Aesop: Year-End Ebola Update

On the exposed American doc and other yummy subjects.

Meanwhile, the usual PSA:

21 responses to “Aesop: Year-End Ebola Update

  1. Gag. this has nothing to do with America. You know nothing about immunology and virology. Just because you got “spooked” by two quacks in 2014 doesn’t mean you’re educated on the subject.

  2. mistermisfit01


  3. Old Gray Wolf

    I can stay home until it burns itself out. Any of the clan who can get here before any chance of exposure have a place. All others are on their own. And if I come up with this thing, I am heading straight for some special snowflakes that were part of the problem. Spread the wealth around. Where have I heard that before?

  4. To my surprise i learned a few years ago that Bush meat is anything you find in the Bush, 2 or 4 legged.

  5. Aesop deserves the highest praise for the work he has done to provide this intelligence on Ebola.
    Don’t know of any source even comes close.
    Does that say a lot.

    This doesn’t come close to all the excellent independent and unique thinking and isights Aesop brings us.

    My hats off to him.

  6. wendystringer48088

  7. SemperFi, 0321

    Gee, maybe it will accidentally find it’s way out of the center, maybe piggyback out on a nurse or someone? Not that it would be the first time someone tried germ warfare to get rid of the opposition, dumbmasses, useless feeders, etc.
    And I did mention Bill Gates warning us of another pandemic coming up soon……..he would know.

  8. Ponder this: we all know how the Commies and Musloids “weaponize” everything from soup to nuts. Consider your average brain-dead Jihadi martyr; they will gladly strap on an explosive vest and detonator for a chance at the 100 virgins. Then, it’s just a short walk to the nearest crowd for the firework finale.

    Imagine 100 Jihadis traveling to the DRC, INTENTIONALLY getting infected with ebola, then (for strategic purposes) returning to 20 or even 50 airports here stateside. Or, up the ante, getting infected AND “bringing home” tiny vials of ebola fluids to toss in large muni water supplies( a “two-fer.”)

    Now–up the ante still more: imagine these theoretical human ebola “hypersonic missiles” aimed at the USA to be: BLACK. MUSLIM, REFUGEES. Ain’t no Homeland Security crotch-grabbers gonna touch ’em ‘cuz they is a “privileged class” and “fleeing terror.” Fawning MSM would crucify any reporters getting close to a story on this.

    All over but the cryin’. The cost to the US sucker (..err “taxpayer”) for the last two ebola cases we handled was $50,000.00 per day per patient. Or, $1.16M for the two we took in. Not to mention the construction costs of the containment facility.

    Maybe we could make a movies out of this scenario: we’ll call it “The Twelfth Bed.” Where the hell is Orson Welles and Joe Cotton when you need ’em?

    “Cue the zither, Anton!” Let’s build that Ferris wheel. Black-market anti-ebola drugs, costing a fortune, that don’t work. So long. Kiddies!

  9. robroysimmons

    Knowing the habits of our womanish elite I would say they really do want us to suffer a calamity of a plague. Oh they will cry and cry some more and show us pity but being women they are calculating the benefits to themselves and themselves alone. That is what women do, they are biologically wired for scarcity.

  10. i hope ebola does spread throughout Fusa.

    fucking filthy scumbags.

    i can stay within my gated property or bug-out to another of my waterfront properties without ever seeing another person for as long as i wish. i kinda do it already. wherever i go, i keep a box of surgical masks and a can of anti-viral/bacterial wipes. i absolutely despise the general population. just take a good look at them., then think about every door knob they infect every time they touch one. the murkins are dirty, inked, fat, dumb, broke, disgusting lowlifes.

    OH Great Ebola GOD please take out the trash.

    • Because there are no natural species here to provide a reservoir to make it endemic on the entire continent forever, like bats, rats, cats, etc.

      Simpleton. Your misanthropy is surpassed only by your ignorance.

      And you were evidently sick the day they covered Poe’s classic short story The Masque Of The Red Death.
      Have fun living it. Briefly.

      • Actually, his misanthropy and ignorance are both surpassed by his hatred of God.

        • a more useless and impotent loser could not be imagined.

          that shitstain god of yours is a total lie. so because some raving lunatic or some clever jews wrote a fantasy book called the buybull, everyone must obey it? go ahead and bow to your phony bullshit, you simpleton.

          in the end, Man will survive and your god will be relegated to the dustbin of history- just as the fate of all gods have been- or should i say “has been”?


      • you are nothing but a frightened little boy.


        why are all you paytriotards so fucking scared of death?

      • wendystringer48088

        Found the .pdf for it (I didn’t know it ether and wanted to read it for myself) but I think it’s going to be lost on him.

        Click to access the_mask_of_the_red_death.pdf

        They did cover the Bells in High school, I remember that..

        Edger Allen Poe was a master at starting off normal and turning it into terror by the end.

        I think that is because things do start out and continue on as normal and that is the way it looks like things are a;ways going to be, but then the madness shows up, gets worse and eventually takes over, until there is only terror and horror and death by the end.

  11. Yeah, but did you scope those tits?

  12. Remember the movie Outbreak? It only takes on infected person unchecked to rove about the population and with modern mobility and the slower rates of diseases; we could have a pandemic.

    “The Twelfth Bed” starring Christian Bale, Mathew McConaugh, Bruce Willis. Written and Directed by Centurion_Cornelius, from WRSA Studios.

    Rotten Tomatoes highest score. Amazon Prime Premium only on blueray.