Your Betters Want This Type Of Speech To Be Banned

And that public policy to be fully implemented.


Harden your hearts.

Toughen your bodies.

Keep building your skills.

52 responses to “Your Betters Want This Type Of Speech To Be Banned

  1. that’s one sexy little bitch. too bad she probably screws niggers too. most all of them do. probably has a black spade tattoo’d right above her pussy or on her ass.. rotten cunts deserve everything that happens to them. 🙂 don’t help them, don’t love them. just use them for what they are. thots

    • Her husband is a blue-eyed, blonde-haired Swede/Norwegian.

    • I guess you didn’t watch the video with audio on? Way to win one for white people, tfA

    • wendystringer48088


      Lana Lokteff is married to Henrik Palmgren.

      I would agree with you on the progressive leftist feminists, but please do a bit of research first before vilifying someone who is on our side.

      Negative attitudes, degrading insults and hatred towards all white women just helps those who who want to eliminate all or most white people.

      • Wendy, You are usually, as now, much too generous towards the malignant seething cauldron of hate,spite and envy known as t-flatulence.

        “Negative attitudes, degrading insults and hatred towards all white women just helps those who who want to eliminate all or most white people.”

        Right. Doesn’t that give you pause wrt said malignancy?

    • Well you’ve scored the ‘Wrong Way Corrigan’ Pilot License and
      Secret Decoder Ring tfA-t.

      Lana is not and NEVER will be a coal-burner; she’s very happy
      with her White Identity and happy to be a devoted mother to
      her white children and faithful to her white husband.

      As usual, your fingers are typing out checks that your
      brain can’t cash….. tourette’s syndrome much?…..

      Nowl, if you’re feeling especially lucky, I’ve got the insider scoop
      for the lotto ticket numbers…only $1,000 a number for each of
      the major lottos…since you say you have so much petty cabbage
      to blow this should be a no-brainer to make even more, eh?…

      NorthGunner – The Truth Is It’s OWN Defense!

      • riiight.

        bitches often whore around behind the backs of their husbands.

        almost ALL of them.

        • In a society with morals like yours, this may be true. Not everyone wants to sink as low as you desire, T. Some people actually have a pride in self that sets them above gutter trash.

    • Oh my tfa, sounds like your full of holiday cheer.

    • Johnny Paratrooper

      I never saw one woman in Iraq stand up to Islam.

      NOT ONE.

    • Johnny Paratrooper

      Its 2018.

      How could you not be familiar with the basic faces of the patriot movement.

      Lana is like the only 30 year old white woman in Europe defending this country.

      • i don’t watch very many vids on the net, don’t have the bandwidth to waste. i only get 25 GB a month.

      • It’s tfA-t, most of us know he’s many things, but a truth teller isn’t one of them. Also, he’s a militant atheist, which means he has to point that out fervently.

        He’s the poster boy for an old rule, “the more you talk, the less you have to talk about”. According to tfA-t, he’s rich, pays no taxes, and somehow lives in Canada and in the US, on the border and in neither country. I went to school with a number of Canadians and one thing is clear, they’ve had a police state for over 100 years. Their highway patrol is a federal agency, part of the mounties, for example.

        I maintain contact with my old Canadian school friends, and can tell you that nothing has improved, particularly with the communist faggot they have as a PM.

        • you’re SO DUMB

          and fat too

        • Johnny Paratrooper

          Canada is territorial province of Britain so….

          Britain just told them it was a their own country so they wouldn’t fight them.

          If you notice, Canada is double fucked because they are getting Mexicans and Muslims PLUS they already have the Irish French.

          Canada is the Real threat.

          Coming down like an eagle.

    • You’re so gay it’s funny.

      Insecure over black men. Typical.

    • Watch out low-t. The fallen ones are coming back first and they probably think you have a nice ass too.


      • you are a prime candidate for the asylum tommyboy. you are having delusions of demons and angels.. there is help for you if you want it. call a help hotline right away.

  2. mrcraigdudley

    this is what i see called a pingback, as i frequently repost items i find here to my location:

  3. Donny Corleone

    (((They)))? Speaking all of this truth and still cannot find it in herself to name the Jew.

    • Both Lana and Henrik have mentioned jews before.
      Especially Barbara Specter and others involved with
      the ‘demographic replacement’ of Europe and America.

      You must be new to Red Ice.

      NorthGunner – The Truth Is It’s OWN Defense

    • SemperFi, 0321

      Watch some of their other videos, they don’t have a problem pointing the finger at the Jew or Israel.

    • {{{Jews}}}… the Master Race!

      LMAO pussies. Because White People can not be degenerate in and of themselves… it’s the… {{{JEWS}}}! Why… if there were no {{{JEWS}}}, White People would be as pure as Baby Jesus!

      Know what the problem with White People is? White People. {{{JEWS}}} are their scape-goat.

      There are approximately 900 million White people in the world today. Approximately 14 million {{{JEWS}}}.

      Go ahead, keep telling us how the {{{JEWS}}} are the Master Race.

      • {{{Jews}}}… the Master Race!

        Blind. See if you gain a little clarity if I fify:

        ({[Jews!)}] the Master Bankers, Media Moguls, Suborners of Politics, Professors of Propaganda, Deconstructors of language and culture, Financiers of Pornography and, not the least of these, Manipulators of and Profiteers from WAR!

        Your simplistic demography only applies outside the centers of power and finance.


