Schlichter: How Much Blood Are The Dems Willing To Spill In Disarming America?

Depends on whose blood, nu?

Their blood, along with that of staff, supporters, media allies, and other minions?

Not so much.

That of ours?

All of it.

The Reds want all trad Americans disarmed, plundered, silenced, and ultimately, exterminated as the subhumans they believe us to be.


Stand ready to sweep the porches in your AO.


Final word here is from the Chairman:

45 responses to “Schlichter: How Much Blood Are The Dems Willing To Spill In Disarming America?

  1. The disarmament has already begun and there is like one guy in Maryland who was ghosted.

    So no, no bloodshed as 99.9% of Americans will either bury their guns or turn them in.

    Sorry! Americans are too addicted to their high standard of living to risk it all for freedom.

    • For once I’m in an agreement with you…They are walking that fine line of keeping everyone content while they whittle away at us so the collapse doesn’t happen until we can’t effectively resist them…We will see if that’s possible for them but I’m betting it all blows before they have disarmed us…JMHO

      • My statement is a synapsis of what I’ve always been saying so in reality you always agree.with me.

        • Ohh you feel better now… ROTFLMAO….You actually made a decent statement for once rather than your snark and I noticed it and then your true self popped back up…Sad That…

      • Let’s not forget the whittling that was going on in Germany which led to Hitler.. I never say never and know a few Americans tracking those “leaders and their families for that time when “everyone” is bitched slaved, then all of a sudden some leaders and their children are hanging from overpasses by their ankles with their throats sliced open.. All you Recon Rangers and Seal team killers just might be dumbstruck when the shit hits the fan and you got no fucking clue what happened.. Oh, and Merry Fucking Christmas….

        • “… I never say never and know a few Americans tracking those “leaders and their families for that time when “everyone” is…”

          And right about now every one of them is telling the others, “I told you we can’t trust anyone with what we’re doing!”

          So, do I believe you know anyone who is ‘tracking those leaders’?

          Not in this lifetime.

      • Examples of extremely impoverished, beat-down peoples that prevailed against massive technology gaps, funding chasms, etc.:
        -The Vietnamese (against the French, U.S., and China)
        -The Afghanis (numerous examples)
        -The Chinese Communists (Long March)
        -Hizbollah (look up Bint Jubeil)

        I am not stating that I am down with their causes, but I am stating that no matter what, people who are put in a place of no choice will do the unexpected. That historical constant cuts both ways, tyrants always forget this lesson. ALWAYS.

    • SemperFi, 0321

      Look around at your friends and family. They’re oblivious to it all, since it doesn’t concern them. They’re not doing anything wrong.
      And so it goes.

      • I just talked to an old friend just north of the D. He laughed and giggled about any mention of collapse or civil unrest. He totally is “all in” on the $, market, trump, and Murka! And couldn’t understand why I thought the Bush’s are piles of shit. The guy actually likes Obamacare.

        He poo poo’d anything that even sounded negative. He thinks if anything is going to happen it will way after he dies. He just wants to enjoy his new (61 years old) early retirement lifestyle- typical normie..

        And of course, the all too common “I watch FOX and CNN, I have the bases covered” He never even heard of ZeroHedge or RENSE. Then he said if anything does happen “I’m headed up to your place”- like I would ever tell him where I am.

        some people, you just can’t reach…

    • lastmanstanding

      Finally! I’m in that top .1%!

      “don’t go down without one helluva fight”

  2. Jimmy the Saint

    From the article: “People all over the world are resisting the elite’s commands. The Brits Brexited.”

    And then the British government simply said: “Yeah, nah.” and made sure that the Brexit never actually occurred. But remember – voting is important!

    • Yeah, just like it was “Democrat Janet Reno” that sent F-Troop in to get shot to shit by a group of kids and elderly, before burning them….

      ….after training for months on a mock-up on Ft. Hood….

      ….created during the recently departed Dear Leader GHWB….

    • UK is firmly under Shariah Law, as if their gov’t. was secretly converting to Islam during the 1990’s.

  3. And in this modern age, voting, as much as it’s corrupted, is still the best way in which to get the point across. So yes, voting is extremely important. Next comes the spilling of blood when it’s totally ignored.

    “A free people ought not only be armed and disciplined, but they should have sufficient arms and ammunition to maintain the status of independence form any who might attempt to abuse them, which would include their own government.” George Washington

    So next time the vote, for any office, comes around, tell those who would trade Liberty for so called safety, to pack their laundry, their services are no longer wanted.

    • by voting, you validate the (((System))).

      the political class, including and in particular the Republiscams,

      is rotten throughout.

      • SemperFi, 0321

        Once people get an idea in their heads, you can’t talk them out of it, sometimes even at gunpoint. Religion and politics are the 2 most glaring examples.
        For some, voting and praying are carved in stone.

      • HeXo, by voting this last round you used the tools on the table to defend your position. Nobody,,well at least not me is saying the system isn’t rotten to the core. It is.

        Alinsky’s rules, his minions are Counting on you NOT voting. Cuz fuck the system.

