True Dat

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  1. Mencken’s prediction has proven correct. we now have ‘leaders’ that truly do represent the majority of people in this country.

  2. What’s your vote worth when the only choices are people promising how far they’ll reach with representing government to you?

    • My vote,,and everybody else’s vote would have ensured another 24 months of minimal gun related bullshit from the minority party. The anarchists the haters here,,,,,,taught us all a valuable lesson.

      I don’t worry for guys like me, the older crowd here, we saw this coming along long time ago. Most have more guns and bullets then we’ll ever need.

      Voting, not voting has consequences.

      Meanwhile nothing here changed today.


      • Jimmy the Saint

        At most, voting only has consequences in swing states and closely contested districts. In most of the country, elections are a foregone conclusion before the opposition candidate is even on the ballot.

  3. Joseph E Postma

    And it is flat Earth pseudoscience at its basis.

  4. lastmanstanding

    One of the local commies that I know and myself were having a discussion while waiting in line at a local eatery. (I like to keep them in my loop) In 5 minutes I was able to get some valuable intel.

    She suddenly blurted out that we need to get rid of capitalism. I replied, what is wrong with making money? She quickly retorted, “we need to get rid of that as well!”

    So, where in the fuck to you go with that?

    • Out behind the barn😂

      • lastmanstanding

        Can’t…she just had theirs torn down…SOLD IT!…for MONEY! No shit…she said they just finished!

        But hey, the timbers/lumber got salvaged/recycled so in her mind taking the money is ok…especially since the serfs did all the work and she just had to collect the check.

      • +1.

        There is no other way when dealing with The True-Believers of Uncle Karl.

    • ha ha

      at the bar last night i had a table full of geriatric cucks who complained when i turned the channel on the scumbags funeral bullshit…

      i told them they were really gonna hate it when i kicked them out for good.

      it’s good to be the King. 🙂

      • Johnny Paytoilet

        I didn’t watch LBJ’s funeral bullshit 45 years ago. So I sure as hell wasn’t going to waste my time on GHWB’s trip to the dirtbed either. Right now, I can’t decide which of the two I despise more than the other. One thing for sure, both were assholes & both got a lot of people killed for no damn good reason. Yes, it’s good to be KIng!

      • lastmanstanding

        Should have turned it over to Lezzie Madcow to really piss them off…your Highness. Ha Ha Ha my ass off!!! 😉

        Fuck. I’m gonna miss all this banter when this place goes dark. 😦

        • When this place goes dark we will be living in holes and dodging incoming rounds. One way or another.

  5. Johnny Paratrooper


  6. Could she be Yogi’s love child?

    • Stop me if you’ve heard this. The Miracle Mets get a parade but before it they’re introduced to Mayor Lindsay and his wife. Shaking hands, Mrs. Lindsay says to Yogi “You certainly look nice and cool in that white linen suit”. Berra replies “Thanks Mrs. Lindsay. You don’t look so hot yourself”.

  7. The Walkin' Dude

    Brought to you by Carl’s Jr… “Fuck you, I’m eating”

  8. O-C is a diabolical narcissist and not worth the time of day in the halls of congress. She’ll get the attention of the fawning media, but she is bad for business and Nancy Pelosi is not going to let this little pipsqueak interfere with her game.

  9. Who’s the woman on the right?

  10. Tfat, your killing me. That’s funny!


  11. God that bitch is dumber n a post. 2024 she will be president!.


  12. Another genius proclamation from the AOC: Go ahead Princess- show us your superiority. I bet that this woman actually believes she is brilliant, worthy of worship from the brown upsurpers, and has no need of any white votes. Well, there is only one important woman in the House, and your name ain’t Nancy sweetheart. Cross ol’ Mindless Wimple at your own peril.


    • Ocasio-Cortez – “My future in biofuels…becuz ‘de enbire-o-ment matters!”

      NorthGunner – The Truth Is It’s OWN Defense!

  14. Alexandria Occasional Cortex

  15. Jimmy the Saint

    Regarding Ocasio-Cortez-Lenin’s quote – NASA officials said almost the very same thing following Kennedy’s “man on the moon” speech. It’s not so much that it’s a stupid statement as it is a profoundly stupid person making it.

  16. h/t EarlOfTaint

  17. Paulo, dammit, I spit my coffee up.

    Good one!