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  1. Not gonna happen. /Ourside/ doesn’t have the nuts to do it.

    • Not sure what our side is ?
      “Our side” sounds to much like their side. Think i’ll go solo, so to speak. Group is highly overrated.
      Let them cannibalize themselves.

    • you have no idea what “our side” is capable of,

      once the Jewbuck dies. Only time will tell.

    • So let me get this right/correct…half of the people here live in their mother’s basement……………the other have are just flat out complete fucking STUDS!
      ….and neither has anything to offer the other…………………………………..
      I am going to go out on a limb and speculate that CA is going to get real tired of wasting HIS time on the non-productive pissing contest that continues here day after day……….example.jbryan doesn’t think anyone will do anything…..(right now) everyone is dickless OK look around were is the lie ?
      Gaelic donkey say fuck you we will kick ass and take names right here , right now , right here in his community !! where is the lie ! probably will………
      …would it work for DONKEY to instead invite jb over and introduce him to a new perspective instead of pissing on him which doesn’t produce a god damn thing…..couldn’t jb recognize that those with a crew and a community are better prepared and just maybe the time has to be RIGHT/correct to start doing something if all these energy’s got together and built a connection from coast to coast when those two started walking from Texas they wouldn’t have to walk to far to find the four lane not wide enough for everyone to walk……………………………….so thats what I have to say about all this pathetic bickering ..’cause in truth your side isn’t doing a nything either so I wouldn’t point the finger at that side…………………..

      footnote…… It’s the law in France that every vehicle carry the yellow vest in case you break down………….so the law made that easy didn’t it !

      footnote……yes my mother made me hot soup while I struggled with this oration…….

      footnote…..better start using our energy to produce instead of tear down shit…… how do you know this guy or that is a pussy ? few of you have ever meet each other let alone who they really are what they are really capable of. so in closing……….knock this shit off , get your shit wired tight and help the man next to you to be better. …………..RANGERS LEAD THE WAY !!!

      • To that well-spoken point, thinking hard about a BBQ somewhere out in the intermountain West this 4th of July.

        Figure if we supply the beef and/or pork, everybody else can bring a dish to pass.

        Place with loose gun laws, established campgrounds, and tolerance of cranky bastards sipping bootleg hootch (or seltzer) would be nice.



        • Fucken’ A right, my place !!! , western Montana I, gun laws ??? lots of water lots of camping here or around I ‘ll supply the beef got an ok range and tons of food……extra acreage so the feds that come have space to hang out as well…motels near by 10/12 miles either direction..do you have my real email from all this bs. coordinate / contact me do not know Dwessel but he is right over in Sandpoint I think .I’m game , something needs to happen….not really sure if we have to 7-4-19 let me know….

          you can post this or not your call/out

          • I’m for M Rapp’s place. But somewhere in Wyoming works for me also. M Rapp, I can haul you down in my little 30 year old shit car if you need a ride.

        • SemperFi, 0321

          Several of us have already said Wyoming, but it’s not central enough for some. Once you see this state you’ll wonder why you weren’t here sooner. Wind River area is some of the most beautiful country on earth, no regs to speak of either, you can camp almost anywhere and no one fucks with you. Open or concealed carry. Class3 friendly. Only problem is altitude for hard of breathing, but if that’s the case, you’re on your way out anyway. I can check with USFS/BLM and see what rules are concerning # of people. Tell them some kind of reunion or vet group. Camping is usually 16 day limit in one spot.
          Q can check his AO also.

          • That’s what I’m thinking.

            Casper or Riverton?

            • SemperFi, 0321

              They’re both in the desert. If people are going to drive this far, why not give them the best?
              Why not drive another 2 hrs and either go up in the Big Horns or here, in the Winds. Pine trees, lakes, meadows, unlimited fire wood, fishing (maybe a bit early still on account of high rivers), mosquitoes, chance of getting chased by grizz, etc.
              Or post some pics, videos and take a vote ?
              I’m the first to admit I think I’m special, just on account of my backyard. You and Q will argue against, I understand. 1 hour from Grand Teton NP and 1.5 hr to Yellowstone NP, which they can visit afterward too.

              Anybody else got ideas for areas????

              I don’t know how to post my pics in this box, so I will post links instead.

