Aesop: A Cunning Plan

Reax to yesterday’s post.


And note the constructive criticism at the end.

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          I don’t care who you are, but that kind of attack is never called for regardless how bad a person is. Any more of that kind of shit will get comments closed again. So shut your filthy yap or find some hole that likes people like you.


    This stinks to high Heaven. An obvious rope-a-dope designed to smoke out and discredit any (((Hollywood))) critics. It smacks of a JIC move to dilute any criticisms/reactions to/investigations of to anymore sexual sleaze which will continue emanate from Tinsel Town.

    • Didn’t think of it like that. Just like the skinheads and Christian Identity being fed fronts back in the day.
      Anything but address the real problem being the corruption of the innocent.
      ‘A nation that won’t protect its children has no future ‘ – V. V. Putin .


      Off topic, but I just read this today, 12/08/2018. James Fields, Jr., the poor fool who was arrested at the Charlottesville, VA fiesta after the fat woman had the heart attack has been convicted on ALL COUNTS.
      This is what happens when you engage in public protests against the Leviathan here in Amerika. And this is what WILL continue to happen to ANY “unapproved” group which tries to exercise its First Amendment rights. So the moral of the story is this: If you are going to do anything, you are on your own. Plan ahead. STFU. The book by Perez and Wolfe has some useful information in it. Bleib ubrig.

  2. Aesop is 100% correct that is the stupidest thing you ever published that not come from Zero Gov.

  3. Mel Gibson and all nazis suck. And if you don’t like Israel who the hell do you like Hamas?

    • Hamas didn’t attack the USS Liberty, hire Jonathan Pollard to spy on the US, etc. A pox on both their houses.

    • It’s unpossible for one to “like” neither!
      Pick a side, stupid goy!

      P.S. Pretty sure BB would mop the floor with you.


      Child sex offenders?
      There IS an app for that.

    • Hi boomer.

  4. A sap sure flys into action fast if the joos are in need of protection. Minor children being exposed to x rated filth not so much.
    We all just need to become better at sales and presentation and it will all work out.
    Nazzees are worse than pedos I guess.

    • When you can’t correctly diagnose the problem, any suggested treatment is almost certain to be a load of horseshit as well.
      Thanks for illustrating the point better and more concisely than I could, and being a poster child for That Guy.

      If you’re still not seeing it, scroll down to the response I gave to Semper Fi, below.
      Hollywood is not a Jooooooooooos!!! problem; those exact folks gave you The Wizard Of Oz, Gone With the Wind, Stagecoach (starring some B-list singing cowboy), Goodbye, Mr. Chips, Of Mice and Men, The Adventures Of Sherlock Holmes, Dodge City, Drums Along The Mohawk, Gunga Din, The Hunchback Of Notre Dame, Jesse James, Young Mr. Lincoln, and about 100 other movies, including a couple of Secret Service-entitled flicks starring some kid from Illinois, all in just that one year (1939).
      If you can’t suss that out, that year was the Yankee’s “Murderer’s Row” of movie-making, compared to ever in history, anywhere.
      Now tell me the names of the producers and studio heads, just for those 12 flicks, in 1939.

      As Casey Stengel noted a time or two, “You could look it up.”

      What changed is who pays for films to be made. Around 1990, give or take.
      When you lost the checkbook, you lost the industry’s attention.
      This is what happens when you abdicate fighting culture wars, and think you can ignore them, which was the Right, inclusive, from 1960-five seconds ago. Not “conservatism”, not “Boomers” (aged about 0-15 when that clever plan was hatched), but rather every swinging Right-side Richard for 60+ effing years, and counting

      Keep doing that, and call me when it succeeds spectacularly.
      Like it never has, or ever will.

      • Never said it was a joo problem. I specifically said Talmudists. Most Jews are as oblivious as the goyim.
        Also I know the Chicoms are all up in Hollywood. The pedo shit though is my pet beef,and that is the province of all insular and inbred cults – Talmudic Judaics , Muslim fundamentalists and Vatican big wigs to name the most ubiquitous. The Chinks are into plain vanilla colonization not the smashing of the child mind.
        When you get jacked up about the pedo shit I will tip the hat. Long semi- coherent posts spewing relativistic dung put me to sleep.

        • There’s nothing there to get jacked up about.
          Shoot the motherfucker.
          (If you chose to start at the ankles, and work your way up using a full mag, ROWYBS.)

          None of which cleverly tars the entire anti-Progtard side of the political spectrum as skinheads, Klansmen, and people giving tongue baths to Himmler and Hitler.
          What a concept.

          Next problem.

      • Mel is a cuck too. His pic failed to answer “who killed Jesus”.
        Mattthew 27:25 “His blood be on us , and on our children.”
        Not a truth teller, not a leader.


