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Fa-la-la and such.

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  1. Shinmen Takezo

    I want to share a happy video with you all.
    Ho, ho, ho!!!

  2. A post Christmas, New Years Eve classic.
    “Happy New Year, Medic 9.”

    • And yet they stay there until one time there luck runs out and they have someone come up and put two in there head…Why again would you save an enemy that wants to kill you…Sad That…


        My brother:The answer to your question is they have a job with benefits. They will take a calculated risk because that is what keeps the roof over the heads and food in the mouths of them and their families. Any Blue Hive such as Detroit sees activity like this to some degree or another.
        When we lived in Riverside, CA, I would routinely go outside on New Years Day and sweep up the brass from all of the drive-by gunfire. As soon as we could handle things economically we escaped and never looked back.
        I have to agree with Haxo on this point: It will all continue until the debt buck dies. No one has the answer as to when that will happen. This corrupt, syphilitic country will continue on. The MSM will continue to report stories such as this(until TPTB tell their (((bosses))) not to). The common folks will continue to endure until they are forced to evacuate, as the tax-slave citizens of Kommiefornia. Broke HS and college graduates will continue to sell themselves to .mil. The diseased Brown People will continue to pour across our borders. As you always observe: Sad That.
        Merry Christmas to you and yours. Have a safe, healthy 2019. Give me a heads-up when you are in my A/O.

        • looks like a convergence of economic, cultural, and political crises will occur on or about 12:24 AM (GMT), 28 October, 2020.

          or, (as Dick Nixon used to say to Pat Buchanan),

          “am I wrong?”

    • my old hometown.

      excellent. love the gunfire. 🙂

      i used to have a crush on that cunt anchor.. Monica Gayle

      • lastmanstanding

        Everyone fantasizes about the news gal. Long time ago, I got her best who was way better looking. But seriously, you’d fuck a snake if someone would hold it LMFAOOOOOOOOOOO!!!

        I won’t wish you a Merry Christmas t, but some how I don’t think your far off the 300 million. Thanks for the laughs brother.

        • wendystringer48088

          “Everyone fantasizes about the news gal.”
          Or the weather gal. (Some stations make it easier than others).

          • Daaamn!! 8^}

            Even if she’s had some ‘enhancements’ I’d definitely NOT
            kick her out the door, especially the bedroom door!!

            Now if she also knows how to make sammaches and
            can deliver along with a couple of bottles of Francis Skanner…..
            She can discuss ‘rising high pressure fronts’ anytime!

            NorthGunner – The Truth Is It’s OWN Defense!

          • Novembers can be weird – Watch for bulges…

        • “But seriously, you’d fuck a snake if someone would hold it LMFAOOOOOOOOOOO!!!”

          Funny..that’s what people who went to college with ‘Hildog’
          said about her, “She’d fuck a rattlesnake if it’d had ears to
          hold onto.”.

          Boooooo scaaaaaarrrry!!

          NorthGunner – The Truth Is It’s OWN Defense!

      • Jimmy the Saint

        Who can forget those balmy summer evenings, shopping at the Tel-Twelve Mall….”Ahh, the gunfire is coming from the east tonight!”, and only sporadic muggings at Boblo Island.

        • i thought the gunfire always came from the East… 🙂

          absolutely normal to hear sporadic warfare outside your windows on any day or night back in the 70s. we bugged out midway thru them.
          moved North 20 miles to the stix, by 2000 it was time to pack up and move further.

    • wendystringer48088

      I thought the Police and EMS park in those places under an overpass New Years Eve and the 4th of July and don’t respond to calls when the most intense celebratory shooting is going on.

    • Cornered ! Explains a lot ! Thanks Gringo .

  3. Saturday night is movie night. The family watched Christmas with the Kranks.The family patriarch canceled Christmas to save money for a cruise.
    I would rather tongue Amy Schumers bearded clam than go on a cruise.
    Cut out holiday spending which incurs debt. The giant fiscal shitpot will become relevant in the near future. The crap you are spending money on should be invested in comms,meds and other essentials.
    I sat with a partner today recalling adventures in New Guinea. Headhunting/cannibalism is thriving in some parts of the worid.
    Primal shit. Long pig.
    Best have faith in something.
    You will need it ,if you expect to come out the other side.

    • lastmanstanding

      I’m with you on the cruise thing…even the second part to avoid ONE, lol! There’s more people on one of those ships than people within 20 miles of me.

      We spend money on strengthening our neighborhood. Damn near everything is tangible and transferable.

      “come out on the other side” I just want to live one day there so I can see how this all shakes out.

