Herschel: DA Clears Cop Who Shot Vietnam War Veteran Minutes After The 73-Year-Old Had Killed An Intruder Who Had Stormed In And Tried To Drown His Grandson

Nearly unbelievable, until you accept the reality of the meme above.


You and yours are truly on your own.

29 responses to “Herschel: DA Clears Cop Who Shot Vietnam War Veteran Minutes After The 73-Year-Old Had Killed An Intruder Who Had Stormed In And Tried To Drown His Grandson

  1. Ersatz Naugahyde

    Sigh………. So hey, whatever happened to DANMORGAN76?

  2. So what are the realistic options available. This killing is bullshit, this is the second shooting this cops been in within a roughly one month period of time.

    Seems to me that to effect change the one thing that is tangable is recall the DA, fire his ass. He’s wrong, and the fucking system is wrong.

    I had two friends stop by from Alameda County Sheriffs offices, near” San Fran” last night. We talked about this for an hour. We talked about the outright corruption of their sheriff, of the county commissioners.

    Both are stuck, both need a few more years to meet retirement age. And they hate what’s going on.

    Ones a task force commander working MS-13, in and around Oakland. Shits getting out right out of control. They ” the popo” control the streets in the day light. Not so much after dark, and not even close after 22:00 hours. It’s a free for.

    Also learned that the Mexican gangs are killing the black gangsters at an alarming rate. These are cartels actually, not gangs. The blacks are hardening their turf up, against the cartels.

    Cartels are using the Internet to learn where everybody lives, learn what kinds of taxes are being paid, who owns what. I’m told their computer guys are top notch, more importantly they don’t care how sloppy their trail is, proves nothing.

    Both were up here house shopping for their families. When their done their in the Bay Area their out. Both confirm California is a lost cause.


    • Oakland. Home of ebonics.

      they’re | T͟Her |
      they are.

      • Substitute teacher. Amateur pedant. Authoritarian scold.

        Pompous jackass.

        Oh, and Al… your last ‘devastating’ response to me? Given as an example under the heading “Projection” in Webster’s.

      • Old Gray Wolf

        AL, ever think dirk might just do that on purpose too piss you off? It has crossed my mind too do it myself. Love messing with anal retentive grammar nazi twits like you. Makes my day brighter. I suspect ol dirk over their is much the same…

        • Angry? Amused that dorks pontificate their/they’re/their nationalism when
          they can’t/won’t master the basic grammar of our national language.

          You guys make D’andre and La’squasha look scholarly.

          Oh, I almost forgot to mention…Jews. (laughing at you both).

    • Gangs, cartels, and homeowners associations with gates and armed corporate security are already here. Where’s the militia? Waiting for permission to muster I guess.

      • currently, one or more of every 4 “militia” members is a jew.gov informant/provocateur. I have met several such.

        no militia will “muster” until the Jewbuck dies. Though subject to an ongoing genocide, most Whites remain fat and happy.

      • Where’s your book on that Surf?

    • “When their done their(sic) in the Bay Area their out.”

      done with what? providing cover for the criminals and scum while they fleeced the population and destroyed lives over made-up bullshit laws??

      no worries MS 13 will strike at the white enclaves in the ‘redoubt’ and massacre all in their path. typical fucking pigs, oppress the people, vacuum up all resources, then run like the yellow striped cowards they are. there will be NO place to hide if you are or were a cop.


      MS Lives Matter

      cops? NOT. ONE. FUCKING. BIT.

    • Jimmy the Saint

      “Cartels are using the Internet to learn where everybody lives, learn what kinds of taxes are being paid, who owns what. I’m told their computer guys are top notch”

      Anonymous can vouch for that. When they “declared war” on the Zetas, it took the Zetas about 24 hours to find one of them, kill him, and display his body in public.

  3. mrcraigdudley

    i frequently re-post items i find here in wrs to my blog and did with this one as well; https://patriotismbydegree.blogspot.com/

  4. “Mr. Black was a Vietnam veteran who served two tours of duty, earning four separate Bronze Stars for his service, as well as a Purple Heart”

    • Jimmy the Saint

      Wonder if they’ll give him another Purple Heart for this one. Seems like enemy action to me.

  5. Left this at Herschel’s place:

    Karma is a stone cold, inevitable, patient bitch; relentless, tireless, unforgiving and with an infallible memory.

    She’ll come for them all in good time.

    Hope I live long enough to participate.

  6. Looks like it’s past time for folks to re-read Larkin Rose’s essay, “When Should You Shoot A Cop” and watch the video by the same name.

    The badged orcs and orcettes are paid leg breakers and extortion enforcers of the parasite class…they don’t work for us or serve us any more than a rancher works for or serves his livestock.

    Read that again, and let it sink in.

    Jack Yantis, Lavoy Finicum, Gordon Kahl and Vicky and Sammy Weaver aren’t available for comment.

    NorthGunner – The Truth Is It’s OWN Defense!

  7. The Walkin' Dude

    Welllllll… The good news is the pig’s name was included in the article. Add it to the list!

  8. Oakland was terrifying in the ’80s-now it is truly the village of the damned. Which is what you get when the simple minded take over leadership positions. I know people who live in the “Oakland Hills”, in posh and lovely places. They think that alone protects them from all riffraff and frightening things. And everyone of these morons continue to vote Demonrat.
    Colorado is becoming the Leftists Dream because so many early Bay Area Wimpetts moved there for John Denver. Mountains and open spaces you know. I can bet $20 this Dastardly Asshole is a bonafide Elite Kullege
    grad-u-ate with plenty of time defending illegals and terrorists down at the ACLU before summa cum laude. We are so divided in this country.

  9. Money quote from Herschel:
    Calling the cops while an incident is in progress and you are trying to defend yourself or loved ones is the least safe action you can take. Someone will die if the cops are called. This poor man had survived Vietnam. He couldn’t survive American LEOs.

    Defend yourself, call your lawyer, return your firearm to its proper place, and then call 911 for the cops to write the report.

    That’s the sequence. And don’t talk to the police. Let your lawyer do that for you.

    Truer words etc. …

    Nobody is coming to save you.

  10. The pricks a democrat too..

  11. Long past due for Private We the People star chambers.

    • Jimmy the Saint

      The Left have always been fans of the Volksgericht system of justice. Be a shame to deny them the honor of participating in one.

  12. Something is cooking folks ! Our craigslist info posts are being quickly flagged and taken down . The undercover vehicles are being photographed with much higher frequency going by regularly . We have had to rely on our pirate sw and tor pods for updates and are under a security blackout for two weeks . One would think that an underground church would not be so noticeable in a free society . The orcs are working alot of ot around here . We have pics of several hispanic carloads cruising by one of our meeting barns at very odd hours . Are the orcs recruiting the cartels ? One of our ex-leo’s was the first to notice this and recognized a driver for a compliant working with the feds . The fucking car has a chrome steering wheel and is lowered . In a county with potholes the size of Texas . Locked and loaded . Samson Option engaged . Waiting on Trump to nominate Janet Reno .