Derb’s “Unpleasant Truths” 16 Years Later

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Bumpy ride ahead.

With a light of indeterminate origin at its end.

14 responses to “Derb’s “Unpleasant Truths” 16 Years Later

  1. Johnny Paratrooper

    Nicely Condensed outline of the last 500 years

    From our short 16 year history.

  2. Johnny Paratrooper

    Machiavelli said we should just start killing the people who are politically opposed to us and lie to the general public.

    All who oppose?

  3. from everything he listed, the one that still fascinates me is the immigration hysteria. most anyone over 30 can look at where they grew up if they still live there and reflect that it doesn’t look the same and to expect it will be reversed is nuts. they now televise commercial in Spanish on English channels here in Houston.
    rome and Greece both went thru a period of decay as their empires crumbled. the west obviously went much higher on the societal scale but anyone under 20 can expect things to be rough to brutal in the future usa and that could start being evident within 5 years. despite trump supposedly making all things worse because he’s some sort of hater, he may have been the pinnacle of the usa or at least part of a topping pattern with bush jr and the 1994 congress.

  4. Fart sniffers gonna sniff; There was NOTHING there of value unless one is a complete unicorn, it was a total waste of time. Tell me something I don’t already know!

  5. Was just going back and forth with friend discussing
    some unpleasant events and found this “Suidlanders at the European Parliament”

    I suggest you listen to this man and hear what he
    is saying. He does not hold back reality.

    • Old Gray Wolf

      Is anybody surprised by what is happening in SA? It is THE picture of what happens when a white society relinquishes their nation and culture to the others. There is a reason why, of all the world, white societies are the ONLY advanced, safe, clean and values-based societies. The asians advance, but they destroy their environment and abuse their people along the way. The arabs- islam. Enough said. Africa. Look at it. South America is mired in poverty and graft, if not outright totalitarianism. There is a reason why every savage in the world wants to come to Europe, the US, or Australia. Our societies are(still) better(for now). Everybody knows it. It is obvious. The fact that the savages implicitly state that our societies are better by wishing to come here, and then wish to change it into the very night they came out of, while hating us, the builders, tells one all they need to know about whether or not whites should allow the others to take over anything at all. We should not, we must not, unless we wish to suffer the same fate as those who have already trod that path.

      • Whites have grown too soft as a society and soon will find out why you don’t let savages live amongst you if you haven’t been cursed with it already…Sad That…

  6. sheeeeeit

    this guys a piker

    tfA-t has more better unpleasant truths that are much closer to reality.

    1. there is NO god

    2. 99% of people are scum

    3. 300 million murkins need to take the long dirt nap

    4. the jew-sa must be cleansed by fire

    • Old Gray Wolf

      Of course, in most cases, what passes for a truth these days, uncomfortable or otherwise, is simply opinion. As in your case, and in this Derbyshire fellow’s as well, although a few of his assertions have proven factual over time. Yours not so much. Although you are spot on with the 300 million murkins thing. In fact. I suspect, given the millions already planted, that every murkin now breathing will likely be napping in the dirt within a century. You could enjoy it, if you weren’t surely going to be among them. But there is an upside. You will at least know whether you are right or wrong about the deity thing. All I know is, it won’t hurt me to believe in God and die to find out there is nothing there. Swearing there is nothing and then finding upon death that there is indeed a God could be problematic. Ah, well, we do love adventure, don’t we?

    • no on 1,2,3

      yes on 4

  7. Interesting review. Though I would observe that the issue of dying poor has been true for mankind since birth, even for Americans. Prognosticating it is not much of a feat.

  8. This article is non-sense fantasy religious fiction. The actual reality is that labor-saving devices that lead to the technological singularity continue to increase, thereby increasing human wealth. 3D printing is today being done with Titanium to make jet engine blades, and that machine will only get cheaper. There’s more Titanium than Carbon in Earth’s crust, and wood is so common it grows on trees. Sooner or later current events will pop up to that trend line, like it has done repeatedly in the past. The interesting question is, which humans will be around to enjoy that prosperity? Most of the current humans? Or the 1% who are libertarians, who had to defend themselves against control by the 99% in order to be allowed to prosper?

  9. “No they never taught us what was real, Iron and coal, Chromium steel. And we’re waiting here in Allentown.”