TL Davis: Martyr Without A Discernible Cause

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TL riffs off the thread above.

When you finish the piece, go and try to read the Solzhenitsyn quote with fresh eyes:

“And how we burned in the camps later, thinking: What would things have been like if every Security operative, when he went out at night to make an arrest, had been uncertain whether he would return alive and had to say good-bye to his family? Or if, during periods of mass arrests, as for example in Leningrad, when they arrested a quarter of the entire city, people had not simply sat there in their lairs, paling with terror at every bang of the downstairs door and at every step on the staircase, but had understood they had nothing left to lose and had boldly set up in the downstairs hall an ambush of half a dozen people with axes, hammers, pokers, or whatever else was at hand?… The Organs would very quickly have suffered a shortage of officers and transport and, notwithstanding all of Stalin’s thirst, the cursed machine would have ground to a halt! If…if…We didn’t love freedom enough. And even more – we had no awareness of the real situation…. We purely and simply deserved everything that happened afterward.”

Most damning:

21st-century Americans have information “of the real situation”.

And we will deserve everything that happens in the next decade.

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39 responses to “TL Davis: Martyr Without A Discernible Cause

  1. Centurion_Cornelius

    Two points must first be reached:

    1. BOILING point:

    after which

    2. the FLASH point

    …otherwise, the cauldron keeps bubbling…

    • Until those two points are reached, I use my time to develop proper mindset, gain experience, build and apply skills, acquire tools, connect and build meatspace relationships. Once in a while, comment online. It’s all very inconvenient, but considering the increasingly likely negative outcomes, such inconveniences will seem like the first world indulgences they are.

      I owe my ancestors and family that much.

    • “Why are there different laws for different people?”

      Consider your masters.

      Zionism, Judaism and the Jewish State of Israel
      Lynda Burstein Brayer

      “… It was only many years after my coming to Israel on aliya as a young Jewish woman and subsequent to obtaining a law degree from the Hebrew University and engaging in legal work for Palestinians, that the resemblance of Israeli legal system to South African apartheid really struck me … The principle of separation is at the heart of the Jewish religion itself, and Zionism is the political expression of the Jewish religion … This existential distinction between the Jew and the goy is reflected in the absence of a Jewish universal moral code, an absence which is not found within either Christianity or Islam. Judaism’s moral code is characterized by its particularity: it only binds Jews vis-à-vis Jews, not Jews vis-à-vis goys. ”

      One of innumerable examples, Sanhedrin 57a:

  2. I blame the Reagan era and I loved Reagan. during that time the usa started blowing holes in its debt/entitlements and by that time I am sure there were reports that the kennedy immigration act was changing places in the country and incurring costs and increasing violence and drugs. for instance, the area of Houston I grew up in was a nice quiet middle class area, looks like the 3rd world today and that’s not because whitey start trashing things, no; a whole lot of people moved in that have no respect for the country because they broke in like squatters and have no skin in the game; if the country falls; they just move on; it’s not theirs.
    I believe if under Reagan, they would’ve stopped immigration to keep the country at the percent emigrated from each country from then on, cut entitlements/welfare as imo you still could expect people to be responsible then, it might have saved the country. It’s definitely too late now no matter if a wall happens or not

  3. “the enslavement of your children will be seen as a just and equitable fate.”

    ha ha

    the murkins don’t even care about that. as long as they have Applesleez’s, PizzaSlut, sportsball, opioids, and Buttwiper beer, it’s all good.

    fuck the murkins and their fucked-up kids from fucked-up sperm donors and their fucked-up rotten cunt incubators. a nation of whores, single parents, and substance-addled retards is no place to raise children. i believe i will pass on that nightmare of an existence until 300 million of them are disposed of.

    no fucked-up chillin and their murkin whore mothers?


    • Those murkins are starting to look just like the last nasty scum that occupied this land before the murkins. Redskin women ran off with White men and left the Injun men to beat off until they went almost extinct. Now the Red people are almost gone. Good riddance.

    • “The men the American people admire most extravagantly are the most daring liars; the men they detest most violently are those who try to tell them the truth.”

      – H.L. Mencken

  4. We all keep watching for the trigger event. What if it doesn’t happen, or what if it already has happened and it wasn’t reported in the media?
    I sometimes wonder if this nation is just too big to have anything more than a regional or local uprising against tyranny. But then maybe 50 regional revolts are just what the doctor ordered.
    TL Davis is on top of it as usual. I’m my opinion TL is the next best thing to Mike V.

