Denninger: **** You, Mr. President

Border security, my ass.

PT, inventory building, and skills development are the key paths going forward.

January, 2021 is just around the corner.

30 responses to “Denninger: **** You, Mr. President

  1. Vote yourselves a better President.

    Next time, eh?

    • As if voting accomplishes anything based in
      reality, in a dictatorship long ruled by a
      Uniparty of communists and statist shitbags.

    • Jimmy the Saint

      Tried that. It didn’t work out so well.
      – Zombie Lee Harvey Oswald

  2. I’ve come to the realization that the comment section may be a liability, not an asset. If you’re trying to inform readers and not chase them off, maybe it would be better to just continue to post the articles and lock down the comments again. I’ve been here for a while and it seems that only hermit malcontents rant here. Social misfits. A few exceptions. Watch the replies and decide.

    • Johnny Paratrooper

      We are pissed off that we have been robbed, raped, and murdered into submission by liars, traitors, commies, and muslims.

      Yet you call us social misfits?

      Of course we are social misfits. THIS ISN’T OUR SOCIETY.

      If I wanted Islam with a side of communism in my own country, I would move to the Balkans.

  3. The Walkin' Dude

    Fun fact: If you want to speed up decomposition of a “carcass” then dump a bunch of animal shit on it before you bury it 😉

    • Thank you!

    • I’ve heard Draino works well too if you don’t have access to animal shit…

      • The Walkin' Dude

        Don’t know anything about Draino, but I should add do NOT use lime. That will only slow it down while dampening the smell. Also helps if the carcass is heavily perforated 🙂


        Word, my brother. Drano is lye. It is very corrosive. If you cannot find Drano, oven cleaner will work.

  4. The Athenians have weighed in (waded in)
    with a hearty ‘Fuck You’!
    Many spectular photos are included, as
    the article was not compiled by (the nothing to see here) American state media.
    ‘Greece becomes war zone as thousands of rioters hit streets on 10th anniversary of teenage ‘police brutality’ killing’

  5. sTrumpy –

    Code for steaming pile of excrement.

    and this just in – same pile announces nomination of new AG – a Bush acolyte

  6. Sigh, once again someone THINKS and BELIEVES the gooberment will do as they say or promise. REALLY, YOU STILL LIVE IN THAT FANTASY WORLD?

    • SemperFi, 0321

      It’s a lost cause.
      Just talked with another friend who wants me to write and fwd more emails to my congresscritter to get this country turned around, the level of stupid is incomprehensible!!!
      Beg and grovel before our elected officials, to do a job they were hired to do, and after decades of criminal behavior on their part, blame it on the opposing party. I can’t listen to one more moron telling me the Republicans are the good guys and they’d be doing a better job if only more people stood behind the party.
      The only standing they need to do is in front of a wall, with a blindfold. Along with all their idiot followers.

    • lastmanstanding

      I tell that to people damn near every day.

  7. About that wall folks are saying is not being built—

    • that piece of crap? The wetbacks go over, under, around and through on a daily basis. There are some more impressive sections elsewhere, but those are demo projects that have been underway for years. Overall, about 10% of the 2,000 mile “border” is “securely” fenced. But, with no soldiers present with shoot to kill orders, it’s all a mirage.

    • Old Gray Wolf

      That wall needs to be 100m inside US soil, with razor wire atop it, and cameras every 500m with a Ma Deuce synced to them and automated to annihilate anything within 100m of the wall. Pretty ugly at first, but as soon as word got out, the flow of immigrants would cease. Would need to fortify the border crossings too, and have a list of things a mile long that bring deadly force down on bad actors.

      Have the CBP equipped with Little Birds, and send two birds any time the Ma Deuce is ineffective. One gunship with miniguns, and one with a team to handle business on the ground. Just in case the cartel thinks they can steal a belt fed or two. No more arrests. Hunter/killer teams and techies watching the cameras. Perhaps a few drone operators controlling an MQ-9 or two covering each 100 miles of wall. Tell the Mexicans, once it enters our soil, its dead, no matter where it goes from there. And back it up. It would stop illegal immigration over that border cold. And be a lot cheaper than letting the millions into our country. We have got to stop playing with these crooks and worrying about what the bleeding heart commies on our side of the line think, or there will be nothing left here to fight for in ten years. Needs to be a lot of fertilizer made…

  8. To the sycophantic apologists, shills, and water carrying coolies for Trump that don’t already know: Politics Trump Signs Spending Bill, Setting Up High-Stakes Oval Office Showdown

    President will meet Tuesday morning with Pelosi and Schumer

  9. Broken arrow. I say again, broken arrow.