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  1. Overall, this book is an informatively decent
    However, it is peppered throughout with incredibly ridiculous nuggets.

  2. Donny Corleone

    I enjoyed the book but I too found parts of it to be ridiculous. The portrayal of Southerners as fops obsessed with pomp and circumstance was particularly laughable. Obviously the authors have never ventured south of the Mason/Dixon line. Otherwise I found it an enjoyable read.

    • Do you not recognize the point of Lind’s portrayal of the nature of the states governments, and not their grass roots indigenous people?
      In Lind’s fable he describes the eventual outcomes of the usurpations taking place right now. From Haley to the Bushes, the destruction of Southern culture history and its agrarian peoples is going on right now.
      It goes to defining George Soro’s and his cultural marxist ilk efforts to undermine all the State’s governments with his States Attorney General’s Project, infiltrating and creating state level governments hospitality towards the dirt peoples cultures and long learned hard won histories with originally created the South’s Agrarian Christian provincial way of life..
      And that is not isolated to the South. Look at NewHampshire. From Shaheen to the present traitors running NH, it is rampant strategic usurpation of the dirt peoples representation local governments.
      Those of us who ignore the past, and present end up taking the dirt nap first in the future.

      Lind’s VICTORIA is a cautionary tale to us.

  3. Not a fan of the cover,but as the saying goes…..,will give it a checkout over the weekend.I really wish the movie Grey State had been made,the clips to get investors made it look potentially a very good movie.

    • Old Gray Wolf

      I have trouble attributing credibility to a book whose main character cannot keep his booger hook off the bang switch on the cover. And whose wife has a head full of “corn rows”. While I know the author rarely designs the cover, they should at least have input on technical flaws. In addition, the next fight here will not be even mostly groups of former Marines, nor will it be fought with battle carbines much of the time. He should have been shown in nondescript clothing and packing a cell phone. 4GW ain’t done by former Marines in wool jackets negligently discharging their AR-15’s. It is done by the guy who blends into his environment because he is part of it. I guess that don’t get folks to buy a book, though. Dirk’s list below is worthwhile. And no stupidity on the covers. Let’s hope Lind’s book is one not to be judged by its cover.

      • You never read one chapter of Lind’s VICTORIA!

      • How about you read the damn thing before pissing and moaning about the cover. And read the whole thing (with an understanding of Lind’s writings) not just excerpts.
        Then give us your learned bloviation.
        Bill (old 0311)

  4. Donny, you every in the military? Every branch of the service is full of pomp and posture. Tradition, is the backbone of any military branch. ANY branch of the military’s officers corpse , thrive on NOT making decisions, IF their upwardly mobile. Basically officer suck their way to the top, not problem solve their way to the top. Of course their are exceptions to this traditional ml standard.

    The lessons ” Lind” teaches us, in a story format, is brilliant. Learning while reading for entertainment is a better way to educate those less inclined to learn, from the technical format.

    The text, the problems, and the solutions to those problems were clever, realistic. Hence making the novel not just a redundant pointing out problems, but collectively teaches solution oriented problem solving. A rare beast around here.

    Lind, Is someone We should all pay attention to.

    L Freedmans Future of War.
    L Freedmons Strategy.
    D Marston and C Malkasians
    Counterinsurgency in modern warefare.
    D Porch Counterinsurgency. ” Bill Buppart” suggested this one. While I see the world differently then Bill, I value his observations his insight.
    Von Clausewitz, On War.
    BH Lindell Harts, Strategy.
    Sun Tzu, &Machiavelli Success and Leadership Principles for The modern world.
    D Galula,Counterinsurgency Warefare.
    W Lind 4th generation Warefare Handbook.
    M Musashi The Book Of Five Rings.

    Right now I’m reading TE Lawrence’s, Seven Pillars of Wisdom. Lawrence of Arabia teaches some pretty simple yet outstanding principles.

  5. Donny Corleone

    I have found that something can be learned from all sorts of literature. No, I was never in the military, but from what I have seen it is now full of politically correct politicians all scrambling to get to the top by any means necessary.
    I just found it peculiar that this pompous behavior was only assigned to the Southern People. But, that is something I have become accustomed to in my dealings with yankees. You have a good day now.

    • What Lind describes about the Southern States governments is not reserved for us below the 38th Parralell. He is trying to tell us a cautionary tale about what is going on now and the possible future if Soro’s cultural marxist’s infiltrations in states government is not stopped.

