brimelow’s article: “Somebody should appoint a Special Prosecutor.”

    Pretty sure that Stephen VI is dead and Formosus is still dead. Can’t imagine that a repeat of the Cadaver Synod would be overly successful.

  15. Look down under your feet, you will see the rubicon.

  16. So right on about lulling the sheep back to sleep. I obscenity laughed at the roto graview film shot from the train of the bleeting sheeple track side.
    The demon body of senior bush ought to have been in a coal car with a sound loop playing Robert Johnson’s. “Hell hound on my trail”
    Sharpen your tomahawks scour your knives. There ought to be butchering aplenty coming soon.