Building Your Library

A commenter suggested the following essential works the other day:

Freedman, The Future Of War

Freedman, Strategy

Marston & Malkasian, Counterinsurgency In Moden Warfare

Porch, Counterinsurgency: Exposing The Myths Of The New Way Of War

Galula, Counterinsurgency Warfare – Theory & Practice

Clausewitz, On War

Liddell Hart, Strategy

Sloan, Success And Leadership Principle Based On The Art Of War And The Prince

Mushashi, The Book Of Five Rings

Lawrence, The Seven Pillars of Wisdom

Lind, 4GW Handbook

What are your must-have books to aid in the Coming Excitement?

65 responses to “Building Your Library

  1. Johnny Paratrooper

    Any reads about modern warfare.

    Especially dismounted infantry.

    You will learn some of how we fight, and some about how they fight.

    Considering all the Vets in America, If things go sideways, we can assume that many bands of raiders will be lead and staffed with trained warriors.

    • Johnny Paratrooper

      John Reid Interrogation Lessons.

      This stuff is great.

      I uncovered half of the head shrinks at my University.

      Found out they know all about Islam and communism taking over. Mentioned how islam kills gays. Found out who the gays are. Talk about muslims raping my girlfriends in Europe, One fat bitch changed colors she was so angry. I opened up everything.

      They even got a little uppity. I put them in their worthless place though.

      • Johnny Paratrooper

        You can even use it to gather information like…

        “Detective, we both know there is no way you can tie one specific weapon to a crime, firearms ballistics is a lie to control people”

        The homicide detective ” LOL yeah, but if we catch you with a Glock .40, and the same ammo in the gun, you are fucked; But yeah, no-one can match a specific gun. Maybe an FN-57, I dont know though, the fact you have the same caliber as the murder weapon is all we need”

      • Johnny Paratrooper

        From their main website.

        Every year, thousands of individuals from business,
        law enforcement, and government organizations
        utilize our services, law enforcement training programs, and products to help them. . .
        >> select new employees
        >> conduct investigations
        >> develop interviewing & interrogation skills

        Through our training seminars you will learn
        The Reid Technique of Interviewing and Interrogation, widely recognized as the most effective means available to exonerate the innocent and identify the guilty.

        Our specialized interrogation training
        seminars are designed for law enforcement
        and government investigators, corporate security and loss prevention professionals. We also offer interviewing techniques seminars for Human Resource specialists.

        • Johnny Paratrooper

          100% this shit works.

          Takes time though, and multiple interviews.

          • The Reid technique has been discredited and leads to false confessions. Law enforcement that still uses it are dinosaurs unwilling to learn new things or only interested in clearance rates and not justice. Besides, law enforcement interrogations have a different goal than military interrogations.

            • Is there an alternative resource you would recommend in lieu of the Reid?

              • The Psychology of Interrogations and Confessions by Gudjonsson, also Chapter 11 of The Language of Confession, Interrogation, and Deception by Shuy. Probably most books on body language (angled towards interviewing rather than getting laid if possible). For written or transcribed oral statements, go to the archives of and study. There’s also a more pop culture book that I can’t find right now on detecting liars in the workplace that was quite good. Interrogation isn’t a topic that just be handed out to whomever is available.

              • The Psychology of Interrogations and Confessions by Gudjonsson, also Chapter 11 of The Language of Confession, Interrogation, and Deception by Shuy. Probably most books on body language (angled towards interviewing rather than getting laid if possible). For written or transcribed oral statements, go to the archives of and study. There’s also a more pop culture book that I can’t find right now on detecting liars in the workplace that was quite good. Interrogation isn’t a topic that just be handed out to whomever is available.

                Sorry if this is posted twice.

            • Johnny Paratrooper

              The Reid Technique is based purely on human nature.

              If you are talking to a truthful, honest person with a healthy view on life, the Reid Technique can easily smoke out the fakes and the pretenders.

              It also has the reverse effect of smoking out wannabes and liars.

              At which point you can call them out on their circular lies.

            • The PEACE (Preparation and Planning, Engage and Explain, Account, Closure and Evaluate)[16] model developed in Britain “encourages more of a dialogue between investigator and suspect”.[14]

              In 2015, the Royal Canadian Mounted Police adopted a new standard influenced by the PEACE model. Sgt. Darren Carr, who trains police with the new approach, described it as “less Kojak and more Dr. Phil”. This approach eschews the use of deceptive information to overwhelm suspects. It emphasizes information gathering over eliciting confessions, and discourages investigators from presuming a suspect’s guilt.[14]

              • Johnny Paratrooper

                The Reid Technique does not require a heavy handed approach.
                The poor record is because it was adopted, and we have bad cops now.
                Most of the Reid Technique is good notes based on cross examinations using multiple questions.

                Also, the Canadians are always polite.