        Except for trump, maybe Reagan, I’ve NEVER voted for anybody, I’ve always voted against the other guy, or thing.

        it’s a racket. It just happens to be the best logical racket available.

        Numbers matter.

        Left right are the same. Use their tools against them. Cuz their counting on non voters to do just that. Not,voting is a vote for them.
        I’ll leave it alone Now

        Back to cleaning my AKs. Got these WASRS 10s are fucking garbage.

        Sorry to the WASRS owners here.


        • ” Nobody,,well at least not me is saying the system isn’t rotten to the core. It is.”

          “it’s a racket. ”

          so lets legitimize it by playing by their rules…

          no thanks

          i’ll withhold my consent and let the chips fall where they may.

          the worser- the better

      • lastmanstanding

        I’m with Haxo on this one.

        They want you to think that you are important when all they really want is for you to pay as much tax as possible, have as much debt as you can, love it and be on fagbook so they can keep you under surveillance.

        Did I forget anything?

    • Actual quote
      First Annual Address, to both House of Congress (8 January 1790):

      A free people ought not only to be armed, but disciplined; to which end a uniform and well-digested plan is requisite; and their safety and interest require that they should promote such manufactories as tend to render them independent of others for essential, particularly military, supplies.

  4. “Do unto those first, the harm that they undoubtedly intend to do unto you… without blinking an eye.”

    – Concerned Citizen

  5. @Lineman

    “They are walking that fine line of keeping everyone content while they whittle away at us so the collapse doesn’t happen until we can’t effectively resist them…We will see if that’s possible for them but I’m betting it all blows before they have disarmed us”

    The problem for them (the Leftists) is that they ALWAYS overreach. They are so incredibly full of their own self-declared brilliance and higher morality that they simply cannot conceive of being wrong. [Paging Mazie Hirono, please pick up the white courtesy phone).

    Just look at the whole homo and trans thing: not all that many years ago, those (mostly the homos) just wanted to be tolerated; once they achieved that, they then wanted acceptance of their way of life; now it has gotten to the point of mandatory approval (and let’s pray that mandatory participation never arrives). What happened? Well, Leftists in search of ever-greater power sensed an issue upon which they could hang their hats, so they pushed and pushed and pushed. It is now so over-done that people are beginning to seriously object (mainly on the trans issue, especially including men with fewer external parts beating real women in women’s sports, men with fewer external parts entering rest rooms and locker rooms with real women and girls, and the like). It won’t be different for guns and, in fact, they’ve already started with a proposal to ban private sales of guns on a national level.

    So they WILL go too far…and then the Great North American Survival Game of the early 2000s will begin.

    • Yep that’s my thoughts as well…Buckle up there is turbulence ahead…

    • Old Gray Wolf

      You know evil when you see it behave. As you noted with the queers, evil begins like a severely malnourished and abused pup, pissing in the floor and begging you to allow it to live. So, in pity, you do. And you let it eat. And it grows. Once stronger, it gets pushy, staring at you while you eat, demanding to be where you are, to be accepted as part of your world. It eats some of each meal you have, and grows stronger. It has some pups of its own. Now it demands feed for all its burgeoning pack, and expects to be lauded for just being there. And then one day, you look up from your meal, after growing thin from eating what was left after the beast and all its offspring stole their sustenance straight from your plate, and you are surrounded by a snarling and ravenous pack of the beasts. And you realize that this is it. This is where it was headed, all along. You ARE the meal, along with your children. That is what evil does, if it is not stomped into a bloody pile of goo simply because it dared to piss in the floor.

  6. reality: leftists are willing to spend every drop of blood of someone else’s child to achieve their goals. that’s how committed they are.

    another reality: if they are made to pay directly, have skin in the game, leftists change and discover ‘dialogue’, ‘discussion’, ‘understanding’ and all the other bromides they utter, but never intend implementing.

    the politician featured is another ignorant windbag, spouting his ignorance for all the world to see. he and his ilk are the problem.

    • Kind of like when F-Troop went at the Waco church guns-a-blazin’, got shot up, had their air support taken out by a kid with 2 mags from an M-14 and couldn’t even get a MedEvac, were down to less than one round apiece, then “we would like to talk to you….”

  7. Chief Shortingbull

    I’m glad people are starting to confront our betters on the left with this question. We already know the answer. They’ll slaughter millions if they have to. Hell, they’ll slaughter millions if they DON’T I think by the time 2020 comes around, they will be very open and up-front about it. That the inner city dwellers will be supportive of this shouldn’t surprise anyone. The thing that will surprise a lot of people will be how many suburban soccer moms will be very ok with those numbers. Disturbing, yes…but a little liberating to know who is really on whose side.

    I can’t see too many ways around this. A lot of people are going to think this is fucked up, but I can only see one way to even those odds. Call your congressman and senator (often) and tell the that Russian aggression MUST be confronted at Russia’s border. Putin MUST be made to pay for interfering in “our democracy” and for invading Crimea. Russian troops MUST be routed and driven all the way back past the border. And don’t forget China. Tell your congress critters that the US must remove Chinese troops and weapons form the tiny islands they are constructing. And the Taiwan straights need to be mined. It needs to be made clear to China that just because it’s called the South China Sea doesn’t mean they get to have any saw over what happens there. I hope you get where that one goes.