  5. I would really enjoy to see the look on the badge fag(s) face(s) when they push the wrong man too far. Robert J. Matthews and Gordon Kahl may have been anomalies of another age but it seems we are approaching a point where, with little or nothing left to lose any longer, it’s time to “getcha some”.

  6. Darrell Cloud

    I grew up in the Star Trek generation. We all bought into the Gene Roddenberry future in which Russians, Japanese, and Americans along with a really hot American black chick and a Vulkan sat on the bridge of the Star Ship Enterprise. In their imaginary world there was no want because of replicators and there was no distance too far because of warp drives. The warp core provided limitless energy with it all held in place by dilithium crystals which were somewhat rare and hinted at limits to the Star Trek dream. Those limits were never actually met on the tiny screen in my living room.

    The reality I grew up in was vastly different. The Arab Oil embargo slammed the economy. Interest rates were in the double digits and I had to shovel asphalt and patch roads with a college degree because I could not find a job. We almost annihilated ourselves with the Cuban Missile Crisis. Bomb shelters and bunker popped up like mushrooms and Uncle Sam wanted to give me a Job in Vietnam. Limits were every where. Martin Luther King sized the moral high ground in the race war and White America rolled over and accepted reverse discrimination as the price that had to be paid for past sins. American light sweet crude production peaked in 1970 and the oil wars began in earnest.

    World light sweet crude production peaked in 2005. The economy rolled over and was replaced by high finance and manipulation. Our heavy industry was exported to China. Our nation was flooded by third worlders. The baby boomers have now topped out and are now flooding the medical centers and nursing homes driving medical expenses through the roof.

    The Gene Roddenberry fantasy was fueled by unlimited energy. The new world order was based on that fantasy. Mass media sold that dream to the entire world. Now everyone wants a piece of that dream.

    Our reality is fueled by limited fossil fuels. The tendency to tap the sweet spots first has produced a dynamic in which those fuels are becoming ever more remote and ever more difficult to extract. The linear projection of this dynamic suggests that at some point we reach a zero sum game where the net energy invested in extraction and production will exceed the energy produced.

    The Gene Roddenberry fantasy is collapsing because more and more people are being pushed away from the table. There is not enough even if you confiscated the digital wealth of the top 20% and redistributed it to the world, there is still not enough. When there is not enough, people look to their own. Tribalism rears its ugly head. Complex systems collapse and whole regions balkanize with the various tribes fighting over the scraps.

    Devolution is the new world order. Look to your own. Secure your provisions and never, never disarm.

    • Your assessment is correct, but we need not have the outcome you project. I say ‘need not’ but most likely ‘will have’ the outcome just the same. But it won’t be for lack of resources, it will be for LACK of WILL.

      * We don’t have neighborhood based thorium reactors because our leadership has sold out to the rentier class.
      * We don’t make cutting edge vehicles anymore for the same reason as the first.
      * We could be riding a space thread to the stars but we lack the vision to make it a national priority.
      * We have become the very thing that John Adams warned us against — an international thug.
      * We have a medical crisis because we have sold our personal health to the highest bidder rather than taking personal steps to prevent long term chronic illness on our own accord.
      * Our children can’t start the climb to economic success because most of them have had their ‘ticket to ride’ aborted by a K12 educational system that is bloated, useless and riddled with SJWs rather than teaching.

      We have allowed our country to be viewed as just another
      eeconomic zone to be carved up by multinational corps.

  7. Off topic. Now the Feds are telling us to Prep for 6 months. Now they can’t say they didn’t warn us.

    • All told 6mos is the shortest interval. Better plan for a year minimum, 2 would be better. Folks I know in the EPC field have told me it takes that long for a large substation transformer assembly to be built. Any one of them is about $5m, custom built to spec, and 22-24mos for pickup (not delivered) once the deposit is made. Having about 30 of them knocked out at strategic points would be serious business indeed.

    • I just read and re-read that multi paged document. Where, which section/page does it say to be prepared for six months?

  8. TL’s use of the term “Nation” in the context of this article confuses me; either he’s confused or I am: “Nations are made of these principles (and others not recognized here). Nations are disbanded for violations of these principles.”

    This is pure civil nationalism at its finest, which conflates a government (or nation-state) with a community of people with a common culture, language, ancestry, ….

    (To be fair, there’s so many modern definitions of “nation”, that a free man or women can just pick the one they like best and go about their business.)

    Why didn’t TL just say: “Governments are made of these principles (and others not recognized here). Governments are disbanded for violations of these principles.”

    Could the Sioux, Seminole, and Navajo Nations be disbanded for a violation of principles?