              For those of you that haven’t seen this already. This is where I live, most of this vid is within eyesight of town or in a few cases, 30-40 miles in a radius of here. I’ve been to almost every place here, only 2 spots I can’t identify. There’s a huge USFS campground at the 00:42 mark, easily room for 50-100, one of the most beautiful spots here. Lots of USFS camping at Green River Lakes (1:46-1:56) , north of Pinedale, but dirt road really sucked last June 25th.

            • I got enough property for everyone to camp at and if anyone needs a bed there is plenty of hotels in town…That way no would have to pay for camping…Just throwing it out there…

        • Jimmy the Saint


          Would make a good t-shirt.

        • That would be a great idea. Would like to get something like that in my area. Haven’t even been able to locate a decent second rifleman out here though. I live in a very red republican area, but republicans are weak. Whether you’re looking for a survival group, protest group, political group, or whatever group to advance the goals of /ourside/, don’t come looking around my area. I’m the only one here, it appears. Quite discouraging.



    • Old Gray Wolf

      Gotta love it. Atheism is a religion. And the most devout followers of it, like any other religion, are psychopaths. As you so aptly have proven.

      • there is NO way forward until the lies and deceit are exposed and done away with. it’s either the idea or the people who believe in it. one or the other- or all of it… for it is the programmed and brainwashed who hinder mans progress into the future with their antiquated software downloads. these belief systems are very much like Windows 2000 or XP- unsupported and out of date with current technology.

  3. The Usual Suspect

    You first, big mouth !

  4. Gaelic Donkey

    @jbryan314, piss off you bassa bawbag. You dont speak for me and my tribe or my peeps in my AO. We even have “woke” municipal LEOs and Shurf deputies in my SC AO. Real estate as well as 4GW is local, local, local. My 5’2″ daughter can run every weapon system I have from contact distance to 400 meters as can ere body else in my tribe. She is the FFA weapons team coach at her school and her daddy is her LT. As a group we answer only to Jesus the Christ and would rather die a glorious death than submit to tyranny in any form so – pack sand. “Be happy while you’re living, for you’re a long time deid”


  5. If the banksterse AREN’T predominantly the ones swinging by the neck in the wind, you haven’t really solved the problem.

    As for the lower pic, it really should have been Frank ‘the gimp’ Roosevelt, Churchill, Stalin, and Lord Rothschild hanging from their dead ankles, along with Chaim Weitzman, Bernard Baruch and Samuel Untermeyer…if room permitted also add Kaganovitch, Belacun and Illya Ehrenburgh.

    NortgGunner – The Truth Is It’s OWN Defense!

  6. What are thousands of banksters/liberal arts professors/uniparty political hacks/corporate pathological narcissist CEO’s/bureaucrats/jewmedia moguls and spokespersons/degenerate pervert gender deniers/child sex and murder traffickers/mudslimes/africants/invaders and their pathological altruistic enablers/whammin’s nazi man haters/abortionists/globull wormening ideologues/communists/facists… (Whew! Feel free to pile on, I’m sure I’ve ‘left’ some out.)


    • ewe left out jesus freaks
      the true nutjobs



    • Like the man said, “The first one’s expensive…
      all the rest are free!”.

      When the ‘Weimar/Zimbabwe’ hyperinflation kicks in and the people see the ‘feral refuse’ confetti debtbux for what they are..then..maybe then..people will be more angry than afraid and feel that they have nothing left to loose as it’s all been either posed away or stolen outright by the parasite class and their enablers and supporters.

      I’m not holding my breath on that however as people seem to have mutated into Al Cap’s ‘Schmooes’ in a civilizational cannabalism- suicide pact.

      And yes, the bankster class and their related tentacles deed to be decapitated and never allowed to rise again.

      Sarajevo – Beirut anyone?

      NorthGunner – The Truth Is It’s OWN Defense!

  7. You know, this is a darn good short article, simply
    explaining the obvious:

    ‘Interesting Alignment – Trump Makes The UniParty More Visible Than Ever…’
    …”When the common sense Tea Party movement formed in 2009 and 2010 it contained a monumentally frustrated grassroots electorate, and the scale of the movement caught the professional republican party off-guard. When Donald Trump ran for the office of the presidency he essentially did the same thing; he disrupted the apparatus of the professional republican party.