                Like if you wanted to learn about someone’s relationship with their parents

                You wouldn’t start with parents, you would start with the weather and a cup of coffee.

                What are your parents like?

                What is your relationship with your parents like?

                Do you like your parents?

                How have your parents been?

                • Johnny Paratrooper

                  If they are guilty, Reid argues that eventually the peer pressure of Social Authority and Personal Guilt will cause the confession to shape itself.

            • Paco not only is the Reid, still in use, it’s very successful when a skilled Reid tec, investigator uses it correctly.

              If that doesn’twork, the police have followed the militaries style, of water boarding., 110% confession rate.

              I was surprised enough by your statement, to call and ask.

              How would a verbal interview technique cause false confessions?


              • Read The Psychology of Interrogations and Confessions by Gudjonsson which explains it better than I could and in more detail. That it is still in use means nothing, how many times have you heard “the Army is fighting the prior war”? It takes time for new techniques to filter up through the command structure, especially when a department has invested a lot of money buying DVDs and sending investigators to conferences. To admit there are better techniques would be admitting they are wrong and command will not do that. As tfA-t indicated, PEACE is known to be better.

              • It’s not “water-boarding” if you use diesel.

      • I think “The Monkey Wrench Gang” would also be appropriate..

  2. “Puritan’s Empire” by Charles Coulombe.

    • Also add:

      “Liberty or Equality: The Challenge of Our Times” by Erik Ritter von Kuehnelt-Leddihn.

      “Revolution and Counter-Revolution” by Plinio Correa de Oliveira.

      “Democracy–The God That Failed” by Hans-Hermann Hoppe.

  3. I’d go with anything that facilitates an Amish mindset, or better yet, a Mennonite mind … they’re Amish ‘with weapons training.’

    A McGuffey’s primer for anyone > Holding your Ground: Preparing for Defense if it all Falls Apart. Authored by Joe Nobody. Simple, in depth, and a sound read, and an even better re-read. Should be in everyone’s prep and legacy library.

  4. Mephistophelis

    By no means is this a definitive list, but this partially covers the non-tactical aspects of the sporty times. Just like our host, Aesop, et al, reiterate, if you aren’t doing these things now, there won’t be time to learn them later. These subjects aren’t as sexy, but will be needed:

    The encyclopedia of country living, Carla Emery
    Five acres and independence, Kanis
    Ten acres enough, Morris
    The small-scale poultry flock, Ussery
    The beekeeper’s handbook, Sammataro and Avitabile
    A backwoods home anthology, Duffy
    What knot? , Budworth and Hopkins

  5. Odyssey of an Eavesdropper by Martin L. Kaiser III
    A Rifleman went to War, H.W.McBride
    Red Cocaine,Joseph D.Douglass
    KGB The inside story,Christopher Andrew and Oleg Gordievsky
    The Sword and The Shield, The Mitrokhin Archive, and the secret history of the KGB,Christopher Andrew and Vasili Mitrokhin
    How Wars are Won,The 13 Rules of War from Ancient Greeceto the War on Terror
    Secret TeM by J.Fletcher Prouty
    American Betrayal by Diana West
    Stalins Secret Agents by M.Stanton and Herbert Romerstein
    The War Conspiracy,JFK,911,and the deep politics of war,by Peter Dale Scott
    American Coup by,William M.Arkin

  6. Ditch the Clauswitz, it’s so convoluted even the people that study it for real get confused. Get the condensed version if you must, but absolutely get Sun Tzu’s The Art of War, , and The Seven Military Classics of Ancient China,

  7. Practical Man

    Two titles are useful for campaign level analysis:

    Hamilton, Donald. The Art of Insurgency, Prageger 1998. The chapter on nature and character of internal war is generally useful.

    Kitson, Frank. Low Intensity Operations, Archon Books, 1971. Read the whole things. Especially about Malaysian Emergency.

    Of the titles in the original post, Lind and Galula are most useful for tactics. Galula clearly makes the points about population and resource control, and isolating familial groups of rebels.

    In FID (which is what the US actually practices since about 1873), recruiting and training fighters is the easy part. Sustaining them and building supportive political consensus among the uncommitted segment of the population is the real challenge. Plainly, people have to eat and they like to get paid. They will act accordingly. Recruiting and sustaining an effective local auxiliary infrastructure is the keystone to success, and the most difficult task.

    Political subversion and mobilization are often more decisive than physical coercion. Antifa et al have mastered both skill sets, and are evidently unopposed on the field.

    One could do worse than to read Center for Army Lessons Learned Occassional Papers in the Long War series. A little history of the Disintigration of Yugoslavia provides helpful context for understanding the problem.

  8. We are in the information age. I assume everyone here has a thumb drive or external HD with your PDF library, properly sorted and categorized down to multiple levels.

