Situational Awareness & Wargaming Your AO

An important read from American Partisan.

There is going to be much unrest in FUSA over the next five years.

Your area is likely not immune.

Tempus fugit.

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    Good read. Keep in mind, the first targets of the Amerikan version of Boko Haram/Antifa/Weather Underground, etc. will be the Leviathan and its minions. And, as I have posted before, the reaction from the Sheeple and the Normies will depend on their level of need and comfort.
    If their rice bowels are still full, expect the BLUE LIVES MATTER-bots to swing into action. The dissidents will be neutralized. If it starts as a result of a major economic hiccup, then all bets are off and we all better have our you-know-what wired tight. Bleib ubrig.

    • DTW- the point is that Antifa et al are the minions of the leviathan. They are the crypto SA. My guess is that they are the 1st line for recruit testing. The ones with promise are taken note of for further employment by TPTB.

  2. The real question is:
    Does Black Bear hunting season open first? Or pig hunting season?

    • What’s the concept I saw in that Swiss civil defense manual, systempunkt? I’m sure you can find a less-defended, more critical-path thing than those. Don’t waste your strength on the shield wall offered you. Those are designed to be ablative disposable armor.

      • wendystringer48088

        Had to look it up – systempunkt – Attacking / striking at the nerve center or system nodes instead of the extremities.

        ” Those are designed to be ablative disposable armor.”
        Had to laugh at that.
        The Soviets in WW2 used to have soldiers ride on the T34 tanks in WW2. People thought they were being used as meat sack disposable armor (“You see comrade, it says anti-tank, not anti-personnel. Now get on the tank!”) but in reality they were extra eyes looking for enemy tanks and field guns and to shoot any enemy soldier popping up with a Panzerfaust and would quickly dismount and fight as foot mobile infantry in battle.

        But yeah, the enemy leaders throwing away the lives of useful idiots to waste the resources of wear down their enemies has happened before and will doubtless happen again.

        As a practical matter I figure it best not to engage any enemy that is not a direct threat to you. I figure it best to make it home to set things up to adapt to the situation and to be ready to defend what is yours and those in your charge, and also to network with neighbors. Don’t want to wind up dead or in the hospital or in jail (like Jacob Goodwin in Charlottesville)

        during the opening acts and be unable to help when things kick off in a really big way.

  3. Donny Corleone

    Mark, I think that they run concurrently.

  4. Alfred E. Neuman

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  5. What should my goals be in a relatively rural locale be? bugging in and waiting it out?

  6. Perused an article critical of Dollar Store proliferation. Stupid motherfuckers rob and burn down grocery stores in their own hood. Go over to whiteys hood and do that shit. Don’t shit where you eat you bell curve mutants. can’t even be good criminals.


      Word. The sooner they go over to Whitey’s Whole Foods/Trader Joe’s hood and start pulling those Cosmic White “Progressives” out of their Priuses, Foresters, and Escalades, shooting them in head, the sooner we can get the party started.

    • All six of them here on my mountain come to my hood to burn the store, I’m going all KOREAN on em. They’ll never pick me, in a line up.


    • They lack the intellectual wherewithal to grasp that they lack the intellectual wherewithal. One term for this is “the Dunning-Kruger Effect.”

  7. Coms are in order and we are sighting in the long guns after Shabbat . The Mormon brother is stopping by to get the Amish boys and we are having a night vision predator hunt Monday night . No the Amish can’t have night vision but they can use yours when they get done with your cell phone Ha!Ha!Ha! Let me tell you though if you ain’t been in the woods with an Amishman . It took Little Joe 15 minutes to get his first deer this year in my river valley . We will be paying points as follows = 10 points coyote / 20 points fox / 5 points coon . These fellows consider throwing lead downstream is wasting good predator ammo . Winner gets the twenty five dollar prize and I get a hundred or so predators out of my valley . I am teaching tonight on the Samson Option for the post Christmas festivities . Take the whole damn temple down when it’s time to go is the sermon title . As the eminent Dr.Dweezil stated ” Things are getting wired tight ‘ in these hills .

  8. Johnny Paratrooper

    I have found that blending in is the best.

    If you are in LA, You should wear a Dodgers hat.

    If you are in NY, Wear a Yankees or a Mets hat.

    Figuratively and literally “When in Rome”

    You you can’t “When in Rome” for any reason whatsoever, you are now a target.

  9. wendystringer48088

    Got my copy of The Guerrilla Gunfighter Friday (29th of December), having ordered it last Sunday (23rd of December). So I guess the long wait for books ordered from John Mosby is now solved since he wisely went with publishing.

    Well worth the money spent and well worth the read. It’s more a textbook with lots of serious reading material written in a very readable conversational style. Some but not a lot of pictures (somewhat dark black and white). I would have liked a lot more pictures (and a video too) but the book consists of 300 pages of very readable main text (although I had to use a magnifying glass on the smaller text in the occasional text boxes).

    Without giving too much away he talks a lot about situational awareness, knowing what is normal, noticing what is out of place and blending in.

    Lots of good practical information and advice relating to carrying, drawing and using the handgun.

    He also mentions, as I have seen others mention elsewhere, the necessity of carrying a tactical flashlight with you when you are carrying a handgun if you are going to be out at night (or possibly going into dark basements or other places in the daytime).

    Also if you don’t practice with your tools you will not be competent with them when the time comes.