    The difference between those two examples is one was from the bottom up, and the second was from the top down. However, the commonality in the two forces resulted in the 2016 victory”…

    In its entirety here:

    • SemperFi, 0321

      What I remember from the Tea Party was that within a week or two of their founding and appearing on TV, Sean Hannity blindsided and hijacked them, completely sidetracked their goals and in a matter of time they fizzled away.
      Hannity is a traitor, works for the elites doing damage control wherever needed. What the American people saw as the Tea Party was not the original Constitutional Tea Party that first appeared in public.

      • Jimmy the Saint

        Some of the original “Tea Party” rallies were simply demands *not* to fund ObamaCare, so as to leave Medicare alone. It was, at best, a very splintered movement from the get-go.

      • Hannity is controlled opposition, possibly also a ‘gate-keeper’.

        Other than that he’s definitely a ‘conserva – cuck’.

        NorthGunner – The Truth Is It’s OWN Defense!

  8. Sadly, it was communists who murdered Mussolini and the others. Mussolini had put the global elites to flight in Italy rather well. I don’t know who was hiding them, probably the Soviet Union’s Jew masters.

    Mussolini was by many measures a good guy. Hitler, not so much. Hitler was an uneducated lout when compared to Mussolini who held multiple advanced degrees and spoke four or five languages. It’s really too bad that the German NSDAP and Mussolini’s Fascisti weren’t able to round up the Rothshilcs before they fled to England.

    • “…Mussolini was by many measures a good guy. Hitler, not so much. Hitler was an uneducated lout when compared to Mussolini who held multiple advanced degrees and spoke four or five languages.”

      Pat, I highly recommend studying these books by M.S.King: “Interview With Hitler – A Educational Parody”, “The Bad War”, and “Planet Rothschild” Vols. 1 & 2.

      If you study them with an open mind you’ll come to understand that Adolph Hitler was not an ‘uneducated lout’…Mussolini while also being intelligent unfortunately was given to making rash decisions that cost him and his German ally dearly (invading the Greek Islands and invading North Africa).

      NorthGunner – The Truth Is It’s OWN Defense!

  9. Trump is coming to save you.

  10. Gaelic Donkey

    @SemperFi, 0321. Dont follow your comment regarding my use of “peeps.” Want to give you the benefit of doubt based on your past comment posts. Also, based on your past comment posts you will take this in stride – fuck you if you are disrepsecting my “peeps.”

    • SemperFi, 0321

      Grown up white people don’t speak in a manner like that of ghetto monkeys and when someone addresses me in that way, I assume he’s either a wigger or just mentally deficient. Sorry, don’t expect me to respect you for referring to your team or family like that.
      We all use some form of slang, but lowering yourself to rock bottom porch monkey behavior isn’t a way to make friends in the white European community, which is the side you will have to be on in the coming festivities. Our skin color will be our uniform.
      I don’t have a problem with any skin color as long as you act like a decent human being, but don’t come to me throwing black power signs or La Raza shit because that won’t cut it. Same goes for ghetto speak. I don’t trust you.
      So yeah, fuck me!

      • I highly doubt many here trust anyone…

      • ‘Ebonics’ is not spoken in my AO, nor do I surmise in such locale such as Thermop, Lander ot Ten Sleep (certainly didn’t hear any of it when I visited Worland back in ’07 for Ken Royce’s Freedom get together).


        NorthGunner – The,Truth Is It’s OWN Defense!

  11. Clearly you have never been inside a country where everything is “normal” until suddenly it isn’t, and you’re arranging for an armed escort to withdraw funds wired to you from the host country Big Bank under the watchful eye of the Guardia Nacional to grease the skids to facilitate an exfil out of there. It is beyond frightening because mob psychology is amorphous and dangerous and it quickly becomes apparent that there is never enough troop to task ratio or command and control ability as evidenced with les Gilets Jaunes.

    I still remember my spouse scarfing multiple filet mignon first class meals in succession at the urging of the cabin crew because the A320 only had six passengers but was fully provisioned for a full load – the rest were unsuccessful in their plans to extricate themselves and never made it to the airport for take off and the pilot made it clear he wasn’t hanging around for them.

    There are alot of people waiting for the GO signal but it is never as briefed when it does light off.