A solid set of important questions, seasoned with snark.

See also this piece.

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  1. In an interview, Trump states “American’s will engage in armed revolt if the deep state attempts to remove him from office”. United States Presidents don’t say such a thing for light or frivolous reason.

    And this epic comment made on IOTW:

    COMMENT by Chuckie:

    james comey is bragging about how he suckered mike flynn into a perjury trap….he’s running around in the main stream media bragging about it….bragging about how he took advantage of the confusion of a new administration…bragging about how he broke the rules because there was no one to notice he was breaking the rules in place yet…..why is he still free???….why is he not locked up..???

    he’s running around admitting he broke the law…and he’s free to keep running around admitting he broke the law…and no one gives a shit…..he laughs about it, and brags about how smart he was…..yeah, right…..

    because he’s a hero of the resistance, and also because he has some kind of job security and/or pension protection on account of bean a government employee….
    but mostly….

    this is a time of decision, and i hate it…..

    i do not want to go to war……i don’t want to lose my country, either…..this is where we are today….

    we can settle for being serfs, and let them rule over us….
    or we can assert our rights as free citizens…..
    this is going to get ugly, and i don’t like it…
    it’s not US who are driving us to this point…..
    it’s the God-Damned leftist progressives who will start this war….
    they claimed, once upon a time, that they only wanted live-and-let-live acceptance…..
    nowadays, if you are not THEM, you have no rights whatever….

    in mel gibson’s movie “the patriot,” he plays a warrior who hates war, and is toadly against a new war against britain, because he knows what that means, having “been there, done that”
    THAT is what i am talking about….this is going to get out of hand, and it is going to get ugly…
    ya know, i can remember when my son told me i was silly to believe in the “slippery slope”….
    it’s not “A” slippery slope….it’s 20,000 slippery slopes…and we’re sliding down all of them, simultaneously…..

    on purpose, so as you can’t keep track of what they’re doing……
    commies gonna commie…..and they been commying for a long long time…..
    “hope i die before i get old”… oh wait…too late…..
    hope i die before this gets real…..

    not very hopeful about that….i’m in pretty good health, over all….kinda old but not “shovel ready” quite yet….i spect i’m gonna hafta see at least the beginnings of this new civil war….
    what i would like to find is a way to stop the leftist progressives from pushing us over the edge, into a civil war…..i don’t think they are interested in that…i think they WANT a war…..every thing they do makes me think they want a war – a real, shooting war, here, in our country…..
    i hate them……i am a christian and i know i am not supposed to hate….but i hate them, just like i hate satan and his demons….they think they rule the world…..they think they can do whatever they want…

    …and then….somebody shows up who tells them to go back to hell, with the power to send them back to hell….know what happens???
    Donald Trump happens…..


    which is nice for a while….but then…

    you end up in the shooting war anyway, because THEY WILL NOT ACCEPT DEFEAT……

    The Honorable Resistance: A Legion of Reluctant Warriors

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  3. IMO, the key sentence from Questions is, “In a similar vein, given that the populations of virtually every historically white country are being told that …”.

    If the populations of virtually every historically white country are being told …, then these populations appear to be doomed to suffer ____________ (fill in the blank) because they accept “being told”–talked down to–as if they are children, or submissive underlings.

    I think the folks over at Chateau Heartiste call this “running frame” (or is it maintaining frame?).

    Did you ever wonder why Nancy Pelosi and Chuck Schumer talk at Trump, not to Trump. IMO, it’s because Nancy and Chuck are attempting to run frame on him. And Trump, the master, talks at them, not to them, while parrying their every attack, because he’s running frame on them.

  4. An excellent set of questions. I have but one contrarian observation — Urban White Gentrification is dead. Detroit, Chicago, Baltimore, et. al. will NOT see an urban renaissance. — — then those areas where they are moving, its not to the urban core, but the burbs just like their parents —

    What the urban planners missed is that this generation is highly mobile, as are their jobs, so they are not stuck with just worrying about commuting distance. Technology has made remote telecommuting possible.

  5. William Munny

    Not a burka anywhere