Of Course They Are

ZH: Incoming House Judiciary Chair Planning To End Probe Into FBI, DOJ

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  1. The institutional corruption mushroomed under the Clintons and continued to do so under the next two administrations.

    We are so far beyond fucked, we couldn’t catch a bus back to fucked.

  2. Try this for some background
    Think how the present cast of players fit in with what you may extrapolate.

  3. That physiognomy is (((unmistakable)))

  4. Porky Nadler probably still doesn’t know why we will send the Jew off the North American continent.

  5. Damn these scumbags of self depreciating demon seamen.


    It looks like the POTUS has indeed surrendered. Maybe he never wanted to fight in the first place. When he could have used the NDAA and/or The Patriot Act his first month in office to get the wall up and deal with our border problem, and chose not to, it became immediately obvious to me The Deplorables had been totally scammed.
    This whole Kabuki Theater involving the tariff wars and other temporary economic slight-of-hand will come crashing down sooner than anyone thinks. My prediction: within six months after the Amerikan Communist Party is seated in the House, he will be impeached, or resign and his Deep State VP will roll over and piss on himself just like Ryan, McConnell and the rest of the Dead Elephants have been doing since Billary was POTUS. Are you all quite prepared, mentally and physically?

  7. And what did I say when trump took office and most of you were bashing me with DEY GOIN’ TA HANG HILLRY’ AND OBAMA, AND YOU A STUPID ASSHOLE IF YOU DON BELIEVE DAT. Well guess what shit for brains? No one from the “deep state” has spent a day in jail. They never will. No Wall, No investigation’s TWO YEARS. And hears what we have. NOTHING. Trump has done nothing for us at all. Unless you count “red flag” laws. A Democrat house that is itching to pass gun confiscation laws, ALL OF THEM Trump has vowed to sign as soon as they get to his desk. Trump IS “the deep state”. You got played. Trump is not our friend. And unless y’all grow a pair and start using those AR-15’s you are burying in the woods. This will only get worse from here.

  8. lastmanstanding

    Nadler is one of them. Anything to protect “just us”.


  9. Well then again, that probe has been SO useful thus far, thanks to the fine handling by Trey “full of lies” Gowdy and the rest…

  10. Indeed (((they))) are.

    These 11 Companies Control Everything You Buy

    Dig deeper Tyler.

    (((Who))) controls the 11? — the 0.005%!

    The (((private central banks))) have, of course, taken pains for centuries to conceal their concentrated power with interlocking Boards and Directorates. but this reality is being penetrated. “Using a database which listed 37 million companies and investors worldwide, the researchers studied all 43,060 trans-national corporations (TNCs), including the share ownerships linking them…” to map their worldwide power.

    These 40,000+ are not the “1%”; they are the 0.005%.

    Highly likely that these are the most concentrated cabal of misery and crimes against humanity.

  11. and just what did two years of “Republican Investigation” into (((deep state))) treason and corruption lead to?


    as usual.

    (((Nadler))) and the demoncrats, though, will – I’d guesstimate before the end of 2019 – put through a Bill of Impeachment on Trump pretty quick. Senate won’t convict Trump (provided that 9-year-old girl he raped on ((Epstein)))’s Pedo Island doesn’t go public…she’s one one of the two women Trump had Cohen pay off), but it’ll still be highly entertaining

    and polarizing. And that’s good, because

    polarization is our friend.

  12. This is the pfhuk (Nadler) that told Strzok he wanted to “give him a Purple Heart”. Let. This Sink. In. Strap it on boys. It will only get worse from here. The ignorance of a large segment of this “electorate” is boundless and last month’s midterms only served as additional proof as if any more were needed. This will not end well.