        True. But, the USA was another country back then. We must also keep in mind that those same movie moguls, whether the (((Chosen))) or gentiles were also in lock-step with Frank the Cripple, brainwashing the Sheeple back then about the Great Depression, and WWII. Cecil B. DeMille and a few others saw it. They were discredited by the (((majority))) in Tinsel Town, along with their useful idiots such as the alcoholic blowhard, John Ford.
        Leni Riefenstahl, Hitler, and Goebbels were not the only ones who understood the power of cinema propaganda. After all, where else could the Sheeple go to unwind and lose themselves in a make-believer world to take away their troubles? Richard Maybury in his book: WHATEVER HAPPENED TO JUSTICE? cites a survey of young USMC recruits done in the 1950’s whereby it was established that a significant majority of these young men enlisted after watching the John Wayne movie SANDS OF IWO JIMA. I rest my case, for now.

  5. Yawn. Wake me up when it’s time to go.

  6. I always shudder when I see right wingers behave like lefties.
    Pedowood boycott? Really?
    While wearing your National Socialist Workers Party armbands?
    Wake the fuck up, and try to be a little more discerning about who you associate with.

  7. You want to destroy hollyweird? Well then you have to come up with something that decouples the China pay stream. Whole or in part that is where the financing is coming from.

    • SemperFi, 0321

      So the Chinese were pumping money into Hollywood in the 1920’s?
      That place was ALWAYS a Jew movie project, since they left NYC for a sunnier climate.
      How do you think Las Vegas got started?

      • Semper Fi, stay in your lane. DrDog nailed the problem in about 0.2 seconds.

        Tell me about the Hollywood that produced, e.g. It’s A Wonderful Life, Sahara, Twelve O’clock High, Ben Hur, and 30K other films, some 1000 of which are international treaures, and the high points of the entire quintessential American art form; then compare and contrast that with the Hollywood that makes any four examples of the current shite you’d care to name, and see if you can spot what changed between 1915-1990ish, versus from 1990-present.

        If you didn’t know that around the break point ion that tale, the overwhelming bulk of movie financing and box office revenue started coming from overseas, which is why Hollywood no longer gives two wet shits for mainstream America’s viewpoint, nor caters to same, you’re waaaaaaay behind the curve on this topic.

        Pay more attention to the “business” half of the entertainment business. In short, “follow the money“.

        Hollywood happens to be located in America, but it caters to everyone but America. This isn’t a Joooooooooooos!!!* problem, it’s a ¥en/€uro/riyal problem.
        WTF do you think the mediocre Red Dawn reboot was CG-scrubbed of the original (as written and shot) ChiCom villainy, and the Norks’ notional invasion scenario CGI-inserted into the entire film in post-?

        The man who pays the piper calls the tune, only since about 5000 B.C.

        And the answer isn’t armbands and goose-stepping.
        Finance your own viewpoint, and kick the whole corrupt bundle of douchebaggery right in the pussy.

        As I noted, Mel Gibson, dragooned bassackwards into the wrong end of this, proved that point: No one in anti-American/anti-Christian mainstream Hollywood wanted to finance a film in spoken Aramaic about the trials and crucifixion of Christ (cue obligatory tea fart anti-God rant in 3,2,…). So Mel coughed up $30M of his own money, shot what he wanted, released it, and as the producer/sole-owner of that flick, raked in the lion’s share of the >$600M return.

        You really want to f**k Hollywood where it hurts, without any lube?
        Do that.
        THAT was “Operation Gibson”. He laughed all the way to the bank.

        Anything else is just babies shitting their diapers, and flinging the contents as spackle.

        Masthead point: The only way to fight a culture war is to FIGHT a Culture War..

        But disagree: name one war-by-boycott that ever won anything.
        Show all work.

        I’ll pitch you a softball along that line:
        Explain how sanctions and embargos in the late 1930s-early 1940s brought the Imperial Japanese war-mongering of that era to a swift and bloodless halt.
        Bring in supporting evidence from the embargoes and sanctions against Saddam’s Iraq from June 1990-January 1991, showing how that worked out.

        I’ll be over here watching.

        *{Historical note: you got Hollywood as a largely, but not nor never entirely, Jewish invention, precisely because of the same white-hooded goose-stepping anti-Semitism in the OP, except at the turn of the last century, coupled with the avarice of Thomas Edison Inc., Philadelphia lawyers, and Tamany Hall politics conniving to try to sue Jewish filmmakers out of business every time they made a movie, and the subsequent and reflexive decamping of the Thalberg/Mayer/Goldwyn/Selznick types from corrupt East coast environs, where justice was sold by the pound to the highest bidder, and getting off the train in Phoenix AZ on the one day in 365 it ever rains there. That wouldn’t do at all, so they all got back on the train, arrived in Los Angeles, saw they had 300+ days of sunshine/year, ocean, desert, mountain, plains, forest woodland, and city-scape all in close proximity, coupled with a thriving and booming metropolis, hard-working people absent trade unionism, and dirt-cheap real estate, with none of the East Coast kleptocracy previously noted, and the match was made that gave you the single greatest cultural achievement in America since ever: the movie business. They could shoot cowboy and indian flicks three miles from downtown L.A., because in 1910, everything from that point to the Pacific Ocean was bean fields, cactus patches, and rocky chapparal, and hordes of broke-dick former ranch hands became cavalry troopers and Schmoe-hawk tribe Indian stunt men.