    • I have that argument all the time in a slightly different context. I hear ‘America is lost’ or variations of that all the time online. When asked if the country was blown off the map… no that is not what they meant. There is a dividing between ‘the government’ and ‘America’. The former a form of political affairs, the latter a physical place.

  9. Big fan of TL. Great Post.
    “Discernable Cause” I feel will be up to the individual. Yes, some will seem like cray cray to “you” (the royal you) but its up to that person. What may seem like a gross reaction to a minor infraction to some is cause celeb for another. Imagine one of the “gray panthers” , who are currently being corralled into obscurity, not taking kindly to the notion of going out in quiet dignity. In this wild example, someone’s definition of “Dignity” will certainly be used to judge another but, I dare say it means nothing to them. Or me. IMHO, Liberty rests within the individual at different levels, its rebirth will start with that line being crossed whenever and wherever it suits them.

  10. Too comfortable and apathetic to even start do what is necessary for war let alone fight one…PAINS COMING…Sad That…

  11. The forced march towards Statist totalitarianism will continue unabated. Only economic catastrophe can bring it to a stop, if only temporarily. What happens after the American House of Cards collapses is anybody’s guess.

    Regardless of what happens, with the end of Pax Americana it is evident that the White race and Western Civ are marked for extinction.

  12. Anyone not already covertly planning on using there weapons in the manner intended by the founders. Will never have the guts to do it. 99% of the commenters on all websights, work for the .Gov. SSS

  13. Supplemental Info:
    To put a finer point on it, I would not describe the **current** governments/nation-states of Europe as “nations”. They are much better described as “polyglot cluster-f**ks”.

  14. The protection, the posterity, the defense
    of ‘Silent Sam’ was entusted to eunuchs
    with delusions of manhood and grandeur.

  15. Nothing substantive will happen in the next decades.

    American men are asleep.

  16. The Reformed tribe is doing their best to reprise their work with Lenin and Stalin. After all, 50 million is a pittance when it’s primarily Goyim!

  17. We need people to stop agitating one another when dealing with the Left, stop punching right and start punching left. Stop listening to the “voices of reason” who are infact fearful of victory and success, cowards and pacifists.

    We also need to accept a leader who will only lead until victory and then quietly return to private life and obscurity. If we are serious, we will do this, beware of the charlatans and the con artists; the true leader will not appear as dynamic, will not be loud and proud.

    Beware of the detractors and the enemies within, positive and rational thinking and acceptance of a good idea are crucial for this to be successful. We don’t need a boiling point, we need rational and cognitive thinking, to be forceful and violent without rage, nor emotion.

    We must be both leaders and followers, chiefs and braves, we must be versatile, flexible, malleable, strong and tensile.

  18. Johnny Paratrooper

    America is Occupied Territory.

    We have a reputation to uphold gentlemen.

    To hell with the Commies and the Muslims.

    Your Feelings? Fuck Your Feelings… What About Your Future?

  19. concerning the overt, in your face intolerance, anger, violence and censorship the left is putting on the right (left/right, liberal/conservative, or whatever opposing terms you wish to use), the following quote from JFK rises in significance:

    ‘those who make peaceful evolution impossible make violent revolution inevitable.’

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  21. There was a place…about midpoint in John Ross’s ‘Unintended
    Consequences’ where the character Henry Bowman raised the
    question to his professor and the rest of the class. That question
    was, “At what point do you take action? Act too early and no one
    will support you or even believe you. Act too late, and while it’s
    still noble, it’s basically too little too late.” As mentioned in the
    book, his Professor wisely answered that he didn’t have the
    answer for Henry and that this question would stay with Henry
    for the rest of his life (or at least until he took action against
    the first atfe raid at his friends home and shop one late evening).

    Each individual’s ‘line in the sand’ is bound to be different.
    What is critical is that there should exist a ‘line in the sand’
    for the individual..that for themselves, their family and clan
    there are actions that if ever started to be acted upon by
    others against them that would bring immediate and terrible
    actions against the aggressors (what happened to ‘Ol Jack
    Hinson’s family comes powerfully to mind here along with
    far too many other examples..Lavoy Finicum, Jack Yantis,
    Jose Guerna, the black Korean War Vet who had the cops
    batter down his door and then murder him on the spot while
    doing a ‘welfare check’ on him….the ‘house to house’ thuggery
    by the Boston orcs and orcettes during the FF ‘Boston Bombings’).

    There are the Fudd’s who duitifully offer up their monetary alms
    to the ‘First Church of the NRA’ at every pass of the mass-mailing
    plate they receive in the post-awful box. There are others who buy
    AR15’s and other rifles only to convert these fine guns into defacto
    ‘Safe Queens’ after only one trip out to range test them (if even that).

