Repost: Thoughts On Small-Unit Leadership From An Old NCO


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  1. “an old nco”

    and that says everything you need to know about his way of thinking…

    just look at that wrinkly grey haired dumb old man.

    fuck those old nco’s. nothing but ass-kissing yes men who didn’t have enough courage and brains to bail-out before they were hopelessly conditioned into st00pit. once they do exit, they are as worthless as a pile of dogshit to the real world. stay away from those types.

    • Got any time to update/expand your previous black-shoe Army piece?

      • i’ve been kicking around the idea about penning something regarding distraction operations in large metropolitan areas. everyone is always teaching team level tactics in un-populated woodland environments that playbook is FUBAR when discussing the reality of guerilla ops in Fusan cities. one should consider the urban populations, it’s ingrained distrust & hatred of cops and authority, and the usefulness of that situation. 🙂 getting the poo poo to run around chasing ghosts and goblins while another cell conducts kinetic action against its corrupt leaders will certainly come into play at some point. there’s a fine line between striking back at TPTB and gathering & maintaining support from the populous. when i get the urge, i’ll submit something here.

    • Just a few short years ago, you said this (7th comment), under an earlier username back when you were living in under the bridge. What possibly could have happened to cause the 180 degree change????

      panajungla1984 | November 13, 2013 at 09:23 |

      Good post SSG. Every VETERAN knows and understands this simple basic wisdom. The problem lies in the other 300+ million amerikins who are more concerned about bar night, tv, or chasing suzy rotten crotch, than standing up for FREEDOM.

      • ah yes. the Troll years… i deny those U.P. here.

        the author laid-out basic standards for newbies.

        i’ve remained consistent on the 300 million… 🙂

        i don’t see any conflict.

    • Damn man!

  2. Pete,
    , I really like the direction, you seem to be headed. Teaching, leading with articles, that are solution oriented. Here on WRSA is a winner. In my opinion the strength of AP, is their solution based articles. ” don’t tell the ice princess I said something nice”

    The model is superior in every way.

    My friend Happy New Year to you, to everybody here. Masthead the other day was spot on 2019’s going to be sporty!.


  3. lastmanstanding

    I remember that one. Short and complete. I didn’t comment much or at all then.

    A lot like running a business. People will stand out, let them have some rope to see what they’re thinking. Shape them if you can. It’s always a risk.

    Slackers are just that. It is often hard to motivate them to improve. They will come right out and tell you that they don’t want any responsibility, that they don’t want to take any risk.

    Just like fuck, risk is the other four letter word that nobody wants to hear.

    I found out early in my life that taking risks is the only way to get anywhere in life. “lastman risk standing” It has always been my middle name.

    “don’t go down without one helluva fight”

  4. This leadership attitude is common amongst Infantrymen sergeants. When I was an E-5 Sergeant I was a leader of soldiers, but I found out that I needed to be an NCO Leader of Sergeants because those other E-5’s needed it.

    There was always an E-5 prima donna with an incompetent officer’s “guidance” in pogue units which always caused a cessation of the NCO “code” and command had to deal with Obama’s “Army.”

    Those people aren’t there anymore. California Army National Guard was the first command to commence the draw down. Every P.T. and range card failure was discharged, followed by NCOER stats. Now every State is doing that and most of the dead wood has been jettisoned. All because NCO’s did their jobs in the Citizen Soldier Army.

    • The question rises as to what happened to those bottom tier NCOs; into who’s loving embrace did they fall? Still it’s better to fill the enemies ranks with turd level leaders who’ll quickly be promoted than to carry them into combat on ‘our side’

      • Good question, I don’t know. Many had their true loyalties in place and had to keep it secret in Obama’s army. Then their enlistments ended before the 2016 election. They moved on and have kept quiet.

  5. I’m just not a computer guy, practical skills sets useful here, are a great start. One of you guys who are good on the computer, would you consider attaching for learning, all the Battle Drills.

    0311, regarding your post to me yesterday,,,,,,agree, I do live by the same rules as everybody else here. I sought to free myself from being debt slave. It’s taken me many many years, to achieve that step in my path to freedom.

    Yes it true I draw my retirement from “The Man.”, my wife and me both do. We recognize the venerability, of the situation. In 2010 I was injured badly, had to file chapter 13. To protect my homestead. Not my finest moment.

    For five years we paid, that bill and our home payment first. We lost roughly 200.000 300.000 in 06 thru 2010, a huge set back.

    The reason I share this is simple. We had choices. Did we fold, fail to except the responsibility for our action OR did we Grow, Learn, Adapt. The choice for us was simple.

    We stood up, and excepted the challenge. We worked smarter, we slowly re invested, built that back up to a reasonable number, six figures, and won’t touch it until 70 when we’re forced to tap it.

    Until three months ago we lived debt free, I bough a North River 24 ft fishing boat. I could have paid cash for it. I belong to a Credit Union, I borrowed the money at 2%, leaving my 50k stash available for a rainy day.

    The boat will be paid off in 16 months. Rather then the ten year loan pay off date.

    We have a debit card, no credit cards. Our debit card come directly out of our checking account. If we don’t have the Doe, we don’t make the purchase. Simple way to live. The boat loan bothers me, but my spidey senses tell me to keep that cash handy, for whatever reason.

    We are simple middle class Americans, who see what you see. 0311, you’ve taken a shot at me three four times recently. I’m not sure why. That we see things differently, is a strength, not a weakness. I wouldn’t be here or WRSA, if we all shook our heads up and down in agreement, on everything. that is weakness, not strength.

    Peace! You sir, will always be welcome in our home.


    • SemperFi, 0321

      Dirk, I’m assuming you meant 0321, not 0311. In which case , thanks for the reply.
      I’m a sort of anti-union guy, having struggled my entire life mostly manual labor in construction/log home building and gunmaking, and barely getting by every single yr. I too have filed bankruptcy and been divorced, and had to start over from nothing. Worked for the airlines too, so I’m very familiar with union rules.
      I have a hard time with MOST cops, firemen and school teachers who I see live pretty lazy lives and then settle back on a retirement plan that keeps them in money beyond my wildest dreams. I personally know BLM/ USFS workers who tell me they hate what they have to do in the line of work, yet count off the days until their Federal retirement date, so it shows me what work whores they really are. Stomping on the rights of civilians to acquire their retirement checks means nothing to them.
      And even though you and I may get along just fine as fellow shooters, it’s pretty hard to listen to your bragging about all your high end toys and how easy your life is, on a cops pay.
      Call it jealousy if you want, but I’m still very anti-union and anti-communist, which to me are the same thing. You see, I used to run around the old mining districts of Idaho from the late 1800’s, and that’s where the communist mining unions first showed up here, so history is not lost on me.
      And that’s why I get a bit hostile in my comments. I don’t hate cops to the point of some other commentors, but I’m sure not a friend of most either.
      This site has been a huge learning curve for most of us, and will continue to be so, as long as Pete tolerates us. So I imagine we’ll continue to learn from each other along the way, several of my other past antagonists have become good friends over the last decade.

    • ” 0311, you’ve taken a shot at me three four times recently. I’m not sure why.”

      Guess he missed.

      Love reading your posts Dirk…..common sense, liberty based.

      Happy new year Dirk ….. TheAlaskan.

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  7. There are some interesting observations in the books of the Victoria series listed here a few days back on tackling the urban problem, in short support local Christians, eliminate the evil doers w/extreme prejudice. ‘Deeds, not words’