    • Haha, only problem with that – the nukes, along with the other Franken-weapons they’ve been cooking up for 70 years.


      Uh, Chief. I don’t think you got the memo. Russia and China are not our enemies. What is our “Global Force For Good” doing in the South China Sea in the first place? What BUSINESS is it of ours how Russia, a SOVREIGN COUNTRY, puts its troops in the Crimea or Ukraine?
      Are you ready to send your loved ones to die defending the Ukraine? Are you ready to watch the Chinese military turn elements of the Seventh Fleet into floating junk? Shall I send my nephews and nieces to die for Taiwan? I would hide them in my basement and protect them with my life.
      You, sir, need to do some research. Follow the money. That will explain every war Amerika has gotten itself into from 1812 to the present. It’s all about “markets”. Now, if you want to shed your blood for Wall Street and the Banksters, have at it. My disconnect with the “BIG CLUB” of which I am not in is so complete, I would not loose a minute’s sleep if SMOD, Putin, Xi, or Kim Jeong Un vaporized Mordor-On-Potomac, New Yawk, LA, SFO, or any number of corrupt, syphilitic Blue Hives. As Pogo used to say: “…we have met the enemy and he is us.” Amerika ist verloren. Bleib ubrig.

      • Dweezil , I think he was being sarcastic.

      • SemperFi, 0321

        Yup, +10.
        Flag waving retards come in second after the commies when you look at the list of America’s enemies. Too dumb to understand they’ve been played by the turncoat conservative media, and then when shoot comes to shove, no idea where to point their NRA sponsored guns. They’re still looking for Russian and Chinese troops to land here, instead of their own political leaders and the illegal refugees they import.
        Wally World vs the commies, should be fun to watch.

      • +1. I want the US to start paying attention to…….wait for it…………The US. I do not care what Putin does in his AO-which the Ukraine is. We spent how much blood and treasure in Viet Nam? And how much in Afghanistan, Iraq, Iran, ad nauseum? And it is never the children of the Elites, who are safe and warm in their college dorms, or White House close apartments. It is the children of the damned: those religious nutcases who cling to their God, their Bible, and their predjudices. We need to keep thinking about that when some asshole jackwagon like SwallowWell runs his mouth.

      • Chief Shortingbull

        I think you may have missed the obvious snark in my comment. Yes, by all means encourage the beltway trash to start a NATO led invasion of Ivans motherland. Then in about 90 minutes, the enormous blue voting strongholds in DC, LA, NYC, Chicago, broward, etc won’t be such a problem that wants to disarm and slaughter us.


          Thanks, Chief. I appreciate the clarification. I do not know if you have read my previous posts, but in the last 3+ years since my move to Rawles Land, I have run across LEGIONS of folks who say exactly the things you opined in your snark. And, they are serious! As my brother Lineman would say: Sad that.

      • I’m in agreement with you, I went to these recent wars for personal financial gain and for the combat experience I will require once the theatre of operations commences. That I had better pay as a combat soldier says negative things about our economy and lack of free enterprises.

    • “…Putin MUST be made to pay for interfering in “our democracy” …”

      Uh, Chief, you better have a lot of evidence to back that statement before you start sending any of my family off to defend some foreign shithole that couldn’t care anything about me, mine, or my country. You can go in my stead and be sure to bring your clan along– at least the ones who think the same as you. Perhaps you can start your journey from our southern border?

    • Chief,We,meaning the good old USA,hates the Chinks and Ruskies because the fucking bankers and globalists say so… No,I hate the chinks because they are dirty commie bastards. We have more in common with the Ruskies than most acknowledge.
      Save your energy for the fight coming with your unprepared next door neighbor who will butcher you and your family because you have resources he needs.

    • Jimmy the Saint

      “That the inner city dwellers will be supportive of this shouldn’t surprise anyone.”

      Well, the inner city dwellers will probably be surprised at who ends up being part of the “millions slaughtered”. Just look at the abortion figures – the elites on the Left do not want to live with “diversity”.

  8. the reds are welcome to kill as many cucks and normies as they desire. no qualms from me.

    less ammo wasted getting rid of the useless eaters…

    then, exterminate the lefties wholesale. make a fun game out of it.

    like slugbug. see a lefty- waste it.

    see? FUN!

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      Psy·cho·path /ˈsīkəˌpaTH/: A person suffering from chronic mental disorder with abnormal or violent social behavior. (Informal) an unstable and aggressive person. Synonyms: madman, maniac, lunatic, psychotic, sociopath.

  9. As I lookout the Window, I see the Lightpoles have nothing but lights hanging from them.

  10. Florida is next.
    $400k in funding so far.
    I already posted which hired political consulting group is actually running it. The names on the Org page are just for looks.
    Here are the pros

    The link has a nice chart of the network of connections.