Mosby’s ‘The Guerrilla Gunfighter’: A Book Review

Review here.

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Practice shooting more often.

Especially with your sidearm.

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  1. Thank you for posting about this CA.

    The review gives one a lot to think about,
    which means that Mosby’s latest work
    should do the same but in spades.

    I’m definitely going to have to ‘bite the bullet’
    (no pun intended) and get serious about getting copies of all of his books to read and study and share with others here in my AO.

    Definitely time for doing less ‘jaw-jaw’ and getting out with friends to do more ‘draw-draw’
    if you know what I mean (the ‘jaw-jaw’ can wait til AFTER range time while getting some coffee of course..all things in their proper place and order after all).

    NorthGunner – The Truth Is It’s OWN Defense!

  2. A hand gun is the weapon you use to fight your way to the long gun. If you want to play cowboy/gunfighter and get your ass shot be my gest. As usual Mosby is full of shit and trying to sell it to you. That’s what Mosby (not his real name) has been doing for years. Vomiting up bullshit. Then selling that bullshit at outrageous prices to idiots that think they can learn to be “infantry” in a week long seminar. Mosby is a sales man. He sells bullshit gunfighter fantasy’s to over aged children. If you want to piss your money away on guys like him and “Max” who sell equipment, and fantasy’s, then by all means ,go ahead. It’s your money .Also bear in mind when you fork over your green backs. You are giving them to a guy who claims to need a secret identity. He claims to be EX -SF. He CLAIMS to be a former “black OPPs ” commando. Without ever showing a shred of proof for any of it. He even managed to sit out the last war. I ain’t saying “stolen valor” yet. But there is no proof of anything else. This guy has always struck me as having more in common with Sam Kerodin, than he does with Barry Saddler.


      nobody in their right mind “claims” to be SF

      that said, why don’t these superheroes do what they have been trained for?

      like ‘liberating the oppressed’ murkins?

      Answer: they aren’t that great. take away their billion$ worth of support and they are not much more than leg grunts wearing a girl scout beanie.

      • You do, The Fucking A Team. We’re laughing with you, Tee. We see the humor in the joke.

        Merry Christmas.

        • back in my Detroit “security detail” days protecting the ‘cartel’ we called ourselves “the fucking a-team”

          humorously taken from the TeeVee show…

          it’s an inside joke dirk.

      • Jimmy the Saint

        Out of curiosity and no sarcasm intended, what brought about the change from your old position of “anyone who wasn’t a military trigger-puller isn’t worth shit” to now?

        • honestly the green boogers aren’t that great. it’s just that the rest of the dum dums are ‘that bad’. those guys have perfected the BASICS, which is something the regulars kinda work at- sorta.. the old adage is still true, what one man can do- another man can do also. MG has said it himself, there is no “advanced” techniques, there is a mastery of the “basics” and that counts as “advanced”.


          one thing is for sure, after 12 months under fire you too will be an expert in the “basics” or you simply wouldn’t have survived to that point.

    • Old Gray Wolf

      Ray, I am not taking up for Mosby here, as he seems to be capable of doing that competently himself. What I get from your posts is that you are an older fella with some real hard held ideas about what is coming and how it needs to be handled. You probably have useful experience and knowledge to bring to such an equation. But you cannot apply wartime tactics in peacetime, and I cannot remember the last time I heard of a civilian simply using their handgun to fight their way to a rifle. The pistol, for most of us, is THE weapon that will be employed in any deadly force confrontation, and that is all. If we get around to using the knife most of us carry, shit has gone seriously sideways, probably because we screwed the pooch somehow. There is extreme value in being expert at the employment of a handgun in today’s society, and the handgun will be eminently useful in the coming times, whatever iteration they take. There will likely be, to many people’s disappointment, limited circumstances where the Garand is the shining hero of the day. Being “hickok” with that 1911, though, could be a lifesaver.

      You scoff at ideas different than your own, regularly. A man who forgets how to learn will get run over at some point by something he thought he didn’t need to know. Don’t be that guy.