    When pressed by either the thoughts of TL or the Solzhenitsyn quote
    from above and asked about their line in the sand, most will simply
    blink rapidly and then offer one of the following responses:

    “Oh, that only happens to OTHER countries..countries that are
    shitholes! We’re different because we’re Americans..America is
    the greatest nation on the planet and always will be. The sky isn’t
    falling and look how great the Market is’s all good!!

    “Yes, we’re having some problems here..but America won’t fall
    and become a shithole country even though some new Americans
    that have recently come have caused some problems. America is
    a nation of immigrants that was made great by’s so important
    that Emma Lazarus’s words shine forth forever from the Statue of Liberty..that’s why it was built and stands there as a beacon to all
    who seek to come here. To say different is to be a racist!…to have
    a ‘line in the sand’ against anyone else no matter what also is racist!”

    “Line in the sand??…why do I and my family need that, that’s
    why we have police and the military for in the first place..yes
    the police sometimes make mistakes but we need them to keep
    Law & Order here in America..which reminds me that it’s a great
    TV show too..did you see last night’s episode where they uncovered
    a plot by evil white supremacists militiamen who were training and
    stockpiling with their families to attack innocent Jews and Moslems and blacks here in America..that’s what we need the police for, to crack down
    on such anti-american racisist conspiracy kooks and their families!
    The very thought that the gov and it’s people could be a threat to
    America or that incoming immigrants could be is crazy conspiracy
    garbage and I know that because I contribute to the NAACP, ADL and
    SPLC and get their information bulletins. Without their efforts and
    those of our brave police and military to put down such racists
    here they’d become strong enough to creat another Shoa!!”

    “Line in the sand??..that’s the kind of talk one expects from toothless
    white trailer park trash from the wrong side of town! America is great
    because of her Constitution and will continue to be great because of
    it’s Constitution..anyone that says different should pack up their shit
    and leave for either Russia or Venezuela because they don’t love
    and live for the Constitution. I also had the privilege of attending one
    of Len Greenwood’s fantastic concerts a while back..truly a blood
    pumping experience to acknowledge being a Constitution loving

    “Line in the sand?…fu dat!, I’m mo think’n about dat line at de
    gov office dat make sure I git muh food money and shiiit..if shiiit
    go down, we take back what’s ours becuz wez wuz enslaved..
    we get dem repaarashuns for slave time big time..force dem
    racisis cracka’s outta dem fine homes jus like our homies are
    doin in South Africa..we rise up as proud sons of African Warriors
    and make Wakanda be real here! Don need no ‘line in the sand’
    for that muthafukker..just gotta make it happen and it’ll happen
    if we don’t keep getting our gibbs when we want white
    debbils owe us…GIBS NOW!!’

    To paraphrase the Capitol One ad:

    “What’s your line in the sand?”

    NorthGunner – The Truth Is It’s OWN Defense!

  22. yup. we are nowhere near the boiling point. well, maybe. hell . who knows. pretty sad day when the french have more stones than us. at best i see half a dozen conserative types in yellow vests here. we will go down as the most heavily armed compliant box car riding sheep that ever was.

  23. TL -“I don’t know what triggering event will bring us together on these issues.”
    Well what would it take to humble a nation? Or a world even, if you are watching the world.
    What would it take to cause humanity to realise that yes we have gone to far?
    What would it take to cause mankind as a whole to realize that yes we should actually love God and Love each other?
    And yes, those of you who are perfect can ignore the above.

  24. anyone is free to go proactive whenever they want.

    but there will be no positive resonance/multiplier effects until the Jewbuck dies. That is,

    when the ZOG can no longer buy consent.

    • it’s very close haxo

      you see those 500-700 point swings almost daily on the xchange?

      that’s the ‘tell’

      it ain’t normal dude.

      the plates are wobbling hard..

    • SemperFi, 0321


      As far as waking up the masses, won’t ever happen. They’ll continue to take instructions from whoever shows up first. Most people will never stand up for themselves, they have an innate desire to be led, like sheep. If they didn’t, politics and religion wouldn’t work.
      Look at us, still waiting for a sheepherder to show up.

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  26. Alfred E. Neuman

    Reblogged this on FOR GOD AND COUNTRY.

  27. “3) that freedom is directly related to economic activity”

    He got that right. There is no freedom, save economic freedom.

    To own; to buy; to sell; … all without let or hindrance.

  28. Get busy living. No one is coming to save you.