  9. A Failure of Civility by Garand and Lawson. Out of print but there are e-copies available from alternate sources.

  10. An aspect of conflict that is overlooked is the guerilla war as a psychological operation. The manual credited to “Tayacan” spells this out.
    It is one thing to focus on the tactical arts. It is a deeper play to employ the methods of the psyop.

  11. SemperFi, 0321

    Books are like food, put away what interests you, not what someone told you to ingest.
    Nothing worse than eating tripe.

    • Yes.

      But had I not been exposed to sauerbraten, pickled herring and cream, pumpernickel, and wienerschnitzel as a child (from the non-Austrian side of the family, no less), I would not have wanted to order the schweinhaxe in Munchen when I got there.

      I can even tolerate tripe…and sweetbreads.


      • SemperFi, 0321

        Just goes to show some people are sicker monkeys than others. 🙂

        Ja, I miss my good old Swiss/German meals, and my mothers Swiss pastries, OMG! Das wahr gutes essen.

      • Eating slow-roasted cabrito over open mesquite coals in Mexico taught me that sweetbreads can be tasty. But I had to draw the line with tripe and sheep gut. Usually the tripe is clean and washed, trimmed up and ready for cooking. “Tripas” are the small intestine of a sheep or goat with the partially digested forage packed inside. I have know some who love their “tripas”, I had to remember not to kiss that wife too soon after the tripas taco went down.

        Sweetbreads taste almost the same as brain and spinal cord, just in case anyone was wondering.

  12. Ah yes, the 3% is now a book of the month club since they don’t have the stomach for resistance.

    • even Anglin/Daily Stormer has “book clubs” these days. They also engage in “other” activities.

      • wendystringer48088

        (With a handle like that wondering if you were at the 2nd Amendment march in Lansing last June). Anyways…
        If you’re not fighting you should be training.
        Reading and studying is the classroom part of training.
        Studying and planning is important.
        The 7 P’s – Proper Prior Planning Prevents Piss Poor Performance.

  13. All the title’s so far listed plus:
    A History of the American People by Paul Johnson
    History and related works by M.S. King (many are
    available in their entirety via pdf here):

    Click to access BAD%20WAR_2018%20PDF%20new.pdf

    Click to access british_mad_dogMAY30-20I6.pdf

    Click to access IKE_FINAL-2.pdf

    Click to access MEINSIDE.pdf

    NorthGunner – The Truth Is It’s OWN Defense!

    • Also momentarily forgot to mention M.S. King’s
      primary two volume ‘Must Read’ opus, “Planet
      Rothschild – The Forbidden History Of The
      New World Order”

      Volume 1

      volume 2

      Click to access NWO1939-2015.pdf

      Think of these as the primary historical documents as
      to ‘how we got to where we are’ in the current mess.

      NorthGunner – The Truth Is It’s OWN Defense!

      • NG, this book interests me, not read it. The dates lend me to pause befor purchase.

        I’m looking for” Cleft Notes” on it. Any review from multiple sources.


  14. Alfred E. Neuman

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  15. Prone and Long Range Rifle Shooting – Nancy Tompkins

  16. CA, my replies above seemed to be going into the aether. Sorry if this is a duplicate.

    The Psychology of Interrogations and Confessions by Gudjonsson, also Chapter 11 of The Language of Confession, Interrogation, and Deception by Shuy. Probably most books on body language (angled towards interviewing rather than getting laid if possible). For written or transcribed oral statements, go to the archives of and study. There’s also a more pop culture book that I can’t find right now on detecting liars in the workplace that was quite good. Interrogation isn’t a topic that just be handed out to whomever is available.

    As tfA-t noted, PEACE is a quite good technique and discussed in Gudjonsson.

  17. What is a good book to read the talk about how people have had to live in recent times with government collapses et Cetera?

  18. I’d like to offer up a few more.

    Fm3-39.40 Internment and Resettlement Operations.

    This is the militaries blue print for coming after men like us. Don’t believe me, check the identification section. Dis aplocable are Drivers license, SSN cards.

    Gents, The US is the Only nation with SSN ‘s. Many have argued this book is specific to OCONUS. I disagree.

    Geography dependent, but
    Volkogonov’s: Lenin, a NEW Biography.
    Stalin, I can’t find my copy right now.
    Clarksons: A History Of Russia.
    Salisburys: The 900 Days. Pete turned me onto this one. Holy shit!.

    For long range guys
    Miller and Cunningham: The Wimd Book for Rifle Shooters.
    Nuff said, master the Wimd, you become a Master shooter.

    HJohn Poole: anything by Poole is worthy. I can’t find most of mine have Tequila Juntion in my hand.

    Taber: War of The Flea.
    Von Dach: Total Resistance.
    Wimberley: Guerrilla Warefare Manual.
    Kaplan: The Coming Anarchy.

