K Blog: “No War” Is Hell

Globohomo gasps at gutted guerre grandosity.


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  1. bring the troops home, station them on our southern border and announce to the world our borders are sealed and designated entry points only must be used to enter this nation.

    the troops: when invaders approach, verbal warning will be given. continued movement toward our border will then be given live fire warning shots. continued movement toward the border and live fire protection of the border will be received by the invader(s).

    outcome: those who hate this nation will wail and gnash their teeth just as those who support this nation will sing and dance. so what? after a couple live fire/dead invader episodes, you won’t find anyone near our border and the problem will be solved.

    the only entities ‘harmed’ by this will be invaders, liberal democrats (source of illegal votes ended) and rino’s (useless dems in drag).

  2. @Bonaventure

    You may appreciate St. Bonaventure’s Christmas sermon: https://www.traditioninaction.org/Questions/E050_Bona-Homo.htm

    A Blessed Nativity to you, your family, and your friends.

  3. Dam, that funding for the wall, what was it, 43 of you are fucking quitters The Donald sure fucked up all your fantasy rants. Perhaps Pete will give you a redo!

    Whiners, get you heads outta your asses. Your fucking hatreds blinding most of you.

    Why is it most of you want this country, our people to fail? I don’t get it.

    You don’t like it here, then don’t let the door hit you in the ass

    If you loosers think trumps going to take shit from the DEMs, your on crack. The next two years are going to be a period of Trump taking no prisoners.

    He’s right, bring our men home, he’s right because this country is under assault, the real enemy’s in the wire here in CONUS.

    The fights not in dirkadirkastan. You ask what’s over there?, easy answer. That’s were the money has very little scrutiny, billions bilked daily by MIC, funneled to their favorite treasonous elected official here.

    Rant over.


    • “Rant over”.
      But not your statist whoring.

    • lastmanstanding

      No offense, but no wall will be built. No “real” troops will be deployed. Put the citizenry on the border and tell them have tf at it. Anyone heading north is fair game…and south for that matter. Some cheap signage a 1/4 mi. out warning of absolute/lethal danger. Death imminent.

      30 days of that, problem solved.

      To those who have supported the go fund me deal:

      HaHaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaLMFAO! Suckers.

  4. lets put together the EEFI puzzle so far…..

    1) withdraw troops from Syria and A-stan
    2) market in slow motion soft crash
    3) price of oil at <$46.00/brl (may drop further)
    4) CONUS domestic relations at low simmer (frogs relaxed in hot tub)
    5) Europeans starting(?) to wake up

    …..so far not having listed other events all of which require authentication.

    IMO even having hard intel there is no telling what may happen next year or next two years. IMHO even those who think they are in control/running the show/.gov have lost control.

    My reasoning for this: take action for immediate effect without consideration of blowback, repercussions, knee-jerk reaction, unpredictability due to shifting agenda du jour. (hasn't it always been this way?)

    Just my opinion on #1: Great! lets bring ALL the troops home. Close all the bases. Reinvest the funds domestically. Stop supporting everyone else. Remove the raison d'etre for Russia, China, KSA, etc, etc. While we're at it lets get rid of NATO also. An EU army will break the EU for good. No EU, no immigration problems.

    Besides what is the purpose of a standing army? to protect ourselves from Canada, Mexico ? You better have a very compelling argument to convince me that the US NEEDS to present a show-of-force OCONUS.

    The old, worn out Cold War propaganda is old and worn out.

    Rolling back the excesses with a slow motion free fall…..might….work.

    So think this through carefully and again before you shoot your wad.

    ….in the meantime, keep stocking up on beans, bullets and band-aids.

  5. Did I read that somebody used drones to shut down one of the largest airports in Britain? Someday, somebody will use drones to drop firebombs on bureaucratic paperwork processing buildings. And on the new buildings they relocate to. Every week, forever. We used to call this “eternal vigilance”. This severing of the logistical tail will mark the end of the Age of Governments.

  6. K’s best piece yet.
    The main reason to get outa Syria is the hordes of mostly male, military, aged Muslim men refugees who have flooded Europe, causing criminal, legal, and sexual havoc. Which has finally led to the yellow vest movement. Even the Dali Lama’s new mantra is “they have to go back”.

  7. Corporate mercs.
    US military was hijacked a long time ago. The evil bastards sold their souls to gain control. When they got control, they immediately diversified and inclusioned the fuck out of it. Chicks with dicks. Obama and his crew chowed down on the carcass.
    Bloated,feminized . A used tampon.
    One motivated chucklehead, Christopher Dorner, dictated to the Republic of California, the terms of engagement. One man.
    The naysayers would have you believe that you are weak. Be the man your dog thinks you are.

  8. A wall could work two ways.
    We are conned into beating our ploughshares into swords for what?
    We need a wall to keep us IN.