        Squeeze Jell-O, and you always end up with a mess all over yourself. If Edison, Tamany Hall politics, and robber-baron kleptocracy hadn’t squeezed the Jews out of the East Coast, Hollywood would have been called Long Island, Connecticut, and/or New Jersey. Well-played. How’s that working out for those areas now?}

        • SemperFi, 0321

          I know where Hollywood is. My father worked for Warner Bros from 1957-63 as a cartoonist under Chuck Jones. Walt Disney sponsored my family when we immigrated from Canada, then told my dad to try down the street at WB.
          My mother worked for the Beverly Hills Stock Exchange, having learned her accounting trade in Zurich, Switzerland.
          You’re smart as hell, very articulate and about as narrow minded as anyone can be. Because you don’t see it it doesn’t exist. Good for you.
          Many others here see the elephant in the living room and are tired of being told to shut up because it doesn’t exist.

          • The only problem with your analysis is that it runs against the torrent of historical facts. Other than that, it’s a great story.

            Best wishes with the plan to follow it anyways.

            Nobody’s telling you to shut up.
            Just put up.

            All you’ve got so far on the topic is gainsaying.
            But thanks for showing us on the doll where Hollywood touched you.
            So, when exactly did Walt become a Jooooooo!?

            If you’ve got the smoking gun showing all Jews are pedopjiles, run Hollywood with an iron grip, and have a secret plan to undermine America since forever, please reference something a bit more authoritative than nonsense like the Protocols of the Elders of Zion, or anything else ginned up and cobbled together by the sheet-wearing Bigfoot hunters of history, who see (((Jooooooooooooos!!!))) under their beds 24/7/365.

            The fifty people on any point of the Right spectrum of politics who just can’t stop cutting eyeholes in their pillowcases or leave their sheets on the bed, or keep that sociopathic little fetish to themselves, are half the reason most Normies think we’re all Haxo. That’s an honor I’ll happily forego.

            Like only about 97% of the population at large, I don’t give a single flying fuck where people stick their dicks as long as it’s not in me, or whether or not they’re circumcised. Either help win a culture war, or go eat a bag of dicks. And recruit for Stormfront some-fucking-where else.

            The difference between the right-wing thought police and the left-wing ones is…oh, wait, nothing.
            I want to shoot them both in the face.

            And Tea Fat, thanks for chiming in as expected.
            Keep leading with your chin every time that God button is pushed, buddy, it makes things way more fun for everyone else when you’re so frothingly knee-jerk predictable.

        • Yup

          FUCK YOUR GOD

          your goD is less than doG shit

          look under LOSER in a dictionary and you see the name of your goD

          that foul putrid puddle of vomit couldn’t wipe its own ass let alone save anything more than dried lump of shit.

          fake goD

        • lastmanstanding

          Is there anything that you don’t know everything about?

          I’m surprised that you even have time to go to work with as much keyboard time as you expend in your attempt to “wake up the masses.”

          Do it at your place. Give it a rest in the comments here please. Thanks in advance.

  8. Old Gray Wolf

    Kinda surprised(not really) that hollywood is not completely funded by the left in this country. I mean, what self-respecting person spends their hard earned money on that filth? Seems only liberals are morally bankrupt and mentally room temp enough to enjoy that swill. But I see dudes with molon labe tshirts and tactical pants rummaging through the tripe whenever I am in the local wallyworld for some reason. Slumming, I guess. Maybe they are really libtards in camo, so they don’t get thumped around here. Yeah, right.

    The right in this country is less disciplined than the left, and utterly disloyal to any principle that stands between them and whatever modernity they wish to engage in. Makes me sick. Shitty place to be sometimes, feeling like you don’t belong where you have lived all your life. And the more you learn about history, you find out there probably wasn’t ever a place you would have belonged. Here I am, a human that despises nearly all other members of my species. With cause. Especially despise idiots that think they are going to destroy hollywood in ten days from their desk chairs, mostly because they paint themselves as being allied with me. Shit, if I was 14 again, I’d be taking their lunch money at school, without doubt. They’d deserve it.

    • “Stranger in my own country.” It is written that those whom have no place on this earth have a place in the most high. It is also written that those who accept this will prevail and own the land.

  9. Destroy with your wallet.

  10. Does this meme creator even grammar? Wtf did I just read?

  11. Well, not to take the other side, but I thought the NPC campaign sounded pretty stupid until it worked far better than anyone dreamed.

    Just sayin

    • Fair enough.

      Folks have been boycotting Hollywood, the arts, and anything deemed “culture” overall since the 1960s.
      And scapegoating Joooooooooooos! since, well,…ever.

      Tell me how that’s working out for ya.

      So do you really think “More, harder, faster!” is finally gonna make things break your way?

      When you’ve been pounding your head against a stone wall for sixty years, it feels so good to stop.

      There’s a culture war raging.
      Has been for two generations, minimum.
      (More like 220 years, starting in Europe in the late 1700s.)
      {Ask Pope Paul V how that whole sticking-your-fingers-in-your-ears-and-saying-“LA!LA!LA!”-thing worked out with Galileo and Copernican theory.}

      Running away hasn’t worked.
      It never will.
      Try. Something. Else.