      • “There are approximately 900 million White people in the world today. Approximately 14 million {{{JEWS}}}.”

        they obviously are. your comment points that fact out, now doesn’t it? it also points out how fucking ignorant whites are. if 14 million jews can control 900 million whites- and for the most part they do. then certainly, they are the dominant race. i think every race is going to take a very large hit during the coming ‘airing of grievances’. those who are strong, have skills, are prepared, have wealth, and are just plain lucky, will do pretty well. 🙂 but given the fact that the entire world hates those little weasels, and everyone wants to exterminate them, they most likely will resort to the Samson Option and perhaps BILLIONS may take a long dirty nap..

        300 million is piker territory compared to the jews plan.

    • Why name the Jew?
      You just get your channel shut down sooner.
      They post their intent to mix Whitey out of existance all over U tube.
      Where you been?
      Jews have not kept it a secret.
      The muds list Jews as the worst of the White Devils.
      I’ve known women who would not touch a mud, many of them I trained to black belt & to shoot.
      They, like the boys, must lose their fear of mud retaliation.
      Once you stomp a few black asses in the ring you lose your fear of blacks.
      I’d bet you money Lana is not a coal burner.
      She’s out as the Queen B of us White Separatists.
      “They” want her scalp more than they will ever want yours.

  4. “Replace”? Yeah, well White people about 30 years ago stopped having kids and when you have credit-based economy you need a growing population. It sucks, but white people did it to themselves.

    • So how does adding people to the welfare rolls help a credit-based economy? The few feeding the many can’t really help economy or people.

    • Weird. I know tons of white 30 somethings with kids. Must be a mirage.

      • Johnny Paratrooper

        The infertility rates are off the charts for whites.

        They are only having two kids.

        Which means economic and population stagnation.

        And our enemies(Mo’ and Marx) decided that the word “Democracy” means “Have more sex: even if it’s your cousin, or a low IQ dipshit”

        So basically, We are fucked.

        Think about it like this.

        No kids, No civilization.

    • they didn’t “do it to themselves” any more than post-1950’s Blacks destroyed their own families, communities, and values.

      organized Jewry – and it’s well-paid shabbatz goy poltical class – screwed the Blacks with “slum clearance” and the Welfare-Illfare State

      and killed the White birthrate by legalizing and culturally-forcing (see: (((MSM)))) abortion, porn, sexperv, and Judeo-feminism.

      • Haxo, I’ve taken many an exception to your comments, but this ain’t one of them.

        100% right on. I’m slow to convince but the evidence accumulates, nd I’ve known the truth of your first sentence above for decades.

      • So you absolve ghetto blacks then right? Its the jews fault that black people are degenerate welfare dependent savages?

      • Jews didn’t control me. I got my wife knocked up 9 times. Maybe you’re some weak-ass bitch who lets others control you? Just spit-ball’n here.

      • “they didn’t “do it to themselves” any more than post-1950’s Blacks destroyed their own families, communities, and values.”

        Malcom X wasn’t shy about calling out the jew and showing
        how they were behind the destruction of the black family
        and community.

        Yes it was the ‘Nation of Islam’ that did the leg-work in
        murdering him; wouldn’t be surprised at all if the jews
        that ran the ‘NAACP’ didn’t finance them to do it though.

        Or B’nai Brith or ADL…as if it mattered….

        NorthGunner – The Truth Is It’s OWN Defense!

      • Johnny Paratrooper

        I used to think the judo feminism thing was a myth, but ordinary women do not act like a fat entitled jewish bitch.

        Which is what the TV has turned everyone into in the coastal cities.

    • You really are a special sort of mental stagnation.

  5. Alfred E. Neuman

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  6. Donny Corleone

    Sorry. I stand corrected. I am new to Red Ice. Good to know,

  7. Tactless Wookie

    When the colored riot, cities burn.
    When whites riot, countries burn.

  8. Yeah, replacing us for a larger servial class of complacent and docile subjects. Anyone think the global elites care any about a massive mega-mega die off?

    • SemperFi, 0321

      For anyone that was paying attention, several months ago Bill Gates remarked there was another pandemic coming.
      And my big question is; how would he know that ahead of time? Perhaps his connection to the WHO told him. Or perhaps the fact he’s been funding small scale drug testing on African villagers, with huge percentages of deaths. I know, they just got the wrong dosage. The stuff actually works well when used on white people.

      Perhaps Aesop can chime in and fill us in with his anti conspiracy theory facts so that we don’t get the wrong ideas. I always like to see someone step in and do damage control for their handlers.

  9. CA, Cambria Will Not Yield has a good story.

  10. thesouthwasrght

    We have a government that punishes prosperity and makes life much more costly and difficult for those that try and do things the right way. Having large families is pretty much unaffordable for the white middle class any longer. That is your main culprit for the lagging birthrate.

  11. re:
    Lana and Henrick, Redice

    This is the first I heard of them, so I searched the Internet. It turns out, according to somebody using the pseudonym ‘Wikipedia’, they are horridly-awful people. They, according to this ‘Wikipedia’ person, promote something ‘Wikipedia’ calls ‘culture pride’ and ‘nationalism’. According to this ‘Wikipedia’ person quoting somebody else using the pseudonym ‘South Poverty Law’, Lana and Henrick like people of their skin color more than they like Other Colors.

    I saw it on the Internet, so it must be true.

    * * * * *

    YouTube has the music video from the Mongolian nationalist art project called ‘The HU Band’. Their WOLF TOTEM is required watching.

    The lyrics to WOLF TOTEM include the word ‘obliterate’ several times. I get the impression anything less than this level of motivation is doomed. You might as well volunteer to be first in line for the next available boxcar.