    • Wasn’t a shot Donny. that you read the book is what’s impressive to me. That each of us focused on different aspects, is understandable. When I read this book I was looking for evidence of 4th gen warfare, frankly I didn’t know exactly how the model would be presented, by Lind.

      I remained objective, in the reading but pulled out some pretty slick solutions to the problems presented. FOR ME, Lind delivered in spades. The solutions were exactly what I’d hoped for. 4th gen warefare solutions.

      Im amused the cover picture review was most enlightening.

      While I’ve got hundreds of military manuals, for me the novel style learning works for best for me. I get bored quickly with TraDoc style printed media.

      Again I think most here would enjoy the book.


  6. Kind of lame with all the German quotes and references, I wonder who the author would have played for during WWII. but, for social war I guess it is ok. To discount the south is a real downer … the reason you see more southerners in the USMC is due to mothers not allowing their children to join the US Army.

    • SemperFi, 0321

      Yeah, those stupid fukn Germans.
      And English is based on which language?
      Nothing like being taught to hate your roots, which is exactly whats been going on for centuries. You know, divide and conquer.

    • You might want to brush up on your Christian Greco/Roman history and culture which as Men of The West we are dependents of and are in the midsts of an existential war on our history and way of life.
      The whole idea of the Kieser Prince is to exemplify the great history and cause of the Christian Warrior’s and their never ending Crusade.

    • “Kind of lame with all the German quotes and references, I wonder who the author would have played for during WWII. but, for social war I guess it is ok.”


      Many here still have no idea how they’ve been utterly lied to about
      “The Bad War” (as M.S. King refers to it). I highly recommend reading
      King’s books below and watching the documentary on YT, “Europa – The
      Last Battle”. I’m also including links for a speech by Benjamin Friedman
      on what REALLY happened in WWI/II (he was an insider so he knew) and
      what Rabbi Ben Porat has to offer as knowledge.

      Hope that this starts to clear up the confusion and dispell the
      mental fog that’s been intentionally created about that event.

      M.S. King – “The Bad War” (full book via PDF)

      The British Mad Dog

      I Don’t Like Ike

      Benjamin Freedman. All about Zionism from a Jewish insider ex-zionist Speech 1961 (Ignore the Greek subtitle)

      Why did Hitler hate jews? Rabbi Yosef Tzvi ben Porat will explain to you

      As for Lind’s book, it’s on my ‘to read list’ waiting it’s turn….

      NorthGunner – The Truth Is It’s OWN Defense!

  7. I didn’t think the book was all that great. HOWEVER! Lind deserves to be supported because no one else is really doing His Thing. I felt it was $20 well spent even if I thought it was a mediocre novel. I’ll buy the next one for the same reason.

  8. Alfred E. Neuman

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    Great book…

  9. The USMC angle may come from Lind’s long association with the Marine Corps, dating back to his membership in the military reform movement which began in the 1970s, coalescing around the late Colonel John Boyd, then working in the Pentagon after his retirement from the Air Force.

    Boyd and his acolytes – including William Lind – meet on a semi-formal basis in a discussion group devoting to military reform as well as the study of military history and patterns of conflict throughout history and in nature.

    Lind’s chief claim to fame within the national security-defense community rests upon his authorship of the generations of warfare model as a tool for categorizing and understanding human conflict. Marine Colonel G.I.Wilson, if memory serves, was his coauthor and main collaborator.

    The Marines, as a branch of service, did the most to incorporate Boyd’s ideas, especially his now-famous OODA Loop, into their doctrine, as well as Lind’s ideas on maneuver (3rd generation) warfare. Since Boyd’s death, the military reform movement has dissipated – as well as the informal group of military personnel, scholars and other assorted stakeholders which had surrounded him, which has disbanded.

    Those interested in his work as well as that of John Boyd, can visit the website “Defense and the National Interest,” which now digitally-archives many of Lind’s published columns from the past, as well as some of Boyd’s work and the work of some of his colleagues. Dr. Chet Richards contributes to the website “Fabius Maximus,” as well.

  10. Haven’t read the book yet. But, all these oppressed victims, the ones who are a numerical majority, had the perfectly free unforced choice to write in Ron Paul for president, but didn’t. Which small minority is supposed to be ruling Whites now?

    I know, all the White social dysfunction is because the Jews are racist in the way they treat Whites. Whites have no agency because their IQs are too low. It’s the same narrative of victimhood as Blacks, but there’s no fact supporting it.