  4. lastmanstanding

    Was off line (meatspace) for nearly 3 days…didn’t miss much.

    Day trip with spouse, hung out with friends/neighbors, ate local fresh food with them at home. Grilled elk tenderloin one night. Baked butternut squash. Pork ham roast with carrots and potatoes. Food of the Gods. Picked up a loaf of this holiday bread on our little trip to I da hoe. Cranberries and cherries with a very light thin crust…almost cake like. Wife made french toast out of it Sunday morning. Whole hog sausage, farm-fresh eggs, fresh cows milk, butter and pure Pennsylvania maple syrup made by an old friend. Made cheese. Split wood. Helped a friend with a few things at his ranch.

    Did a nice wood-fired sauna…built one 4 years ago. No electricity needed. Cleanest feeling in the world. Purges all of life’s bs.

    Walked in the mountains with our dogs. Not much snow so far this year. Spent some time at the range. A few honey-do’s as well.

    Back in the real world today. Still no jail sentences handed out. SOS.

    No one is coming to save you. Something that I tell myself and anyone that will listen…every day.

    I’ll keep moving ahead, keep having a life, making plans…until some mother fucker louses them up.

    Enjoy the holidays all, Merry Christmas. Never know what might happen next.

  5. Snow fallin’ down
    La la la la

    I was feelin’ pretty good in the
    La la la la

    Takin’ my time in the
    La la la la

  6. @Darrell Cloud: the continental USA has a 200 year reserve of coal at present rates of consumption, and the Thorium inside that coal has 10 times the energy of the coal, yielding a 2,000 year reserve of power. The USA had model Thorium reactors working in the 1950’s. I assume sometime in the next 2,000 years humans will figure out how to fuse hydrogen, which the planet has a whole ocean full of. You may return to your technological optimism.

    Roddenberry showed a fascist empire. How many private starships with weapon strength parity did you see on that program, despite presumably being able to build one with a really big food replicator? No private 3D printers or computers or holodecks or transporters in that civilization. No money, either. Just speak your wish to amazon and hope your social credit score is good enough.

    • SemperFi, 0321

      Having known many hard core sci-fi fanatics, I’m always amazed that they believe this shit to a point of religion, but refuse to accept reality as real. Serious disconnect, even if you do speak Martian.

      • Hey SF,0321, Looks like you’ll be pretty close
        to your own “safe spaces”
        The Next End of the World | C.I.A. Classified

        GANG WAY!!….. 🙂

      • Star Drek will always be Star Drek.
        I always thought the Klingon’s and Romulan’s
        were cool and the real ‘good guys’ of the story.

        NorthGunner – The Truth Is It’s OWN Defense!

    • Rottenberry’s ‘Star Drek’ was ‘communism goes post-orbital’
      for proto-mangina soiboy’s and their cunt-capped crazy catladies
      in training (many who were out burning their bras while listening
      to Betty Friedan, Bella Abzug, Shulamith Firestone and Gloria Steinem
      to name a few).

      Oh and it should be mentioned that they were also
      being quietly groomed to be open to accepting the advances of black
      men (or seek them out) through such propaganda as the films “Guess
      Who’s Coming To Dinner” and “To Sir, With Love”

      And people now are surprised with what has flooded both Europe
      and America, both physically and through the ‘media/info-tainment’
      “industries” of both hollyweird and Silicon Valley?

      Hardcore gangsta rap and femin/pussy riot are the tip of that iceberg….
      And it’s all created to destroy both Christianity and White People and
      their civilization.

      Instead of taking friends and relatives out to see the latest filth
      decanted from Babylonian Hollyweird, share this with them:

      NWO: Communism by the Backdoor Official Trailer

      New World Order – Communism By The Backdoor ( Full Documentary )

      This certainly is far more important than any crafted ‘Star Drek’ or
      ‘Marvel’ garbage…because it’s true!

      Merry Christmas, while it’s still possible to say it openly!

      NorthGunner – The Truth Is It’s OWN Defense!

    • Bill Cooper would have been murdered by the ‘Federation’
      for daring to own his own weapons capable starship and
      his own private planet…just like he was here in reality for
      not being willing to bow down to the parasite class.

      R.I.P. Bill

      NorthGunner – The Truth Is It’s OWN Defense!

  7. Don’t you love how easily bought-off the French were?

    • Jimmy the Saint

      As Michael Franzese famously noted: it’s not surprising that people can be bought, but it is surprising how cheaply they can be bought.