  9. Hate to go off topic, but I’ve been called out in two comment threads that are now closed. So here goes.

    You guys don’t believe the story I told you in the video game thread. That’s fine. While I’m not going to post my financial information here, I will post some information to back up my claims.

    I live in rural Webster County, Iowa. You want to live around only white people? It’s 93.39% white according to the 2010 Census. I said it was 95% white, I was pretty close.

    Iowa is 90.9% white, I had stated it was 95% white. Off a little bit but pretty damn close. It should be noted that the vast majority of the other 9 percent is located in 4 or 5 counties. I haven’t seen a black person here in weeks, granted, I live 10 miles outside of town and work the night shift.

    You might notice in the Webster county link, that median income for an individual was $31K and nearly $44k for families. That’s probably correct, as most of the economy is service based in Fort Dodge, where I work. However almost everybody with a skilled trade is making a minimum of $50k. This why it is so affordable to live here. Most of the people here are service industry workers, which seems to drive COL lower, but anybody with any real skills rises far above them.

    Here is a link to the local MLS if you want to see what real estate costs here.
    I plugged in houses under $150k just to give you a clue what you can afford on a skilled trade job. Isn’t the formula 3x your annual salary = the home you can and should afford?

    I work at a veterinarian pharmaceutical plant in Fort Dodge in the maintenance department. I didn’t start out here. My degree is in automotive technology I got from the local community college

    I did indeed struggle for a few years after college. But that little 2 year tech degree opened doors for me that I never would have seen had I not had it.I got this job in April of 2010.

    My wage is the second highest hourly rate in the plant. While I’m not going to post my financial information, I will spell it out exactly. My current gross is $75, 695. With one more paycheck with a shit ton of overtime on it, I should get over $80 or real damned close.

    The lowest hourly rate in the plant is 23.76. That’s custodian level work. That’s $49k per year, folks. Lots more if you like overtime.

    At 28.21 per hour, plus 1.5 time on Saturdays, my base wage is around $64k. the remaining $15k is due entirely to overtime, weekends and holidays. That’s not a problem for anybody who is determined to make an honest and fruitfull living right? Working a lot? Working when you wish you were not? I’m on day 7 of an 18 straight day run, going to miss Christmas and all. But my oldest two boys are attending the local private school. The baby is still at daycare, but as I mentioned in the other thread, we are considering the wife quitting work and staying home. It would recquire some major lifestyle changes and even more work on my part, but we think it is probably doable.

    as an aside,My brother works as an industrial electrician at a factory down the road. He is making over $30 per hour, his wife just quit her job to raise their first baby. He has nothing more than a 2 year industrial electricians degree and about 15 years of experience at various places who, like me were not paying him much starting out. That’s kind of how the game is played. You don’t make much in almost any trade until you have some real experience in it.

    Neither of us started out doing this well. Both of us had a lot of lean years. I recall after my 3rd layoff in 8 months, early in 2009, really wondering what I was doing and what mistakes I had made along the way. But I never stopped trying and I never blamed anybody else for my shortcomings.

    There are places like this allover the Midwest, and probably allover the country. Places where there are building and electrical contractors, machine shops, small factories that are in need of skilled workers. Hell, even truck drivers can make a decent living out here.

    It’s all doable assuming you avoid A) metropolitan areas, B) College towns, and C) Tourist destinations…….you are not going to find an affordable COL “at the lake”

    Sorry for the long winded reply. And sorry if I don’t feel comfortable posting some information to back up ALL my claims. But I think I put enough out there to back up enough and prove that I’m not lying.

    • Bo, I read the follow on responses to your set up as very positive. Clear to me that your doing it right, making it work for you and your family.

      I’d call your story a success story. Well do young man.


    • How does raking in Rothschild fun-bucks
      make you a free man?

    • Great info B. If I were young and had the bulk of my life in front of me, I’d be actively checking it out.

    • lastmanstanding

      Very well done brother. Proof that it can be done. Many of us have traveled the same difficult route. It just builds character…tons of it.

      Blessings and Merry Christmas to you and yours. 😉

    • It’s all good with an A. S. tech degree until the union comes in and makes it a closed shop.

  10. The Walkin' Dude

    Oy veyyy, the (((ACLU))) says Trump is a meanie for starving the (((chosens))) in office by SHUTTING IT DOWN until he gets funding for his “monument to waaaaaaaaaacism”. Hebraic kvetching intensifies!

  11. robroysimmons

    MIC is of the parasite class of things, especially since 9/11.

    Do you gents know of any parasite anywhere that voluntarily restricts its consumption of the host?

    But conservatives run around with their hair on fire, never daring to try and pit parasite versus parasite for battles to the death.

  12. Oldltradesman

    Trump’s idea of a beautiful wall:

    Israel’s wall: