Happy White Kwanzaa!

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  1. smile forever

    Kwanzaa is completely fictional, invented by United Slaves with help from FBI collaborators. But what the heck, if peeps can get more days off with pay from their gubermint gibs-jobs.

  2. Festivus is the way to go!!!

  3. Fantasy is all the negro has to fall back on.
    Less peanut butter, of course. Not exactly …..”one small step for man; one giant leap…….”; but it’s sumpin’.

    • Johnny Paratrooper

      The Indians of Peru and Chile spent thousands of years cultivating the peanut and then we tell every kid in America that a cheeky and eccentric black guy invented the peanut(and 300 uses) on the back of a train.

  4. The Walkin' Dude

    Will the fold stamp teat be ripped from the useless feeder’s mouths by February? Zerohedge asks, and I certainly hope so. Would love riots to give me the green light to start removing the trash. All welfare recipients should starve, or figure something else out, including muh .gov workers who think doing the King’s bidding grants them perpetual comfort for the remainder of their lives. Yes, that means you retired feds and vets and all other manner of silver-taking-scum. Quit eating my stolen tax dollars, wastes of life. Make more room for the fitter of our species.


    • The Walkin' Dude

      I’ll also note that vatious forums seemed to have died down in activity lately. Perhaps the fedtrolls can’t afford their internet and cell service without their producer-extorted paychecks?

      • Jimmy the Saint

        Or people could be traveling and spending time with real-life friends and family instead of just plugging away at the internet.

    • Now that would get the party started. Should that happen you have 12+ HOURS to clear out of metro and suburban areas or you’re toast.

  5. And as long as we keep allowing the African to pretend to be human we are stuck with retarded Negroid bull shit. “The Negroid has many quality’s that, if controlled by the hand of a benevolent overseer . Can make the African a useful draft animal. With proper training and regular punishment for even the slightest infraction they can even be made useful to civilization. But they have no ability to govern anything, and must be controlled at all time’s with the lash and the pistol.” If anyone cares the guy that said that has his own monument in DC, and he and his wife were at one time the two largest slave holders in the world in 1858. They also ran the largest slave markets that ever existed. The ones in Lexington Ky., Louisville Ky., and Covington Ky.

    • Johnny Paytoilet

      Ray, just curious, who said that? I’m from KY, btw.

      • Look up who the largest slave owning husband and wife were in 1858. Right before he started to cash out to run on the Republican ticket. You’ll find that The Rail road lawyer who made his living putting widows out on the street and slave trading was none other than “Honest Abe” himself. Ol’ Abe DESPISED the African He called them “Niggers” He also said in 1863. ” If I could win this war without freeing a single nigger I would do so” In fact his plan was to deport every last one to Africa starting the day the war began. But only to economically harm the south. Read his own words. David Duke liked Africans more Lincoln did.

  6. oh.

    so now italians and spaniards are part of “white” culture huh?

    it’s hard to keep up with this “movement”…

    i used to be on the fence about this.

    not anymore.

    the white race will be eliminated.


    • Somebody get under your red skin?

      • tfA-t, love him or hate him, the White Race is being destroyed and eliminated as we speak. Telling the truth, it seems, gets under peoples skin.

        7,7 Billion people on this planet, Whites make up 900 Million give or take… and it can’t even procreate. That includes 60% of America, who happen to be White. And that 60% is rapidly being replaced by either migration and/or by other races who are having sex and babies.


        But, but, but… we have guns!

        And while your object of swooning keeps caving on the dollar amount for that “Big Beautiful Wall”, down to 1.3 Billion as we speak, which will get you about 43 plus miles of that Wall, 100’s of invading migrants are being released daily into your {{{White}}} AmeriKa.

        Meh. White people.

  7. I feel it is about dividing a country and its people. Progressives have done an excellent job of separating family, races, gender, cultures and ethnicities. All this for self serving ends. Welcome to the “New World Order”! If you are enjoying your socialism still, the other guys money has not run out!

  8. Hey, why the surprise? Kwanzaa fits in quite well with their fourth world “culture”. Hell, they would have come up with it on their own, if they were capable of independent “thought”…

    • Johnny Paratrooper

      I was watching a documentary about South Africa’s Illegal mining ops.

      A women who “helps” women who haas been raped clearly stated that every woman she’s met in the entire town had been raped multiple times and they even had started families

      The town had thousands of women.

      All raising rape babies.

  9. Multi-cam”O”-ism?
    The only good FED is a dead FED, that’s what I always say. Has well, The Fictional Preserve Pranking dis-service credit for the debt. And you can bank on that! That, that is, IN GONE WE Trusts, not so much.
    All together now, in unison and multi-cow-turd-ism and diversity for all with an IQ below beto the moron.

    I dread allegiance to the fag
    And to the dis-jointed states for which we kneel
    One faction at a time gone under a time limit
    Of blame
    With United Nations not so much libertine and International criminal courts for all.

    Thank GOD for art-“O”-ificial intelligent, we are going to need it. Especially when the Billary falls below bot too Mooch US MUCH, “O” pray for SM”O”D! But stay tuned for the Yucky Chucky and Fancy UN-do Panty Nancy show. The next season will the final depression of the well-seasoned we have all been waiting for “Dawn of Drama Queers” sponsored by Boogy Woogy Goole boy, Fxck-off book, instant spam and Microbial Awareness the Intel agender gents in masters of Media sensory deprivation, has well the Universe for your viewing pleasures on AOD-YMH. I scream, you scream for SWEN!!! GONE golly, miss Molly media screams half-baked like a gay cake news, so let’s let them. Have their fake and eat it BE TO!
    Joe X

  10. Alfred E. Neuman

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  11. Kwanzaa: was created by Dr. Maulana “Ron” Karenga, a professor of Black Studies, in 1966. He was an idiot at San Fernando Valley College-precurser of Cal State Northridge. I remember my parents laughing that a black “professor” made up a holiday just for black people. My mother said, “I guess 2,000 years of Christianity wasn’t good enough”. Made up holiday with made up “traditions” and made up principles.
    As far as the EBTs and the WIC vouchers and any other government horse manure-please let it go broke. The sooner the better; I wonder if churches will then be allowed to feed the poor? Of course, there won’t be any oversight committee of authorized goons………..
    Now, if we can just pull the funding from CONgress. I’d love a pic of Occassional Cortex hitching it back to the Bronx.

  12. Jimmy the Saint

    Curiously, the seven virtues of Kwanzaa are the same as the seven values of the SLA (and as depicted in its seven-headed cobra logo).