      • It’s also surprising how willingly they will indebt themselves,
        especially to the latest garbage that they don’t need and
        isn’t worth the money (college debt anyone..Bueller..Bueller..?)
        but that’s what the Rothschilds and their associated bankster
        families not only count on but own the world through.

        It’s also what keeps the ‘War for Eternity’ going…again by
        the same people….

        And some people still wonder why their loved one’s aren’t
        home safe and sound to celebrate Christmas with them……

        NorthGunner – The Truth Is It’s OWN Defense!

  8. Tokyo Shitlord

    Are sat phones worth it?

  9. Baby, it’s cold outside.
    Merry Christmas to all my fellow White Patriarchists.

  10. After leaving the Pagan society overseas and an “religious” order that would hunt you down and murder you, when and why did america begin decorating trees?

    • More importantly, why is a 30+ foot menorah allowed prominently
      on display in Mordor on the Potomac, but a Nativity Scene isn’t
      allowed anywhere in sight there?

      NorthGunner – The Truth Is It’s OWN Defense!

  11. C’mon Scrot! You know it’s almost time for Santa Camacho, brought to you by Carl’s Junior.

    • Hey Santa Camacho,

      Did you remember to bring plenty of tamales, and
      sealed pots of menudo and posole rojo and flautas
      this year…the clan is definitely hungry!

      Oh and don’t forget the dulces bro!

      On Charger!!…On Cheeevy!!..on Lowrider…andle!!!

      Feliz Navidad!!

      NorthGunner – The Truth Is It’s OWN Defense

    • Comment plagiarized from here and passed off as a relevant contribution: What Hapoens If Nothing Happens -

  12. Ba humbug. Nothing says holiday spirit like the masses of shoppers who will gladly run you down with their car or shopping cart should you dare to be between them and the objects of their Christmas lust.

    I’ll be happy 12 seconds after the last gift’s wrapping paper goes into the trash bag.

    • Yep, and then 6 months later they’re all but yanking
      their hair out by the roots trying to understand HOW
      they originally got themselves into an unpayable
      debts that they will have no way of ever paying off.

      NorthGunner – The Truth Is It’s OWN Defense!

  13. Deplorable B Woodman

    Merry Christmas, all you Basket of gun-clutching, Bible-thumping, flyover country Deplorables.

  14. “People in your own family will betray you, given the chance”

    yup. as soon as their $ runs out and you still have plenty of it. they always find a ‘good’ reason why you should share yours with them…
    just remind them of all the luxuries they enjoyed before they went broke.
    dining out, bar night, vacations, movies, and the rest of so-called entertainment are the biggest waste of resources one can commit. of course, that will only infuriate them enough to actually betray you. best to cut all ties NOW while you still can. if they haven’t been stockpiling all along, they certainly are not going to start now…

  15. Christ’s blessings to you, Pete, and all. Even you, TFat (I know I’m gonna take some shit for that one). Every person here has blessed me some way the past year; may ’19 be a blessing to you all as well. Thank you.

  16. I have seen this dudes videos before but recently I noticed he had posted some about his trip to an outfit in Missouri called “One Shepherd”.

    Watch those videos and check that crew out. I am seriously considering spending some training time with them.

  17. tfa-t blows a little, but he does come up with some pearls and he does get me to think a different way at times.

  18. Merry Christmas to all, and may the Lord bless you and yours in the new year. “Hallelujah, noel, be it heaven or hell; the Christmas we get, we deserve.”

  19. A couple of months ago took little one for a little walk,
    but first I tied a string to the front, and you should have
    seen how much the little one enjoyed it!

    As I write this it reminds me of an old saying:
    “Just because we have planes, trains and automobiles, doesn’t
    mean horses are not needed.”

    Merry Christmas to you all

  20. Christmas – probably the last reason to believe in the power of old white men that will be stripped from us. until then, “faith is the reason for the season”. where is that “Believe in Something, Even If…” meme poster with the face of Jesus on it? sure to get anybody permanently banned off the internet.

  21. Final try on this for now….very telling that yt doesn’t
    want to cooperate on this….

    all parts are linked

    NorthGunner – The Truth Is It’s OWN Defense!

  22. Stormbringer

    Thanks to all for enlightening me and keeping me aware of my options. May we find a bit of peace before the “party” starts.

  23. Old Gray Wolf

    Merry…. ummm, sun god birthday? to all you genocidal reprobates. Pagan holidays and all, I hope your families and yourselves enjoy good times. Cherish them, for they may be fleeting.

  24. CA, here’s a guy in NC who repairs Sheridan air rifles.

    here’s a list of more repair shops

  25. Jimmy the Saint

    A little humor: