Yellow Vests & The West

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  1. No game changers come of this. The EU will crush it.

    Now of they had some M43 and played for keeps….

  2. Tuk fhem, they are all celebrating their own genocide

  3. Yes, let’s copy France. I saw one protester carrying a sign that read: “Make Our Public Services Great Again”

    What a retarded slave. The End.

    • Jimmy the Saint

      Baby steps. Right now, they’re mad that they’re not getting what they’re paying out the wazoo for. Given time, they’ll start questioning *why* they’re paying

  4. I disagree with Vox Day’s assessment that America has been under assault front ‘civic nationalists/American revisionists’.

    America has been under assault by the Rothschild’s banking empire since the colonies broke free of the ‘Brutish Empire’ (Upon hearing of Cornwallis’s surrender, Nathan Rothschild’s furious response was, “Those rustics must be brought to heel!”).

    This was attempted by their agent here who was none other than one Alexander Hamilton, who arrived at the meeting to ‘amend the Articles’ with a hegelian pre-packaged ‘constitution’ to settle early America’s ‘political troubles’ (and also a none-too-subtle push for a ‘central bank’). Any here who are still singing hosannah for the constitution MUST read Kenneth Royce’s “Hologram of Liberty”, especially the latest edition with new information.

    The next iteration of attempted financial re-conquest by the Rothschild’s was during and after the War of 1812 and Jackson’s demolishment of the 2nd Central Bank under Biddle.

    Not deterred, the Rothschild’s waited and planned and finally achieved re-conquest of America in 1913 with the help of senator Nelson Aldrich, Paul Warburg, Rockefeller and their hand picked pResident, Woodrow Wilson
    who had already agreed to sign it before any of that generations deplorables had a clue as to his real nature or the intentions of his foreign handlers, especially one ‘Col. Mandel House’ who was a Rothschild’s agent. Please read both “Creature of Jekyll Island” by Ed Griffen and “Planet Rothschild” Vols. 1&2 by M. S. King.

    For added good measure, the Rothschild’s and their related jewish zionist and communist agitators also made sure that their pet pResident Wilson participated in a totally unnecessary global military conflict…one that would both begin to destroy the idea of independent nation states while further enriching the Rothschild’s and consolidating their hold on a certain illegitimately gained piece of Middle Eastern property as well as influence and control elsewhere (especially America).

    The rest, as they say, is history…especially the important parts that have been intentionally heavily doctored.

    I wonder why Vox didn’t cover that?…

    NorthGunner – The Truth Is It’s OWN Defense!


      NG: Nailed it. However, if at my next substitute teaching gig I repeated your above truths, I would be told never to return to the school which currently employs me. But, I think I will anyway. We are so close to CWII I would probably be better off cleaning toilets at one of the three Wal Marts here in Kootenai County. Take care of yourself. Time is short.

      • It is very likely that some of the more astute pupils will recognize the massive disconnect present in the accepted history narratives; i.e. “we don’t know what caused the great depression, but it can’t happen again because government”, or “we don’t know what caused WWI, but the League of Nations was created so there would be no more world wars”, or “we don’t know why the Germans singled out jews for persecution six million!“.

        Open ended questions coupled with a call for independent research can be enlightening.

  5. Old Gray Wolf

    This, if anything, is just a necessary step on the road to the real fight. There always have to be casualties before real concrete actions are taken. The Boston Massacre, for instance. Lexington. Concord. The peons stood up at these places, but were still hoping to simply shout or wave a gun and send the Brits packing. It took the Brits killing a few people befpre the people got the nerve tp kill them back. Look how many people got hauled off before the few left in the Warsaw Ghetto finally took it to the Germans. The Venezeulans are still taking the abuse. So are we. A few eggs always get cracked inthe making of an omelette. The only variable is how many it takes.

    • Inifinite. Every aspect of power is controlled by Red Team.

      It will take an infinite number of events before things turn around.

  6. Riots in France have been going on for a thousand years. Most of these sputter out long before they become real movements.

    This time it just seems to be left wing nationalists angry with left wing globalists. We’ll just have to wait and see on this.

  7. this isn’t about a “gas tax”. this is the opener for the “carbon tax” that all the climate change globalists want to impose on all of us so they can “fix” said climate change. since the sun is wobbling it’s way further from us right now and will result in a couple decades of cooler and wetter weather, exactly how much money do they need to “fix” that? oh that’s right….it’s all about control.

  8. would not surprise me to see Europe burst into flames before murka does. the European people are not fat lazy retarded slobs like they are in the states.. a french 8th grader is smarter than most murkin college grads