    I’m a reader, I have hundreds of books. Family’s arriving as I finish this, from Ca.

    I’ve got a ton more I’d like to suggest, I gotta go prep to smoke 5 Tri Tips.

    Dollar for dollar, the best education you will get, unless your going to do classes. My back gets better, I’m going to start going to more shoot/ scoot schools.


    • SemperFi, 0321

      The FedRes/IRS has issued us our slave ID numbers, all to go along with their Fed issued monopoly money. A real US Dollar is 371 grains of Silver, not paper debt bucks.

      Dirk, especially for you since you acted proud of paying taxes, I suggest you read “The Creature from Jekyll Island” by G. Edward Griffin. It will open your eyes to who these people are and what they did to this nation in 1913 thru banks and taxation.

      Good review by a FedRes troll on the author, he obviously has to be discredited before he lets the bird out of the cage.

      • I’ve read it, review it yearly. Paying taxes is simply keeping IRS off my back. For a few dollars,

        0321, what happens to people who don’t pay taxes. I didn’t say I agree with taxes, I just said I pay them. I understand what happens when we don’t.

        This I know they will catch up with you.


    • Dirk, would you say smoking a Tri-tip is about the same as smoking a brisket?
      Reason I asked, I learned how to cook a tri-tip in the CA mid-coast way. Like they make them at the Far Western restaurant, Santa Maria style.
      But now back in my Texas home, I can smoke a brisket as good as anyone.
      Tri-tips are thicker, or can be, than briskets, so the smoking technique has to be a little different
      The way I learned to cook a Tri-tip was to sear it almost black on both sides in direct fire, take it off and slice it into inch thick. or so, steaks and then put the steaks back on the grill. The fires burned down a bit with more coals and each side of the steak is given the proper amount of time to cook the steak to what the consumer wants.
      When I smoke a brisket, it is all indirect heat, yet the exterior of the brisket cooks to a nice dark-brown/black crust on the exterior and is juicy and around a “medium” on the interior (little to no pink), and almost falling apart. Oh, and a 1/4″ to 3/8″ smoke ring. Is that how you do your Tri-tips?

      • Butch, I’ve smoked Brisket before, I’m not sucessful at it. I find brisket to not be as tasteful as tri.

        My son in law, a cattle rancher has taught me how to make a killer tri, they ea t beef literally every night.

        Ome example is I initially smoked until internal temps were 140. That temp would then climb to 150, well done.

        I’m now pulling the tri at 120, no later then 125, tin foiling then beef for twenty minutes, temps consistently go to 130 in the tin foil. Which is how my family likes their meat.

        I did four tri tips last night, I did each a different temp, two with rub, and two with a liquid rub. The liquid is something called ” pops secret sauce” I think it’s a regionally made product.

        I try and startin seasoning the meat at least two weeks before I cook. I buy our tri tip from a store named ” cash and carry” I purchase the large tri tip package. I pay roughly 90.00 and got 8 nice sized tri tips.

        I don’t buy the trimmed tris, I want the beef fat to reduce into the cut of meat. I seal a meal the tri after marinating it, then seal the package shut.

        Hope this helps.


  19. Willink&Babin: Extreme Leadership. These two SEAL commanders have penned this, regarding Leadership

    Articles of Confederation.
    Bill of Rights.

    Yes I still believe!.

    Hurth: Combat Tracking Guide. Tracking will be critical!.
    Kobler& Goodwin: Retreat Security small unit tactics. ” very basic stuff.
    Strauss&Howe: The forth turning.

    Long range stuff.
    Litz: Accuracy and Precision for Long Range Shooting.

    Anything Litz, is worthy of reading.


    • “Articles of Confederation.
      Bill of Rights.

      Yes I still believe!. ”

      In which of the above?
      The D of I is conspicuously absent…

  20. Boy Scout Handbook 1st Ed 1911
    “On Killing” Grossman
    “On Combat” Grossman
    IET Soldiers Handbook 1988
    FM 7-70 Light Infantry Platoon/Squad 1986
    SH 21-76 Ranger Handbook 1988
    Where there is no Doctor
    Where there is no Dentist
    Where there is no Animal Doctor

  21. Read the products produced by Assessing Revolutionary And Insurgent Strategies (ARIS) Studies Program at

    Read the Insurgency/Counterinsurgency Studies produced by RAND. RAND did a whole serious that covers the gamut- why some insurgencies are successful, how insurgencies develop, subversion etc. Here is one of those studies “Paths to Victory”
    Look at related products at the bottom of the page and generally explore the topic at the RAND site. You paid for it might as well read it

  22. The Usual Suspect

    Strategic Rifleman, John H Poole
    Infantry Combat, The Rifle Platoon,John F. Antal
    The Last Hundred Yards, John H Poole