“We Are Doomed”, Revisited: An Interview With John Derbyshire

Hatespech, unrepentant.


And consider a gift of Doomed to some proto-hater in your circle.

14 responses to ““We Are Doomed”, Revisited: An Interview With John Derbyshire

  1. Derb, Mark Steyn and a host of others, including commenters here, have identified the truth

    Demographics is Destiny

    15% of pop behind the curve with blacks ( da be 50M)
    5% > 10% of pop behind the curve with reconquistafadors ( ees 30M)
    near 40% remainder pop are progtarded or feminoids
    each new generation enters the Enemy Camp, courtesy of Gov Indoc

    Math is a bitch, and she’s bringing all her sisters, as the incoming House Dem klownshow testifies. Obama – elected TWICE – is proof that the the Eloi will continue to answer the bells

    President Camacho is a gen-away, just a gen away. Clue Up, get ready

    • President Camacho in the movie had enough working synapses to recognize that there were problems that needed a smarter guy than himself to fix them, so he got the smartest guy he could find and put him to work. Look at Washington, or your local state capital, or city hall, and tell me how many people you see with even THAT level of brain power in elected office. Go look up “Dunning-Kruger Effect.” I’ll wait.

      We should be so lucky as to get a President Camacho. History may record that Trump was our last President Camacho. “The long term future is a mash up of Idiocracy and 1984. ‘Ow, my balls’ meets ‘He loved Big Brother’. The boot on your face will likely be a big red clown shoe, but it’ll be there regardless.”

  2. We are alive. Get busy living or that will change.

  3. Burn it all down; don’t leave nothing for the Gooks.

    Happy New Year.

  4. Alfred E. Neuman

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  5. ‘A real world of solid objects that doesn’t care…”
    A scientist at heart. Respects the scientific method. Facts and logical progression of thought with pillars of verifiable scientific knowledge. What a radical concept.
    For all the blamers,mooches and moles on the ass of progress…clean the shit out of your ears and listen up. Nature does not give a fuck about you or what you do. You arrogant pukes believe Gaia gives a rats fuck.
    You are fortunate to have a few close friends and family members that would hand you their gun and wallet without any fear.
    No one is coming to save you. It has always been this way. The difference is now you know about it.
    Each day is a gift. Use them well.

    • lastmanstanding

      Word. Each day is a gift…that is why they call it the “present”

    • you just defined what reality is.

      yet still some believe in some mythical god that cares…

      humans are weak, gullible, and easily led by hucksters.

      good thing there is science for the intelligent among them.

  6. Derb, his chink wife, and his chink offspring

    are doomed.

  7. Fuck, I get tired of the glass is ALWAYS half empty, crowd.

    1, We are NOT loosing.
    2, Communism/Socialism are dyeing.
    3, God IS good, stops by my place daily.
    4, Why are you guys buying into the bull shit, propaganda.
    5, A prepared society, is a polite Society. Get prepared.
    6, what’s Your contribution to the solution?.