    • Ray….
      Just stop, you are making yourself look stupid.
      If you want to argue the merits of the material cool. I don’t profess to be an expert but I have trained with experts and they taught me things that are different than the material that Mosby often presents. That’s cool. There are a lot of ways to skin the cat and while I disagree with some of those methods I recognize where it comes from and that it is part of a military training regimen. Its one way to get you where you need to be.
      Regarding his background.
      Its legit.
      I have met guys who served with him and know him and attest to his skillset.
      Not saying the guy is the greatest or even recommending him for instruction. I have not trained with him, I am just saying that he is what he says he is.

      Regarding Max V…Same as above except if you dig around on Max’s page you will see the evidence of his service more clearly displayed.

      If you have problems with material lay it out, but don’t begrudge a man for trying to sell his information and his wares. You are free to not purchase them.

    • Ray, you’re off your rocker. I’ve spent a good month in the field with Mosby. I’ve attended numerous Mosby classes, some of which included former SF and SEALs. He’s the real deal and his books are outstanding. Your first sentence should be a big red flag to most that you have no idea WTF you are talking about.

    • “A hand gun is the weapon you use to fight your way to the long gun.”

      Yes, and none other than Clint Smith of Thunder Ranch would tell
      folks that.


      Clint and you are both correct and yet wrong.
      Yes, your rifle SHOULD be your primary weapon system
      to hand. Unfortunately the AR15 carbine or .308 Battle
      Rifle are not made to be easily collapseable, therefore

      The pistol fits this bill.

      It’s important to be able to use ALL the tools in the
      toolbox, not just one’s favorite Eastwing hammer.

      The attack by you on both Mosby and Max is also
      not the mark of a gentleman nor is it warranted.
      Who are you going to attempt to malign and
      insult next…DTG?…

      Your rant comes across as a semi-senile old
      fudd waking up from a nap and blurting out
      some inane compromising crap via the nra
      before you blink your eyes and fall back to sleep.

      Just a thought…

      NorthGunner – The Truth Is It’s OWN Defense!

  3. lastmanstanding

    My copy showed up yesterday and was opened with my first cup of coffee this morn. Was expecting the white cover like previous copies and was surprised by the green. I’m easily impressed.

    Read the review and tonight I’ll begin the text. Then the wife will get it. I’m in total agreement that personal carry should be mastered. We needed the next step up. This will be it.

    I’m also considering changing mine. This will probably be the decision maker.

    • Johnny Paratrooper

      It’s not entirely uncomfortable either. And frankly, it works to block your groin nicely, and doesn’t snag in a vehicle. Although your movement is slightly restricted, I feel as though the right sized pants to compensate are work looking into.

      The system also requires a stiff pistol belt. Which they sell.

      Everything is nice quality.

      • Johnny Paratrooper

        Its also nearly 95% covert

        Unlike a side holster or shoulder holster which doesn’t work at all during the summer.

      • Try using a right side holster on the left, mag forward. The serpa works very well for this, particularly when in the drivers seat. Carrying on the right side is quite difficult due to seat belt issues, & withdrawal.

        You’ll still be drawing with strong hand (assuming a RH firing presentation) plus as most carry concealed on the RH side you are much less likely to be spotted, IMO.

        Yes, it would perhaps be easier for a knowledgeable assailant to take it away from the holster – don’t permit that to happen.

    • Have one. Not a super huge fan. Takes some getting used to, and I can never get it to pull out like is shown in the videos. Need to wear a tight belt to prevent the weigh of the pistol from dragging your pants down, but a tight belt is not conducive to pulling the pistol out quickly. Plus, need at least somewhat baggy pants, or the whole thing sticks out like a sore thumb.

    • lastmanstanding

      When are you going to email me and come out for a visit? Have a place for you to stay. I got a great gal for you to meet.

      I promise I won’t let lineman be mean to you. 😉

      I’m trying fellas!

    • Good god, JP, im truly amazed, carry a 1911 with a lazer in that set up?

      Son, your gonna get yourself killed. Their are some truly remarkable holsters on the market, kydex or leather, for the money. Please reconsider your choice.

