Fa La La La La

Enjoy the keening.

10 responses to “Fa La La La La

  1. I really do not know if I can survive another shutdown,the last one saw me almost out of food/zombies in the wire/med and ammo supplies running low/am just getting to a rebuild point on me preps and now this!

  2. SemperFi, 0321

    What a farce, and the masses fall for it again.
    How many times have we had a gov’t shutdown before Christmas?
    Everyone goes home for the holidays and when they come back, shutdown is over! They sure play the public for the fools that they are.

  3. If I hadn’t looked at the innertoobz I wouldn’t have known it happened.

    GS: “Government? What’s that?”

  4. Johnny Paratrooper

    Is this like the shutdown of the War Memorials? The shutdown when they hired more guards, for more working hours, and put up barriers for no reason?

    That kind of “shutdown”

  5. anyone else wish they would STAY SHUT DOWN?

  6. Alfred E. Neuman

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  7. I, for one, am worried. Can the local utility still bill me? Will my local policeman still be able to ticket me for speeding? Will my Iphone still text? Will I still be able to watch football……..oh wait. I got rid of cable. Okay, no worries.
    We can only hope and pray that the Government shuts down altogether. Finally. Then everything else would follow. Pretty soon, we might actually start to feel like a free people. And we can’t have that!

  8. Government shutdown means the suspension of “Non-Essential Services”
    IE: if those services provided are “Non-Essential”, that means they aren’t needed in the first place. So can someone please tell me why we are paying for services that are NOT needed?
    Oh, silly me, it’s cause the gummint creates jobs, right! Yeah riiiiight!
    I hope it lasts at least till the 2020 erek-shunz……

  9. Wake me up when the deportations start, until then I’ll be doing dry fire and PT.