ACB: The Golden Age


For the Death Worshippers and their masters, at least.

The Reds will never capitulate.

Surrender as a ruse?

Hell yes.

But capitulate?


They must be crushed.

And make no mistake: they intend to crush the Trads of each Western nation.

Ready for a fight to the death?

It’s coming.

Ready, or not.

11 responses to “ACB: The Golden Age

  1. The United States society is mirroring Spain before the out break of the Spanish civil war.
    Watch and learn who your REAL enemies are………….

    • St Maur1066

      Thank you for sharing that episode of Dennis’s latest
      documentary; I definitely recommend it and the earlier
      documentary in their entirety:

      New World Order – Communism By The Backdoor (Full Documentary)

      Definitely recommend sharing them with the youth in one’s

      “The Bad War” was the latest war between Christian nations
      and the Masonic/Luciferian Globalists…and America WASN’T
      on the Christian side whatsoever!

      NorthGunner – The Truth Is It’s OWN Defense!

      • SemperFi, 0321

        I was in Barcelona when Franco died, we had to check in hourly with the ship (USN/USMC MedCruise) since they were expecting another civil war to erupt. Many thought Juan Carlos, heir to the throne would get whacked before he took office.
        Had armed guards on the bus on the ski trip to Andorra, 9mm Star SMG’s hanging over their shoulders. Those guys were nervous as we drove thru Basque country. But the Spanish took it pretty well in stride, easy shift in gov’t this time.

  2. Alfred E. Neuman

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  3. Masthead. Klamath Lake was the last modern water war with the govt out west high plains. . roughly 1998, 99, maybe 2000.

    100.000 plus people marched , shutting down most of down town. Continued many months occupied the Head Gates to the canal system and other federal facilities related to water.

    Based on govt junk science, the event was fascinating to watch beginning to end. The sacred sucker fish was the issue the sacred suckers a trash fish which the local tribe have used to usurp authority to stop giving water to farmers/ranchers. A political tool

    Shoving up the Govts ass around here is away of life. Outcomes are interesting. After many meet and greets, it was confirmed by all stake holders that the Govt. owned the water.

    To prevent another 100.000 plus people shitting on govt, the control of that water was turned over to the ranchers and farmers. Their water gallon numbers given by the site managers” Farmers/ Ranchers have not been questioned.

    Since Trumps taken office, virtually all political power given the tribes by Obama have been resented by the Trump. For eight years the govt, cow towed to the tribe around here. They sat at the table with the big boys.

    Now, days their not even in the room, nobody cares about their sucker fish, or giving their cultural reservation which the greedy fuckers sold back in the fiftys.

    I’m almost of the oppinion of give their reservation back to them. They couldn’t possibly fuck it up as bad as the federal govt has to date.

    Happy New Years.


  4. A tongue and cheek look at those we are expected to ‘engage’ —

    If stealth is a component of successful squad level tactics, the other side has a problem. It seems all we have to do is bait them with a MAGA hat to betray their position(s).

      • wendystringer48088

        No not me. I am not nearly that young, that pretty, that feminine or that nice.


        Better (YouTube) link here:

        That video has gone viral. Not a good image for the trans community.

        (By the way, according to liberal SJW logic if you don’t want that person to share the women’s bathroom and locker room with your wife and daughter and granddaughter and say so you’ll be banned from social media for being an anti-trans bigot.)

        On a practical note, acting out in public while trans is not good at all.

        The right thing to do if insulted or made fun of is to use a neutral expression and non-emotional tone of voice and leave immediately. Take mental notes and record what happened and complain to the proper people later if you must but definitely don’t escalate the situation or get drawn into a stand up shouting match that could result in a fight or the police arriving.

        That person could get away with that around white people but doing that in the hood could result in getting an ass-beating or being stabbed or shot for disrespect.

        If that person were to get arrested and detained they will get searched and if found to be in possession of a penis will get put in with the men.
        Then she/he can try that on act on a whole group of men who are much tougher and violent than the people in the store she was trying to bully.

        So no, it was not me, and never would be.

  5. “…intermediaries between Man and God…”

    Precisely as esteemed in Scripture:

    • Apocalypse 5:8 (Revelation for Protestants): “…and the four and twenty ancients fell down before the Lamb, having every one of them harps, and golden vials full of odours, which are the prayers of saints.”

    • Tobias 12:12-15: The archangel Raphael intercedes presenting Tobias and Sarah’s prayer to God.

    • Zacharias 1:12-16: Guardian angels intercede with God on behalf of the living of Jerusalem and the cities of Juda.

    • 2 Maccabees 15:7-16: Jeremias appears alive with Onias to intercede for the people and the city.

  6. “the policies of the Left have failed miserably…”

    No. Since the whole point of open-borders Judeo-globalization is White extinction,

    these policies are succeeding.

  7. On a scale I put us at the upper end of TARFU. Resilience in all it’s forms is your goal. Because Rule no. 1.