      While I realize index carry is the flavor of the week, their are other options. These wizzbang teachers ain’t teaching nothing new. ” Mexican carry” has been around ass long as pistols became popular.

      Just suggesting you check out all your options.

      I’ve got serious problems pointing a loaded pistol down the front of my pants, knowing the first thing to go is ” Mr Wiggles”. While I’m pissing folks off I’d like to suggest also that a pistol without a round in the chamber is still an empty pistol.

      I’m greatly amused watching these God like instructors yanking their gat, from index, while slamming the slide back with their left hand while the right hands already seeking out the trigger for the press. This requires serious disipline.

      Their are folks whom can accomplish that move, maybe two here. This required thousands of presentations daily.

      JP, nobody here wants to see you hurt. I think we all secretly like your dumb ass. Lol.


  4. Quoted from the review:

    “The police are not coming to save you. If you use force, they’re probably going to arrest you. The State is not there to protect you, it is there to protect the State.”

    Truer words and all that.

  5. Carl, only a fool will await the police. Shootings are over in seconds.

    The very best advise available. Don’t put yourself in places that you don’t control outcomes, where gunfights are possible.

    if your spidey senses are telling you that a no shit gunfights coming, you’ve already crossed the rubicon. Shoot first, shoot accurately,shoot fast don’t stop shooting until the threats pulp.

    Then reload a new mag,,top the pistol off, regrouped seek cover. Put the empty of 1/2 loaded mag where you can recover it if required.

    When the poopoo do arrive, arms high demand medical attention for yourself, and state boldly and loudly that bad man was going to kill you. You had no choice, if you didn’t shoot to protect yourself, it would ne you, possibly others dead on the ground

    then tell the police you really should talk to an attorney before you speak to them. After all the man did threaten to kill you, and had a weapon. It’s sad that you had to defend yourself cuz you were afraid for your life.

    Then shut the fuck up. Don’t talk in the squad car, tapes ARE running, don’t talk in the interview rooms, tapes are running.

    When your attorney arrives, you will have anonymity, the conversation with your attorney are ” privileged” by law not recorded.

    That’s not to say some slimy det,,won’t. But that’s a show stopper. I’m aware of one incident where in the det, tried to introduce a recording not shared at ” discovery” and the DA, wanted to intro the tape, to impeach the statements made.

    Problem was it wasn’t the victims ” the innocent shooters testimony” they seeked” to impeach. It was a hearsay related testimony.

    Judge shut the DA down, As she should have.

    Most cops don’t know this. Requires lots of exposure to the court room process.

    When the cops on the stand, and the DA asks them to tell their story. Then let’s the cop ramble. If the cop tells the jury that he read the suspect his rights per Miranda, and that you stated that you understood them. That trials over. Miss trial declared.

    The reason I mention this is, most cops, and surprisingly lots of ADA’s and even defense attorneys don’t know this is a mistrial situation, but only if the Defense attorney requests the dismissal of the proceedings.

    I’ve seen this only a hand full of times in my career. Some pretty serious crimes were dismissed. Of course the DA refiled and eventually won.

    I carried a 5 inch Colt 1911 for 25 years. Early on I went to four ten round mags plus the 10 rounder in the 1911. I had Ted Blocker holsters in Portland build me a mag pouch that held four mags, and was on a swivel.

    And a custom holster a drop holster swivel much like motorcycle,cops holsters. The mag carrier could be tilted sideways while sitting, and the swivel holster would swivel forward for comfort.

    As I exited the unit I had a snap I pushed to keep,the holster straight down, same with the mag case. The drop on the holster is three inchs, custom made for me, and my arms length.

    My biggest fear was running out of bullets.


  6. Ben Richards

    Crazy Ray…. #mypistolismybattlerifle.

  7. Just a movie, but still one of my favorite shootouts. Rooting for the bank thieves was the deal.

  8. Walter Sobchak

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  9. Shinmen Takezo

    55 hondos for a self published, half baked manual??!!
    someone is pulling out leg here, right?